Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Back....Yesterday was a GREAT day....Today....Well it's back to reality....!!


I hope as always this post finds you well, safe & HAPPY....!!

Boy oh boy does it seem like a LONG time since I popped in....In my defence I've been busy....BUSY....B-U-S-Y working on a MULTITUDE of projects which I'm DYING to share with you....Alas....My news will HAVE to wait as I have a MOUNTAIN of cleaning to get through before Mr SVJ returns home from the city this afternoon....!

So....Without further ado....Here are some Treasures I rescued yesterday while out & about.....The items below were accumulated in a S-E-V-E-N hour stint....And I'll probably spend another 5 hours cleaning & then repairing on top of that will probably add another 4 - 5 hours....hmmmmmm.....I know....A good Friend is ALWAYS reminding me to spend time where I'll make the most money but sometimes, when you come across pieces deserving that SECOND chance....All common sense (business that is) goes out the window....!!!!!

Oh before I get on with my show & tell though....Since Blogger crashed a few weeks ago I've been unable to leave comments on a LOT of blogs....Please KNOW that I have been doing my BEST to visit with you....Anyways....I was reading somewhere that downloading Google Chrome may help....I did this & WOOFREAKINHOO it has made a HUGE difference to EVERYTHING....Pages download quicker, I've been able to leave comments, there's an auto spell-checker thing & I just uploaded all these pics in the BLINK OF AN EYE....Pinky swear....!!!

Just sayin'.....

Chippy paint....Wood....Metal....My four FAVE junkin' words....! 
Two MAGNIFICENT chippy paint ladders....The one on the right is a scaffolding ladder....Now I have TWO of those....Can you say....**Happy**....!! 
DELICIOUS green metal bin....It was FILLED with HAIRY FREAKIN' spiders....But I suffocated them in some homebrand spray (compliments of Hard Rubbish) & they more....  :o) !

The wicker basket used to house a big old green demijohn for making home brew (wine)....Alas....The bottle was nowhere to be seen....**sigh**.... 
I have NOT found one of these D-I-V-N-E wrought iron letter boxes in YEARS & did a SPECIAL dance when I found this one....Love....LOVE....L-O-V-E it to pieces....!!!!! 
I was STOKED to find this mid century wallpaper....It's been a WHILE since I scored some so I was 'reasonably' excited to have found this stash....!

The white metal trunk is a BEAUTAYYY & I ALWAYS snap up vintage jars & lids when they cross my path....!!

A couple of sweet wooden boxes & a really NEAT sprinkler round out this vignette just nicely....!! 
Now this chair is....Well....It's DROP DEAD FREAKIN' GORGEOUS that's what it is....White....chippy paint....**sigh**....It IS a fixerupperer though....I'll have to pull it all apart as the seat needs to be cleaned, glued & clamped....And the legs at the front will need to be cut down about 5cm due to rot....Mr SVJ will help me make new bottom pieces & we'll dowel them in place for a sturdy finish that'll give the chair another 50 years....It was just too BEAUTIFUL to leave behind....See....Common sense (business)....NOWHERE to be found....hahahahaha....!!! 

The cream rotary dial phone has NEVER been used....Which it was RED though....Oh & some kids books with GREAT graphics....I have a Friend I can swap these with....!
Suitcases galore, a 70's travel bag PLUS a great home made 50's coffee table made from solid wood....Not YUKKY chipboard that was so POPULAR for TOO long....Yeckkkkkk....POOR MANS WOOD I call it....And I don't mean to offend with that term....I use it simply to describe the POOR MAN who obviously had no SENSE when buying materials at the hardware store....!! 
AWESOME wardrobe mirror....Need to cut this down slightly & replace the ply on the back....GREAT army surplus bag & GROOVY leather handbag....I think this bag will be my NEW 'go to' bag for a while....  :o) !!
And THIS piece my Friends is my FAVE piece of the day (week, month maybe....!!!!!)....Solid wood construction....Sexy....SEXY shape....And SO TOTALLY functional....**GREAT BIG HEAVING SIGH** ....I ADORE it....I'll use it for display & will hold onto it for a GOOD LONG while I reckon....!!

