Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Have you met my Friend Bec....?? No....Well then you simply MUST....!!!!!

Hello Vintage Friends....!

I hope you've all had a WONDERFUL day....!!

Since 'falling' into Blogland a couple of years ago I've discovered MANY blogs that I ENJOY & subsequently follow (though I prefer Reader to Follower)....!  Scrolling down my list today I was able to pick out a NUMBER of reasons WHY I've added particular blogs to my list: STUNNING pics, BRILLIANT info, AWESOME makeovers, FANTASTIC tutorials, INFORMATIVE business advice, HEROIC junking tales, BLOODY funny, EXCEPTIONAL writing skills....And the list goes on....Basically though....EVERYONE on my reading list is there 'cause they MAKE ME SMILE OUT LOUD....!!!!!

There are a couple of blogs however that are unique to my reading list because they've captured for ME, the playful side of granny/nana chic (YES....The VINTAGE in Shabby Vintage Junk) that I ADORE ALMOST above & beyond the 'shabby' & the 'junk'....!!!!!

I turn to these blogs when I find myself stressing & obsessing on a creative level....When I'm having difficulty translating the picture in my head into reality, I pop in & read BACK to the beginning....I smile as I re-read posts & gaze DREAMILY into the BEAUTIFUL pics....And when I'm done soaking up all their FABULOUSNESS....I'm ready to start....Again....

So....If you haven't had the PLEASURE of meeting this LOVELY lady, I'd like to introduce you to the INCREDIBLY CREATIVE....

And ever so talented....Miss Bec from naughty shorts!....!!
Oh & S-T-Y-L-I-S-H....Indeed....Be STILL my wildly FIBRILATING (NEW word) heart....!!!!!
We share an obsession fondness for vintage sheets & fabric.... 
***HAPPY dance***
Though I'm SAD to say my studio does NOT resemble this GLORIOUS work space Bec has organised for herself....!!
Every week, this UBER clever girl crafts BEAUTIFUL Tea Dresses....
....from previously mentioned sheets & fabric....
LOVINGLY labelling them....
Before sending them all over the world....!

....Simply TO DIE FOR....!!!

Bec has a FAB Etsy shop which I'm SURE you'll ENJOY so be sure to pop in after you've visited her blog....!!

Next Wednesday I'm going to introduce you to one of my FAVE Small Vintage Businesses so be SURE & pop back to meet Trish....!!!!!

Well I must away....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

PS:  All pics in this post have been stolen, pinched, nicked, acquired, borrowed from Bec's blog....Come on....Did you SERIOUSLY think I took ANY of those beauties....hahahahaha....!!!!!


  1. Wow! I might just have to head on over and check out Miss Bec! I LOVE the Aussie map, and her studio looks like it is packed with all sorts of wonderful :)

  2. Thanks Tamara - I need a new dress!

  3. I think, actually I know some of those sheet patterns lived at our house when I was growing up.....

  4. Awwh shucks! Thanks miss Tamarah!! you are the lovliest!!

  5. Wow, they are gorgeous. What an amazing idea!

  6. Thanks for the introduction! Her studio was a feast for the eyes, so many fun colors! Beautiful dresses too!

  7. Hi Tamara,
    WOW!! What a talented gal that Bec is! Count me as a follower.

    Second Hand Chicks

  8. Some of those sheets look really familiar! Those dresses are great. I think my daughters would love them!
    Her studio is quite the playground. I need to go clean mine now...

  9. Wow I wish we used such beautiful sheets in the UK but unfortunately we stopped that trend many years ago and now just do the white, beige and such like and as we use duvets and not sheets and blankets it gets harder to find such treasures. But wow the dresses are as you say to die for....
    Thanks for that trip down blogging lane.
    Beverley xx (UK)

  10. Hello my dear Tamarah!

    It sure has been while since we "chatted" last. Too long if I can say so =) Things have been really hectic for both of us. It's good to see you are enjoying life and having the time of your life with junking. Thanks for the blog tip. She has some amazing pieces. I have to drop in.

    But my dear friend, I hope you are all good!

    Miss ya! xxx

    Cheers from Fin

  11. Wow, what an amazing use of vintage fabric. Brilliant!

  12. These dresses are so charming! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  13. Thanks for sharing=)! A friend of yours will be a friend of mine!

  14. Did you see my post on facebook of all the fabrics I bought at a sale last weekend? Check it out they are so fun, LOVE what Bec does@! She is using all those old sheets and making them into something people can share and wear everyday. Love the whole concept!