Thursday, June 30, 2011

SWEET little NURSERY piece READY for another 50 years active duty....!

Hey Vintage Enthusiasts....!!

I trust this posts finds you looking forward to a potentially Treasure filled weekend....I for one have been flat out like the 'proverbial' working on a number of different projects....I'm doin' somethin' H-U-G-E tomorrow which I HOPE to be able to share with you tomorrow evening so be sure & pop by over the weekend....  :o) !!

While I've been getting ready for a BIG MOVE, I've ALSO been working on all the pieces I want to take to the Market on Sunday....

This little nursery piece being one of them....I could KICK myself that I didn't take a BEFORE pic as it was COVERED in horrid stickers that I had to peel off & painstakingly remove the gummy residue....TWO HOURS & half a bottle of eucalyptus oil later, I'm pleased to report this little 1950's wardrobe is ready for another 50 years on the front line....!!

It's the PERFECT height for a change table, comes with 4 x drawers to store all those little nursery necessities  as well as a space for hanging....And to top it off....Its painted a LOVELY creamy white which has stood the test of time remarkably well....The inside was painted not too long ago & cheerful yellow contact added to the drawers giving it a fresh look....!

If you're interested, it'll be for sale at the Market on Sunday for the THRIFTY sum of $90.00....!!

Won't find find one at Freedom or Ikea for that price....Nor will you find one made here in Oz....!!


THANK YOU for your LOVELY words re my previous post for my Friend, the GORGEOUS Miss Bec....If you haven't visited her yet, don't forget to have a squizz....Bec's one in a MILLION & probably the NICEST Treasure I've found this year....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. Love it. Can't quite tell but I bet the handles are cute too.

  2. Oh yes please I want it for sure!! Sounds like the fab Art Deco bevelled mirror that I found the other day covered in dumb stickers like ban gone. Adore your "Naughty Shorts"..don't you just LOVE that name...I want it say it over & over again. I think my 4 year old nephew would understand! I just might need to rethink the allocation of some of my vintage sheet stash. (Thanks Bec & Tamarah) Have a great weekend. Much love Catherine xoxo

  3. Sweet, sweet, sweet...I'd nab that for the little grandson that's soon to arrive if we were neighbors! :)


  4. So cute!! Love the original decals on front too!!

  5. Isn't that the perfect nursery piece. I'd buy it if I was having another baby......

  6. I have always loved those kind of drawers..

  7. That is CUTE! It would be perfect for a small space. The top could be a changing table, and there's so much storage space!

  8. What a cutie Tam , I am sure it will be snapped up at the Market. Sounds like you have a interesting weekend planned???? Have a good one, Tam x

  9. Tamarah , I do wish I lived closer to you so I could visit your "foofed Booth" Would have loved to buy so many of your things, I love your style :) Loved your comment on my blog too. You made my day xx Ava