Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Vintage Shed - Tyabb....There's NO place like home....There's NO place like home....!!

Hey Fellow Gleaners....!

Can you believe it's THURSDAY night already....??  I hope everyone's had an AWESOME week....!!  Personally speaking though....I can't help but wonder where in the heck my week's gone....I KNOW I've been busy but if I were to actually sit down & write my accomplishments down on paper....I wouldn't have much to show for my time....!!

At LEAST I have evidence of what I got up to today....Yes indeed....As PROMISED, the pics below are of my new space at The Vintage Shed in Tyabb.  Today I went out to tidy up & add some new stock & I'm THRILLED to say I've had some sales....As a matter of fact, Sportsgirl were out there before I arrived & bought ALL of my YUMMY clocks....WOOHOO....!!

Mr SVJ & I are going back out on Saturday to hang some picture hooks high up on the brick wall....I'll also be taking out some soft furnishings to soften up the look....!! 
OK....This pic begins a 360 degree view of my space....Love....LOVE....L-O-V-E this shelf ladder....Not CURRENTLY for sale though....As soon as I have a 'back up' I'll pop a price tag on it....  :o) !! 
I've decided to do a COMPLETE redo here at Casa De SVJ so several KEY pieces have found their way into my space....My YUMMY French door being one piece....**sigh**.... 
And my GORGEOUS green wardrobe.... 
BEAUTIFUL Poultry Farm sign....AND my three HUGE green glass bottles as well as the AWESOME Examination table Mr SVJ converted into a console table for me....I really....REALLY miss these pieces....!!!!! 
The pieces you'll find in my space are made from materials I enjoy the MOST....Galvanised pieces, gently rusted ironwork, glass & wood feature predominantly throughout....And although my style may be considered quite masculine in texture & tone, the individual pieces I gravitate towards can be incorporated into any of the more feminine, pretty interior design styles....! 
I've even thinned out my enamel breadbin collection....I REALLY don't need FIVE of these beauties....Though....If they don't sell in a month or so I may re-evaluate that one....hahahahaha.... 
LOVE me a blackboard.... 
Or TEN....hahahahaha....I recently found a number of ply picture frame backings from the 40's & turned them into mini blackboards....While each is for sale, they're a GREAT way to get my message across....
Say it LOUD....Say it PROUD....  :o) !! 
I really....REALLY do miss my door....  :o( !!!!! 
I SO could have kept my chippy white mailbox....hmmmmm....Maybe I'll set a 'sell by' date for this piece too....hahahahaha.... 
There you go....Some roses....:o) !!

Now NEXT week I'll show you around the place & introduce you to my fellow Shed mates....I'll also tell you about a FUN 'SVJ at The Vintage Shed' giveaway & announce my FIRST weekly discount open to ALL my Readers (Followers) who visit The Vintage Shed....!!

Well I must fly....My Reader as ALWAYS is overflowing with all your FABULOUS posts so I need to get busy....First off though....I just need to stop by the fridge & grab a top up....Composing Posts is THIRSTY work....hahahahaha....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. I am so glad you commented on my blog Tamarah, I probably would still be missing you (without knowing it!) if you hadn't...
    I love every single thing in your vintage shed shop! It's all just far too cool and lovely for school! x

  2. I love your shop I want all your stuff and I adore those green bottles!

  3. envy the shelf ladder...I could do with that.

  4. So wish I was closer to Tyabb so I could pop in and take a look.

    You have some beautiful stuff!
    Bok Bok B'Gerk

  5. Your new shop looks fabulous Tamarah. I so wish I was closer. I even googled your shop address just to make sure. xx

  6. Good for you!!! you must be right chuffed with everything. Actually I spotted some PINK way back up the top..went back to have a look, made the picture BIG aha!! TWO pink baby's baths!! and then of course there was the rose pic. I'm really pleased for your've worked so hard & it's all just totally fab. Much love Catherine xx

  7. oh it is all great! May take a drive down there this weekend.

  8. Your space looks fabulous! I'd have a field day in there.... XOX

  9. I regret that because I wanted an awesome booth and wanted to make money I sold all of my best things. Now that I'm out of the business I look around my house and I have nothing left and I have to start over as a collector this time.

  10. Hi Tamarah,
    You are selling your fabulous green cupboard! I love that piece. You will have to show us a new photo of your room with whatever you have replaced it with. That shade of green is so cheerful and fun. Everytime I saw it on your header I considered painting my big cupboard that same shade of green.
    Your new space looks awesome. Wishing you the best of luck!

    Second Hand CHicks

  11. I agree with Kelly, you need to show us your new space. Can't believe you are selling the green cupboard, or that door. But you can always find another right? Did Mr SJV give you the "encouragement" to purge???

    What is a top up? I googled it and got nothing.
    I'm suspecting it's a kind of drink based on the context :)

    Your space looks fab, Wish I could shop there.
    Love the consistency of your tags too. and the Green makes it all pop. You'll do well.

  12. Hello Tamarah!

    Your shop looks awesome. I hope I could make a visit. I want those numbers. =) Loving the black and white ones. So you are going to sell that awesome green piece of yours. I was going to say the same thing that Kelly said about seeing pictures from your house. I'm happy for you that you are enjoying your self in your new shop. I wish you all the best with that.

    Hugs from FIN


  13. Oh how I wish I could do a little shopping there! Those old frames are so great!

  14. Your booth looks fan-frikin-tastic! Are you really selling the Poultry sign???? NOOOO!!!!!!

    You must show us an updated picture of your room now that you have lots of pieces in the shop.

    Have a lovely weekend, Tam x

  15. Haven't popped in for a while (been a little busy)and what do I see. A SHOP!!!


    My goodness girl you are just amazing.
    Love love love it.

    You know where I'll be going next on a Sunday drive.

    See ya soon. he..he..he..



  16. wow I'm loving that green wardrobe!

  17. How good does that look...wish I lived closer!! I think I hear a road trip Love the poultry sign and the galvanised stuff. I collect old watering cans and starting to collect old tubs to hang on the back fence...ohhhh fantastic booth. xx

  18. Woah Tamarah your space looks great love the green bottles and l'm sure l saw some green tin thing was that a fold up chair? maybe l'm imagining things.....all looks fabulous....really must get down that way to see it!

  19. I am *dying* over here -- wishing I could get in that space of yours and see it all in person! It looks fantastic but I'm not surprised :-) And I had a good laugh when you mentioned (in the midst of everything you're doing) that you decided to do an overhaul at home. Then again, that's one of the perks of having a space to sell in. Now I have to go find one of those ladders...!

  20. looks awesome. Would love to come check it out if i've ever down that way.

  21. The stall looks amazing Tamarah! Sorry we missed you yesterday, looking forward to seeing you down there soon, Simone xx

  22. Your space it wonderful, I want to see and hear about your new directions for your home...need some bed springs, I got plenty, lol. We say pop a top...Lezlee

  23. Tamarah, it looks great, and it sounds like you are enjoying yourself, I would say, in your element!
    Good luck with the sales, and come Spring, I hope to get down your way for a weekend!

  24. I am absolutely DROOLING! I LOVE those bread bins, the green cabinet, the poultry sign...You have got one great space!

    I'm excited to see what you do in your house now that you're selling things out of it!