Thursday, April 14, 2011

I am NOT a patient person....

Hello Friends....!

This has been a frustrating week for me....Though I'm SURE this would NOT be the case if I were a patient person....A person capable of waiting....Mr SVJ has quite often remarked my IMPATIENT nature will see me arrive early to my own funeral....I would have to say I'm inclined to agree....
So while I wait for the 'powers that be' to make decisions which I find myself powerless to influence & HURRY....I've been at home watching 'paint dry'....Or more precisely....The pricetags that I use for my Treasures at the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza....(YouTube link to SVJ-X)

I LOVE how they end up....Coffee stained & crumpled....Recycled paper, string & vintage stamps help me stay TRUE to my desire to live a vintage, recycled life.... 
Plunger coffee saved over time in my big pot on the stove.... 
A good soaking.... 
Followed by a quick rinse.... 
And after a quick dry....Ready for stamping....!

I hope everyone is having a less frustrating time of it this week....I'll be back when I'm not feeling so....IMPATIENT....!!



  1. Love the tags they turned out great. I also love the pegs. I have pink ones too and they are my favourite. I have to use all the pinks ones first!...sad I know.

    Well with a little nudge, I have opened my etsy shop (but I haven't listed anything yet)...goodbye crapbay :)

    Have a cuppa break and read a good mag I say, Tam x

  2. I have a heap of those tags been thinking of tea dyeing them not sure if it will be strong enough tho.

  3. Tamarah!!! I loved seeing the videos of your SVJX!! Those puffy balls!!! How great! The vendors booths also looked totally FAB!!
    Love your tags! Such work you put into your tags! My Goodness Lady!!
    Thinking of you and hoping all is going well with the show...Wish Oh I Wish I could be there! drats!
    Have a great weekend!
    Tammy :-)

  4. Calm down Miss Tamarah...
    stress & impatience does NOT do one's blood pressure any good!!

    (says me ..Mrss impatience personified..I love giving advice I don't adhere to!!)>>~~~

    Anway your tags look fabo..

    I am really looking forward to the show...I have my vintage colour schemes worked out (i think)..
    Lots of rust..lots of shabby creams/greens..

    xxx andrea

  5. How fun to hear your voice!! I'm so used to looking at photos and reading - now you've come to life! And the show looked amazing -- when is the next one? You are a hard workin' lady to have put all that together!!

  6. Those tags are very cool!! I am not known for my patience either! I swear things get in my way just to try me out!! You??

  7. there is a saying that goes something like this..the key to everything is patience - you get the chicken by hatching the egg not by smashing it!!! and another....the secret of patience is doing something else - which is what you have done - the tags are fab! and lastly need I say good things come to those who wait (wishing you lots of good things) x

  8. Definitely worth the effort. I would keep the tag if I bought something with it on, so would many people.

  9. Hi Tamarah,
    I see a positive here....while you are waiting, you are not sitting around doing nothing, you are putting your time to good use and creating those great tags. I have always loved the look of coffee stained tags but have never made any. I might just make up a batch and use some for my Easter table. Thanks for getting my brain working this morning!

  10. I think the extra effort on the tags makes an impression on customers. So it's time well spent, even if it does drive you nuts!!

  11. love the tags. i've made similar ones myself...but am too IMPATIENT to let them dry on the line so I put them in the oven. not a good result, i must say. keep on, keepin on!

  12. I love your labels pegged out to dry Tamarah - hope it was a good drying day :0)

  13. Gotta love those tags! Look at "Romantic Prarie" while you wait. Judy

  14. Plunger coffee? Explain please.

  15. Your tags are wonderful..... just like the creative person that makes them...

    I so enjoyed meeting you in the "Fields"... You were such a bright spot.... and so full of enthusiam and life. Really enjoyed your smile, it was infectious.... (in a good way);)

    Glad you made the trip home and your goodies have arrived.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my booth in Bar W.

  16. Wait, what did I miss? What are you all impatient about? Is my brain on the fritz again and I've just forgotten? Because that is quite possible.

    The tags came out super cute. Good to know that old coffee is good for something. The pot hubby made this morning was not all that great. I only had one cup, the horrors!

  17. Love them!!! And I am not patient either...I want it done now!!=)...maybe it's a sign of a junking mind?...
    Happy weekend and happy scrapping your tags!

  18. Love the pic of them hanging on the line...the sky looks a little amonious!
    Good job girlfriend...your tags rock

  19. all good shows have some drama. Be patient, it will come together.

    Margo aka Robolady

  20. Can't believe you found all that stuff in 45 minutes, what a woman!! Fantastic job and l love those vintage dresses. Can't wait to see what fabulous creation comes from that wood pile.Pleasssee share won't you... Bron.

  21. Hi Tam, being an old crafter, try Parisian Essence
    it's in a bottle, in the spices and gravy section at the supermarket.
    It give a really great colour as it is made to brown your gravy.
    It's what we used to age the teddies in the 90's
    I am sure it will work a treat on your tags.