It's TRAGICALLY FILTHY & requires some repair work....I'll also need to cut another shelf with some matching wood I have in storage.... 
But the effort will be WELL worth it as you just don't run into these pieces every day....**smile**....!! 
I'm TOO SEXY for this blog too SEXY yeah....hahahahaha.... 
I picked up the cot in the background as I have a need of the frame for a SECRET project I shall reveal shortly....The broom handle however I can share with you....WHENEVER I spy these I pick them up....The worn wood, peely paint & overall patina are just too PRECIOUS....I have a bunch that I intend on employing as curtain rods, towel rails etc....Besides....They look GREAT together sitting in my galvanised bin....**happy sigh**....!

Well Friends I must fly & get started cleaning all this stuff....I PROMISED Mr SVJ I'd have his garage cleared by the time he got home & I BETTER make good on my promise....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. Amy surplus bags,,well that brings back memories of high school, where they were 'the' bag to have, held absolutely nothing, I used to carry my books!!! derr...but...I dyed mine purple and there my friends was the only time I ever influenced fashion, high school fashion mind you...but lots of girls tried to outdo my purple bag, but none ever came close....covered in eighties band names and goodness knows what else, that bag was an icon...and.......I still have your pile of great stash Tamarah...

  2. That should have read 'Army" up there of course...

  3. Hello my dear,

    Long time since my last visit. Big bummer about missing your extravaganza. Sounds like all went rather spiffy.

    So many new goodies to play with, I love the letter box. My new pad has one similar which I love, but has yucky stick on numbers which just have to go. Let me know if you come across two old 9's, I'd be interested.

    Can't chat long Doris awaits her master b'room to be painted. Hopefully we can move into a real b'room this w'end and out of my work room. Luxury! A room of my own.

    I worship your awesomeness junkin hauls.



  4. Lol. I love this post and how excited you get about it all. It's fantastic that you can see life in things that someone else would think are rubbish and love how you said you will give that chair another 50 years. You are amazing, I am not one to throw out but I don't have a lot of imagination on how to restore or just reuse. Brilliant! BTW - really LOVE that letter box! Sherry

  5. fabulous finds, girl! Now, get off this blog and get to scrubbing, lol!

  6. oh Tam what great finds, I was driving close to our area today and saw some streets had stuff out, thought of YOU.. LOL♥

  7. found some fabulous stuff!!
    My favorite is that mailbox...should be mine because it shows my eternal age!! Hee Hee!

  8. You are KILLIN' me Tamarah... The ladders, the mailbox, the chair...oh heck, I love it all!

    P.S. Isn't it a bummer when you have to stop and clean the garage when all you want to do is play with your finds? Happens here all the time.

  9. you are a junk shopper extraordinaire, very inspiring!

  10. Great stuff!!! Sounds like a long day but definitely worthwhile!! So many things to love!

  11. Great finds! But I want to know... what kind of spray did you use on those spiders? I HATE spiders! Especially the black widows we've been finding around here.

  12. Wow! You done good. Love the letter holder!

  13. I'm druullling over that mail box. Are you sure it was a throw away?? After all, isn't HR on the curb and mail boxes are generally on the curb....Just saying????? ;)

    Great haul, it is definitely work.

  14. Great finds Tamarah, love the scrolly letter box. Tam x

  15. You sure do find the great junk, have a great eye, girl!

  16. So many treasures Tam, you're gonna be busy. Love the suitcases and all that wallpaper, what great finds, l would NOT be up for killing them hairy spiders though.....brave you.

  17. Wow fantastic haul Tamarah...particularly love the mail box..its awesome....its amazing what people throw away!! You will need a new storage place soon!! I am having a massive declutter and have listed heaps of lovely treasures on ebay CHEAP!! Its killin me but I am being sooo disaplined!!! I'm changing so much...going from really pretty shabby style to more grown up English/French Rustic....its amazing how our tastes change....anyways off to list more shabby pretties and make some $$ to go treasure hunting again...I love this life!!!

  18. Your posts have the best vocabulary ever!!
    Everything you found is fab..
    Seven hours hunting,now that's a committed junker..
    love it all..xx

  19. Amazing and incredibly exciting MY GOSH I would love to go shopping with you (sort of, because in truth that sort of shopping is best done stag, I think...)(and I would hate to get into a punch up with you over a chippy ladder or something...) Ha ha. By the way thanks for the google chrome trick.. Bec x

  20. Tamarah, your finds make me incredibly jealous, I'd list what I like but that's basically everything you have photographed. Still one of the best blogs in blogland, this post is a great example of why xx Ava