Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's OFFICIAL....I am a DICKHEAD....!!!!!

YUP Vintage Friends....It's TRUE....And I'll tell you why....

Last Wednesday when Mr SVJ & I were due to go up to the Scout Hall in Ashburton to begin transforming it from BLAH to FANFREAKINTABULOUS....I realised the battery in my camera had died....Unable to locate the charger I made a 'mental' note to come back for it in the morning & take it with me back up to the hall....


Long story short....It took Mr SVJ & I from 10pm Wednesday until almost 8am the following morning to do what we needed to do & I didn't make it home until the afternoon by which time I'd completely forgotten about my camera, charger & a number of other things....!

So can you believe it....ME....Tamarah Charter, Blogger, Keeper Of The Past, Organiser of the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza, MULTITASKEREXTRAORDINAIRE....Didn't take one single SOLITARY picture to capture all our hard work....!!

I would think THAT in itself warrants me a turn or two wearing the DICKHEAD hat....But wait....There's MORE....

I popped in to see my GORGEOUS Friend Sue from Montreux / Trove Trading yesterday for a bit of a catch up & while I was there I thought I'd suss out what she's been doing to produce those DROP DEAD YUMMY pics you see on her blog....Well you could have felled me with a feather when she replied, "I just use my iPhone"....

C-R-A-P ....I HAD my iPhone in my pocket during the Show & DIDN'T THINK to use it....!!!!

Now that GUFFAW guarantees me some bench time in the DICKHEAD hall of fame FOR SURE ....hahahahahaNOT....!! 

THANK HEAVENS Mr SVJ had his video camera with him so I managed to get video footage late Thursday afternoon....Unfortunately, the big lug's been using the camera at work this week so I have to wait until he brings it back home before I can share it with you....!!

Moving on....

I'm THRILLED to say the Show was a BRILLIANT success....The team of Specialists participating went above & BEYOND....The displays were AWESOME & the sets designed & built for the two days left no doubt as to the creative talents of the individual businesses involved....!

The hour long Early Bird session was WONDERFUL....We had 44 x Vintage Enthusiasts shopping up a storm prior to opening to the general public....!!

The gift bags were a big hit as were the prizes (from my own stock) drawn every 10 minutes....My ONLY regret was that I was SO BUSY, I barely had time to catch up with everyone....!!!!!
Now the LOVELY Ryn from Flo & Olive has kindly allowed me to use a couple of pics she took of her own GORGEOUS space....
I'm sure you'll agree this was a TREAT for the eyes....  :o) !!!!! 
And then....The FABULOUS Miss Eagle over at The Network took a HEAP of pics & posted them on YouTube for us....I've been trying to leave her a comment to THANK her for taking the time to do this alas....Blogger is being a JERK....AGAIN....And keeps booting me out every time I try....!!

While this clip doesn't show a lot of the hall & the overall 'look' we achieved, it gives a GREAT overview of the eclectic Treasures offered over the two days....!!

The ever DELICIOUS & TALENTED Andrea over at The Pink Poodle also posted a heap of pics from late Thursday afternoon so you MUST pop in to see those....  :o) !!

Well I must away....To be honest I'm still K-NACKered & have spent the last few days trying to put my house, storage unit & paperwork in order....I think I should be done with all of that by the end of next week....I HOPE....!!

I'll be back tomorrow night to announce the winner of the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza giveaway so stay tuned....!!!!!

Tamarah  :o)


  1. Glad to hear that it all went well, what a pain about you camera though : (
    You must have been exhausted, I don't think I could pull an all nighter and still function the next day. xx

  2. awww sorry about the pics Tam. but take heart, I forgot to take my camera along too. Yes, it was a lovely Show and I look forward to the next one. I heard more than one person in Ashburton talking about it during the week while I was out having coffee♥

  3. Oh this had me laughing. It's happened to me too but not with such an important photo op (I don't really have those). Congratulations on the success of the show!

  4. Welcome to my world....only I bring a camera but get too busy and forget to take photos. I hate wearing the cone of shame!
    Just bedazzle that DH and keep on truckin'! I'm willing to bet a dollar to a donut it was over the top fantastic!

