Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Church Fete, a Garage Sale & an Op-Shop or two....!!

Well....WHAT a week....All I can say is, "Thank HEAVENS it's over so I can enjoy some DOWN TIME...!!" 

Before I share todays finds, I would like to THANK everyone for their kind comments re my MINI RENO....!!  In the end it turned out to be a FUN project which taught me an important lesson....If I pick something up in the HR & it has a MULTITUDE of 'issues' I need to decide THERE & THEN to work on it when I get home, or LEAVE it on the side of the road....hahahahaha.....!!

OK.....Being the first Saturday of the month, I had an early start at my ALL TIME FAVE Church Fete....LOL....The doors open at 9am SHARP but I like to be there a couple of hours early....WHY you ask....?? I like to be FIRST in the door to get the BEST Treasures of course....hahahahaha....No that's NOT the only reason....The event is run by elderly members of the Church & I like to help out....I open the door for the old dears as they arrive with their baked goods & run the unwanted items down to the Trash & Treasure area....It really is a social outing & I enjoy the quite of the early morning as everyone goes about the business of setting up.....!

I've been going to this fete for a few years now & you know....There are SOME months where my ONLY purchase is a cup of coffee when I meet up with my Friend, Lee but this is the ONE occasion where it's NOT always about the Treasures....  :o) !!

The pic below shows the DIVINELY rusted base of an AWESOME ironing board I bought on the way to the fete....Oh YES....It was a GREAT day....!!

The wooden top is AMAZING....I think a light clean with a damp rag & some bees wax is all it requires while the steel base needs to meet my mate 'poly'....!!

Now this one is a shout out to my 'thrifting' buddies....I picked up these two T-shirts at an op-shop AFTER the fete....I scored the pair for a tiny $7.00 & when I arrived home, I was able to delegate two paint splatted Tees to my rag bag....!!

Now these are my Fete finds....LOVELY wool skirt made in Scotland & an unworn Veronika Maine shell....These set me back $6.00 for the two pieces....!!

LOVE the details on these vintage skirts....I have 6 now....  :o)

I'm USUALLY attracted to patterns form the 40's & 50's but these patterns from the 60's & 70's were TOO COOL to leave behind....!!

Now these were MY FAVE buys at the Fete....Just LOVE a well kept vintage leather bag.....!!

** sigh ** Love Love LOVE Oroton....ESPECIALLY if it's made in Australia....!!  This is my NEW Market bag....!!

My pic has NOT done this bag any justice AT ALL....It is EXQUISITE & will accompany me on the train each morning as I make my way in to work....!!

It was lunch time when I made it home so after a quick bite to eat & some FRANTIC picture taking, I was off again to the Hard Rubbish....By the time Mr SVJ called at 6pm to let me know he was on his way home, my van was FULL to the brim with Treasures....!!

I raced home & uploaded my pics, threw a load in the wash & jumped on the treadmill for 30 minutes....!!  The next two hours were spent catching up on all those household tasks you need to do just to KEEP ON TOP of 'stuff' & here I am now....Glass of wine on the bedside table & fur baby Baxter by my side....WISHING I had managed to UNLOAD the van before logging on....That's OK though....I'm SURE to fit that particular task in SOMEWHERE tomorrow....Don't you agree....???

Wherever you are....I hope you had a GREAT Saturday....!!

Tamarah :o)


  1. Tamarah--I like that I can read all about YOUR Saturday as I'm beginning mine! Gotta love those church rummage sales! I'm just bummed when they collide with the big yard sale days! Good scores for you!
    Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

  2. Wheeeew, I am exhausted just reading that! Love the new bits!

  3. Hello it's Bonnie Doon calling. Loved your treasures and can't wait to see what you picked up in the hard rubbish. You will be very proud of your country friend when I tell you what I got. But you will have to wait!!
    Hope that the market went well.

  4. hi much for beautiful bags ?