Monday, April 18, 2011

Doin' what I do BEST....Tam with a Van....!!

Hello Keepers Of The Past Everywhere....!
Having been stuck at home for the past week in a 'hold' pattern I RELISHED the opportunity to take care of a few errands away from the house this morning....Besides....I'm BUILDING something & needed supplies....
And you know....That's one of my FAVE things about the HR....If you need it....It WILL be there....I should qualify this though & say this does NOT count for antiques of GREAT  If you say to yourself, "Oh I NEED to find an antique that'll fetch me $5000- today in the HR"....I can GUARANTEE you'll piss off the HR Gods & get NADA....However, if you say to yourself "Gee I really need some wood & stuff to help me build that thing"....Well then chances are you WILL find what you're after....

As an added bonus I found these TREASURES....More about them in a minute though.... 
Not hard to pick the diamond out of the rough here.... 
Isn't it GORGEOUS....The key's missing but I have a SQUILLION 'round here & one of them is bound to work....All I need to do is give her a GOOD clean & a VERY LIGHT waxing....She's BEAUTIFUL just the way she is....!!!!! 
Not bad for 45 minutes hey....?  Mind you I WAS running errands so I couldn't dick about....! 
These cotton dresses are TO DIE FOR as is the one legged teddy, beach bag & wallpaper....All from the SAME PILE....***happy dance***
OK so it looks a bit scary inside & I'm kinda thinkin' the corrugated iron may NOT have been such a good idea but what the HEY....I MAY be able to utilise it in the set I'm building for my space at the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza....But MORE about that L-A-T-E-R....  :o) !! 
Just gotta get it all out & 'sorted' before Mr SVJ gets home & goes off his tree....hahahahaha....

Hope you're all enjoying the start of the week....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

PS: My title references a comment made by my Blog Friend Shaynna Blaze....!


  1. :do you take that van out EVERY week???? lol (sooo jelly)

  2. I just love the fact that you got that cupboard into the van by yourself.....mind you, I have had fits of strength at the thought of having to leave something behind, amazing.....hard rubbish in my streets this week, and nothing, absolutely nothing... :(

  3. I can not believe you found that cabinet for nothing. Thanks goodness you weren't dicking about! That was a big score in my book. BIG! We have just crappy trash here!

  4. WOW...What I was going to say....oh I know...WOW. You cabinet looks amazing..You already have a place for it =)Here rubbish hunting on the streets, impossible! People don't leave anything outside. I think you can get in trouble by doing that LOL, That is a shame!! Have a great week dear!

  5. i hope you have a helper on your adventures!

  6. so that's what I need... a "Tam Van"!!! of course!!! My poor little faithful miles & miles round the clock hatchback just has to do. it was just on Christmas when I was OFFERED hard rubbish at one of my Garden Fairy jobs & S came out & found me trying to stuff a table in the back of my TV (ha ha!!) oops had to get it out again all by was later dropped off. Latest heave into the back of the TV was a bale of peavine hay for the garden...what a mess. Like a faithful old dog my car still loves me. Paint drying weeks sooo do my head in. Phew for your no dicking allowed excursion!! I adore THE dress. I gather you discovered them both together? The tea or coffee dip works quite well on fabric too when a dimming of the oooo bright white is required. AND must just tell you Rob just found a great wee window frame for the larder, sitting out in the garden at the local Steiner busting it...asked, got given it & it looks SOOO fab in the wall & all fixed up. Have a great Easter my friend. Love C X

  7. Fantabulous stuff, not bad for a quick junking expedition!

  8. Love those dresses Tamarah good thing you are around to recover these gems l get sad to think these could have ended up in rubbish! x

  9. Those dresses are so gorgeous and I love that cupboard well done you

  10. oh Tam you do it EVERY TIME!! well done, who needs Texas when YOU have Melbourne ♥

  11. Finally a term I know without an explanation!
    Love the dresses, but love the cabinet more. What a great haul.

  12. I love that piece of did you get that in your car?

    My mum used to have a dress like that rose one.

  13. I also need a van because the Suburban is not big enough for items like that. I am love with those dresses!

  14. Great find, you are the true HR queen!!!
    Loving the Auzzie Slang!!!

    Your TX buddy,

  15. I love those dresses! Perfect for a hot summer day!

  16. 'Tam with a Van' what an amazing haul.
    So many treasures. You did good girl!!
    Can't wait for SVJ-X

  17. THAT'S IT!! I'm coming out with you when school and kinder go back!!!

  18. could you ship that beautiful wood piece over to the U S of A? nebraska to be exact. seward to be more exact. and actually, just ship it exactly to my house. that'd be great. my tv needs a new home to sit on, like yesterday.

  19. Holy cow, Tamarah! That buffet looks heavy! Did you lift it into your van all by yourself? It's really a gorgeous piece of furniture! I'm kind of glad you aren't going to paint it. Me, the true believer in the power of paint. But that's too pretty to cover up.!
    I think that piece of metal would make a great faux porch roof. :)

  20. hello my friend!!! I am drooling over your find!!! It is GORGEOUS!!!! but gotta ask, how did you get that thing in the mini???
    Sending you XoXxo from Texas!!!!

  21. I LOVE that cabinet! Wow, great find! Had to laugh at your comment about unloading before the hubby sees - I have definitely felt that way lately! Have fun :-)

  22. Hi Tamarah,
    I don't think I would survive without my van. Were those fab mannequins in the HR, too?

    Second Hand Chicks

  23. You had me with those dresses. I think you mighta heard my jaw drop even though you are toooooooo far away.

    ;-D LOVE the wallpaper too!!! AUGH! Dang - I wanna go shopping with you. Then we can thumb wrestle over dresses and such.


  24. That cabinet is amazing!! It is a gorgeous piece and it will look wonderful all shined up! You find the best stuff!!