Friday, July 22, 2011

Vintage Girl ROCKS at The Vintage Shed....!

Hello Vintage Treasure Hunters....!

It's Saturday morning here in Melbourne & I'm EXCITED....I LOVE the start of the weekend....Mind you, I have a STACK of cleaning & repairing to take care of for the Market tomorrow out on the back deck so I'm homebound until at least NOON but come 12....I'm out the door into the Hard Rubbish like nobodies business....WOOHOO....!!

Before I get a start on the days work though I wanted to introduce you to a couple of my Vintage Shed mates....Simone & Bec's (aka Vintage Girl) space would have to be my ABSOLUTE FAVE (next to mine of course **wink**) space at the Shed & I LOVE visiting with them on Thursdays when we're all restocking....!!!!!

The Treasures they come up with each week sourced far & wide blow me away & I'm in AWE of the transformation their space undergoes EVERY week as Bec breaks it all down & builds it back up again for a TOTALLY fresh look....As there's is a DOUBLE space this is no small undertaking....!!

The Vintage Girl blog provides it's readers an opportunity to purchase items BEFORE they head off to The Vintage Shed & I'm sure after viewing the pics below you'll be heading over there to add them to your reading list so you can keep an eye on the Treasures as they unearth them....!!

I LOVE the quirky, colourful nature of the Vintage Girl space.... 
I have a real thing for these little mirrored cabinets & was seriously eyeing this piece off....hmmmmm.... 
And there's Bec hard at it.... 
Milk bottles, trophies, spools & Aussie flags (PRE made in bloody China....!!!) waiting for new homes.... 
I LOVED this tray, thermoses & the large wooden spool....These spools are GREAT display pieces & make the BEST stands....!!!!! 
**sigh**....Milk bottles & signs are my FAVE.... 
Just had to show you this bunny tray close up....How GORGEOUS is that....!! 
Something for EVERYONE.... 
Instant collections....  :o) !! 
I hope you enjoyed these pics from Vintage Girl space at The Vintage Shed....One of the things I really ENJOY about this business is the clever & creative people I come into contact with & the GORGEOUS Simone & Bec are without exception two of the most CLEVER & CREATIVE young women I've had the pleasure of meeting this year....Both have young families yet manage to devote a large portion of their free time to their business & are genuinely open & Friendly individuals....I hope you take a moment to pop over to the Vintage Girl blog to say hello.....I know they'd LOVE to hear from you....!

Now I gotta fly....Before I head off though....Don't forget all you Melbourne guys....If you've been considering adding a feline Friend to your Family, little Hartley needs a home as per my post below....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)
Hartley - 4 months & ADORABLE....!!!!!


  1. Ok, he is way tooooo cute, love the heart nose.
    Surely you'll find him a home before you become a foster failure :)


  2. Oh and I think I'm in love with this gal's space. Fab stuff. I Want that cabinet too.
    Margo aka Robolady

  3. Wonder why we canty find such good stuff up this way?Darling LL went gsaling today and got 2 20c plates and that was near the last sale crazy!! I think we are in wrong town or country after seeing others getting lots of droolworthy things.I am off to visit VG now xxx

  4. I seriously want that cabinet! It would be perfect in my kid's bathroom! And the trophies, and the milk bottles....
    Very cute kitty!

  5. I'd be like a kid in a candy shop if I wasn't living on the other side of Australia...sigh

  6. How much to ship Hartley? I love him. her. whatever.

  7. Hi Tamarah- Wow thank you for your kind words, and what an honour to get a mention let alone full post on your blog. We love your passion and proffesionalis (is that even a word!) and it is a pleasure having you at the shed. Looking forward to seeing you again very soon x

    Bec & Simone xx

  8. Hartley is adorable and I hope he finds a good home and soon!!
    What fun items from their shop! Love the milk bottles

  9. Woohoo......I was the winner of your first SVJ give away at The Vintage Shed and scores one of your picture frame blackboards. Thanks

  10. That Vintage Girl is my kind of girl...she has great stuff!!

  11. Thanks for sharing all the good junk from down under!