Thursday, July 21, 2011

The FIRST Shabby Vintage Junk at The Vintage Shed Giveaway & WEEKLY Special Offer....!

Hey Thrifty Friends....!

How are you all going....?  Has your week been a productive one or have you found yourself wearing the Mad Hatter's hat like me, running about like a nutter looking at your watch every 2 minutes wondering WHY you don't seem to be getting through your lists....??  If you answered yes to the latter I can relate however, following a nice relaxing drive down to The Vintage Shed at Tyabb this morning to visit my space where I restocked & foofed, I came back relaxed, inspired & ready to tackle a HEAP of projects....Maybe that's just what you need....A visit to The Vintage Shed....Nice SEGUE no....***wink***....hahahahaha....!

For those of you who DO make the trip down to Tyabb, I would LOVE to spread some BLOG LOVE & say THANKS with a weekly GIVEAWAY & Special Offer....!

Now you DON'T have to be a Follower, all you need to do is read this blog & let the WONDERFUL Ladies at the front desk know by saying, "I read Tamarah's blog" & leave your name so I can post my THANKS....Too easy hey....?

OK....So this week commencing tomorrow Friday 22nd July when The Vintage Shed opens for business at 10am, the first person who goes to the desk & announces they read my blog will win a picture frame blackboard valued at $22.00.

Anyone who reads my blog who visits the Vintage Shed over the next week will also be entitled to a 10% discount on ANY blackboard in my space....*** This discount ONLY applies to blackboards & does not include any other items.***

NB: This offer is ONLY open to those of you who read this blog & who are able to visit The Vintage Shed from tomorrow, Friday 22nd July to Thursday 28th July....Alas, this offer is NOT open to any of the GORGEOUS Vintage Shed guys who read my blog....!!

My space today after a little 'foofin'....  :o) !
This is one of my picture frame blackboards & I've left one at the front desk for one of you....!!!!!
I added some YUMMY milk bottles today all the way from the US....KILLER graphics....They make WONDERFUL vases....!!!!! 
I have some GREAT news re my metal ladder shelves....I've found another ladder so some time over weekend, Mr SVJ & I will make some shelves in readiness to install it in my space & I'll add a price tag to this one next Thursday....! 
And I'm parting with SOME of my cigar boxes....I have a STACK of these in my office as they make very HANDY storage....The graphics are TO DIE FOR....!

Remember when my LOVELY Friend Sue from Montreux blogged about her collection of cigar boxes....?
I snuck over to Sue's just now & NICKED this pic....
And this one too....!!

With the FIVE boxes I have on offer at The Vintage Shed, you'd be WELL on your way to a collection to rival Sue's YUMMY stack....hahahahaha....!!

Ok I must away....I'm painting my fridge....  :o) !!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. Oh if I had wings Id fly down especially.I hope lots of bloggy friends drop in xxx

  2. well I won't be down this weekend but a great idea for a give -away♥
    wait till you see what I found on HR this week, I mean I didnt even have to LOOK it was right opposite my own driveway!!!!

  3. Hey you!
    It has been crazy around the ol' casita de trash...real donkey days! The heat is horrendous and makes it hard to do anything outside, but I bet y'all have to fight the temp too!
    Loving the ladder. I've been on the lookout for one since I saw yours. Great I'm so stealing.
    The booth looks great and ohmylanta...that mani is divine.

  4. Wish I could fly over and visit...oh well, something to look forward to!

  5. I am hoping to get to The Vintage Shed tomorrow.

  6. I love seeing the pics of your displays -- maybe someday I'll get to see them in person. I'll try to time it so I can be first in the door & win a prize! :-)

  7. I am drooling all over my keyboard, I just stumbled across your blog and will be coming back for more. Lovely, lovely stuff.

  8. What a wee darling Hartley is..lovely thing to do you two : ) Hope you find him a yummy kind home very soon. So glad that you're having such a great time down at the Shed..kind of how I feel once I get in to the garden. Finished all my gardening stuff before the rain so I've had a really nice fiddling around day today..posting off my Trade Me sales & stuff. Much love Catherine x

  9. Hey Tamarah,

    Popped in to the shed last w'end for a squiz. I was overwhelmed by all the goodies.

    I hope to return soon without the munchkins for some serious shopping.

    Hope it all goes well for you.

    Bye for now


  10. Darn! Wish I could come to the Shed for sure!
    Your space looks fabulous! And another metal ladder?? Wowzers! I would definitely be grabbing that!!

  11. I'm sad that I live so far away!
    Your mannequin is so wonderful!

  12. Just catching up on your doin's Miss T to see some familiar items in your wonderful vignettes! Your dress form is sa-weet!