Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can anyone in Melbourne help little Hartley....He needs a home & family of his very own....!!!!!

Dear Friends....!

A while ago Mr SVJ & I made the decision to open our homes on a temporary basis to abandoned kittens & contacted the FABULOUS organisation, Homeless Hounds here in Melbourne....!

We decided on kittens as we felt they would have a BETTER chance of being adopted than older cats & it would break my heart to know an animal I'd fostered were put down because no-one wanted an older animal....We also had to consider the impact on our own 'kids' Baxter 13 & Harley 11....!

We didn't have to wait long....As a matter of fact, several days after signing up we received a call that a 3 month old male had been flown in from Mildura....Well....You didn't have to ask us twice....Mr SVJ popped up to the Stupidmarket, grabbed some extra kitty litter, another tray & kitten food & we went & picked the little fellow up....That was FOUR weeks ago today....!

We named him Hartley because of the heart shaped mark on his little nose & after two weeks in quarantine (laundry) away from our babes so they could get used to the new 'smell', he's pretty much had the run of the house since....And it would seem our OWN hearts....!

We would DEARLY LOVE to keep him but that is NOT why we decided to foster kittens....As much as it will sadden us when he leaves, we need to be able to have a place for OTHER unwanted kittens to come to so they too have a fighting chance at placement....!

Little Hartley is four months old....He's a CHEERFUL, PLAYFUL soul but also LOVES to sit & be cuddled....He will set you back a TINY $160- which is to cover his desexing, vaccinating & microchipping....!

If you are interested in meeting Hartley, please email me your phone number at shabbyvintagejunk@hotmail ....Please ALSO leave BOTH your name & blog name (if you have one) so I know who I'm dealing with....!!

*** NB: I've closed comments on this post so those of you in Melbourne who are interested in providing a new home for Hartley will need to email me directly....!!!!! ***

Tamarah  :o)