  5. I needed a laugh this morning and this post did it.....I can empathize.

  6. :D. You are being way too hard on yourself... You just pulled off an amazing show by all accounts, there are pics to prove it and you need to take that bat you're beatin' yourself with and use it to give yourself a pat on the back!


  7. *giggle*
    I don't think I could ever call you a dickhead. LOLOL You know you're crazy adorable - and I forgive you.

    MOSTLY though - I LOVE that it was a super show and week-end for you!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!

    Go take a nap... you deserve it!


  8. Silly Tamarah! Dickheads are boys! ;0)
    That's so sad that you didn't get pictures, but I did go see the ones at the Pink Poodle, and I saw your rusty roof porch thing and it looked awesome! I got a sense of what you were able to pull off, and my hat is off to you! What a huge undertaking, and it was a success! Congratulations!
    Next year, I'll be your photographer. My rates are unreasonable, but I'd be so very thorough!

  9. You are an absolute crackup lol..just love your blog and honesty and we don't think you are a DH we think you are a normal woman doing 1,000 jobs at once and thats what least you had a great day.

  10. You're hysterical Tamarah!!! I'm sure there will a be a few more photos that surface after people read this post.
    Just popped into The Pink Poodle and could kick myself for not being able to go to the extravaganza.
    So, when's the next one??

    ps, I'll be your official photographer next time so that you don't even have to think about it. On the house(lol, like I'd charge for my photos). Seriously though, I'll come take a ton of pics for you. It's what I love to do. x

  11. Next time, get someone designated to be picture taker, and you don't have to think about it. If you'll fly me down, I'd do it ;) Can't wait to explore the pics. Get some rest.


  12. Congratulations on a successful event!! I wouldn't call you a DH....just a woman on a mission!

  13. My Dear Tamarah,
    Those of us who went to your SVE will, like me, have that wonderful image etched in their mind for a long time to come. It was sensational. We don't need photos.Enjoy your well earned rest.

  14. Firstly Tamarah, thank you for referring to my photos as drop dead yummy - I find my phone is better than my camera and as I always have my phone with me I dont miss as opportunity. It is such a shame you cant share with all your online friends just how fabulous it all looked. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and came home with some great pieces. You should be extremely proud of yourself organising such an event - it is a credit to you! Was lovely to catch up yesterday - see you soon x

  15. Hi Tam, the photos are great and I can see sooo many yummy bits and pieces...the glass cloche would have found their way back here.

    Don't beast yourself up..I always forget my camera, and on the occasions that I do, the battery is either flat or I only get to take one photo....note to self, get camera sorted before our trip.

    Hope you have had a chance to unwind. Tam x

  16. Sounds like you had just a tiny bit going on, so we'll forgive you for forgetting your camera! ;-) Glad it was such a success and the beginning of many more successful shows I'm sure!

    Kat :)

  17. I dont mean to laugh, really I dont...well, actually I do, cos I love the word 'dickhead' it is so Australian, and I seriously, USE IT WAY TOO MUCH....especially in the car, as my two year old has started saying it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And you know, it is really okay to be a dickhead sometimes....looll.....

  18. Hil-freakin-larious!!!!! Been there....done that!!! So happy to hear that you had a fabulous sale (noo shock there!!) and that you are plumtuckered out! Now hop on a plane and be here so you can set up at my Sunday at the Marketplace Show this Sunday!!! :-)

  19. Hey Tamarah l might have some pics if l have l'll send them to you....

  20. Tamarah!!! i was laughing so hard that the kids are running over to see what the fuss is!!! you totally crack me up!
    the show looks amazing & am so happy for you!!!
    sending you {{{TEXAS SIZED HUGS}}}
    amy boland

  21. I've got a stack you can download from my facebook business page too if you want them. I did a shot of each stall on both days! Just click on each picture to enlarge, then click on the word DOWNLOAD

  22. It sounds as if you are stil running - in your head if not physically taking care of all the details. What a wonderful turnout for the preshow. I will be doing a lot of clicking looking at pictures.

  23. So glad to hear that your sale went well! I am just getting back from vacation. Well, visiting family really. But a week away has me out of wack!