Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Isn't she LOVELY....Isn't she WONDERFUL....Isn't she PRECIOUS....

Dear Fellow THRIFTERS & GLEANERS everywhere....!!

While the title of my post pays homage to the EVER FABULOUS Stevie Wonder....I'm NOT gushing about a new born babe....No siree....I'm talking about the MOST DIVINE Wedding Cake Topper I found yesterday in an Op-Shop....I need to back track briefly though....

Yesterday I took my LOVELY Friend Sophie out into the Hard Rubbish for a look see....Alas....Treasures were light on the ground so we intermingled our time in the HR with visits to Op-Shops in the area....We found some NEAT stuff & at around 1.30pm headed home so Sophie could relieve her MIL from baby sitting duties....!!

With several hours left in what is generally one of my BUSIEST sourcing days, I headed back out armed with my cup of coffee to hit a few Op-Shops in & around the Oakleigh area & THIS is where I found my NEW (to me) BEAUTY....TWENTY of the BEST dollars I have EVER spent I reckon....!!!!!

PERFECT in EVERY way.... 
Paper flowers, MERCURY glass bell which tinkles MAGICALLY.... 
***sigh*** And now I have THREE....  :o) !!

Mr SVJ asked when I showed him, "Why did you get another one?"  To which I responded, "Because when you FINALLY BLOODY WELL ask me I'm gonna have a cake the size of our house....!! 
This one was my FIRST....I was very fortunate to WIN it from the GORGEOUS Alicia over at Time Worn Style MANY moons ago on eBay....!! 
And this DIVINE topper  was purchased from the ADORABLE Gina over at Vintage Junk In My Trunk when she FIRST opened her Etsy Shop....I was her FIRST Customer....LUCKY me....  :o) !!

Well now I've shared my little bit of HAPPY with you I MUST away....I HOPE to be back later to share a WHOLE LOT OF HAPPY in the form of one of my FAVE blogs....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. There's nothing like a happy couple to bring a smile...sweet!

    P.S. Yes, we'll be at JB...will you be buying or selling there this time? Can't wait to see you again!

  2. Fabulous!! :-)


  3. oh how devine, looks like something my Mum would have had on her cake (unfortunately I never had a very big wedding or a very flash cake...3 marriages, still NOT a bride ...whaaaa)

  4. Seriously sweet..Like they say 3's a charm..xx

  5. Its officially a collection now you have three, and all in increasing sizes, just how a collection should look. Absolutely wonderful...I would be rightly chuffed with that score...imagine the gorgeous cake you are going to have, terribly old fashioned with piped icing around the edge and one of those beauties adorning the top..it may even be (heaven forbid) fruit cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What a sweet collection! I love hunting for vintage wedding toppers!! Take care~

  7. It's lovely..well done Tam, thanks for sharing your happy around. You made me smile.

  8. Now three makes a collection, silly man, lol. I still have mine, year 1978. Your collection is, "Just the Tops!"


  9. Ooo these are pretty! Poor Mr SVJ - he just doesn't understand sometimes!!!! Thanks for sharing your Happy :)

  10. OMGoodness!!! I'm on the hunt for a vintage cake topper. I did find a small one with 3 bells but no bride and groom. It will have to do until I find the right one.
    Yours are great!!

  11. Gorgeous Tam! They are one of my fav's too. I have a few tucked away, but your as delish!

    Have you had the proposal yet??? Geez, it will have to be oober special, so much pressure..haha, Tam

  12. You found a good one! Lovely start of a collection -- tell Mr. SVJ there are now plenty more to come! Did you see the feature in Flea Market Style today on them?


    And thanks for the shout out -- I thought that one looked familiar!

  13. ooh Tamarah, I had forgotten about that gorgeous wedding topper, My they do look fabulous all grouped together! Have caught up with all your bloggy news, cant wait to catch you at the Vintage Shed, you will be one of my favourite stalls there (I cant say the favourite as Septembre Vintage has already stolen my heart oh and Debs stall too) oh yes I love that place!!!
    ps. sounds like you and the lovely Sophie had a great time, you and I are going to hit the HR soon too (after school hols!!)