Friday, January 28, 2011

I find MANY Treasures but the ones that mean the most come from my Friends....!

Hello Treasure Hunters NEAR & FAR....!

THANK YOU all for your WELL WISHES from my previous post....I'm SLOWLY making my way back to you in between trips to storage & out foraging in the Hard Rubbish....No REST for the SELF EMPLOYED hey what....  :o) ~~

I hope this post finds you well & NECK deep in Treasures....  :o) !  Speaking of which, I find Treasures on my travels in the HR, Op-Shops, Markets what have you but the ones I ADORE....The ones that make me SMILE OUT LOUD are the ones that come from my Friends & I'm ITCHING to show you three in particular....!!

** sigh **
A while a go I discovered the SWEETEST blog over in the UK called Bobo Bun....As I was reading through older posts I came across the MOST ADORABLE floral knitted brooch I had EVER seen & promptly emailed the GORGEOUS Lisa advising I needed one TOOT SWEET....!

Lisa being the accomodating Lovey that she is promptly set about making one & I am MIGHTILY PLEASED to advise that it arrived yesterday....I have worn it MOST every waking hour since....Excepting for a short while when I went to my storage unit to move stuff about....But it was CLOSE by so I could gaze upon it's LOVELINESS as I sweated away....  :o)
It came mounted on the most DIVINE vintage childrens playing card which I've OBSCURED here so you'll have to take my word for it....AND the tiniest 'MOO' card I've ever seen....** LOVE ** ....!!

Just check out the CRAFTWOMANSHIP....You WON'T get that out of China will ya....!!
The second Treasure I want to share with you came from my Friend Sue from Montreux....Remember when I introduced you to Sue here & here....Well a couple of weeks ago at the Market, Sue stopped by my little space & showed me this ADORABLE trophy she had just found....I couldn't help but SQUEAL out loud when I saw it all danged up with it's peely paint & dark patina....Sue promptly handed it to me & said "Take it it's yours....A 'leaving work' gift."....Well SERIOUSLY Friends I KNOW you will understand this when I write this was one of those occasions when I ALMOST peed my pants in my excitement....I LOVE moments like these you share with Friends....They're just PRICELESS....THANK YOU Sue....I'll TREASURE this little SWEETY ALWAYS....!!

And last but by NO means least is little Rufus....I don't think I've introduced you to this little fellow but if I have it doesn't matter because I'm SURE he's just as SWEET second time around....!!  Rufus comes to me compliments of the GORGEOUS Catherine over in New Zealand....This WONDERFUL blogger has several blogs you MUST go & visit....An Angel In The Garden, An Angel In The Kitchen & An Angel On The Porch & is a SWEETHEART to boot....One day I received a note from Catherine simply saying that she had found a lost soul (Terrier) that needs to make his way to me & could she have my address....A short time later, Rufus arrived & while initially he lived with my vintage cookie cutter collection, he now resides on a shelf in my hutch where I see him numerous times a day when I walk by....Each time I do....I SMILE OUT LOUD....!!

So there you have it....THREE Treasures....THREE Friends....LOTS of smiles....!

Wherever you are, I hope you have a Friend or THREE who make you smile too....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. Those are too adorable! BTW, my ears are perked!! You're coming back AGAIN in just 2 months?? I DO hope you have time to hit up The Clay Pit with me! When you know your dates, let me know, OK?

  2. I just MADE my frined by a huge silver cup for her livign room. She had a tufted leather chesterfield that she was going to get rid of, and I went over to move things around. She almost put it in the rubbish!

  3. What wonderful sweet friends you have and such fun items. Lucky you. Glad you are adjusting to your unemployment so well :)

    Can't wait to hear about all of your adventures.


  4. Yes I do have a friend who brings me treasures and I love it! Your "gifts" are wonderful!!!
    Love the trophy!!

  5. I would have nearly peed my pants too over the trophy...drool,drool...What gorgeous gifts from some lovely thoughtful ladies.

  6. eeek! love the trophy, would go well with my most favourite huge pigeon racing trophy that I have. Many visitors think I am the champion of pigeon racers and I hate to tell them that I found it at a market so I dont ha!

  7. What fun goodies, Tamarah! Blogging friends are the best!

  8. Love how you've pictured them all. What a thing a week brings, no more work for someone else and treasure a plenty. Thanks for your kind words T very lovely indeedy.


  9. I am so glad you loved the trophy and am equally as glad you didnt pee you pants when I gave it to you...!It has given me much more pleasure giving it to you and now seeing how much pleasure you had receiving it than I would have ever had onselling it..! Such a deserving home it now has x

  10. That's a very cute brooch! It would make anyone smile, just looking at it. :)

    I'm so jealous of your trophy collection. That's one thing I always look for when I'm out treasure hunting and so far, I've never found even one.

  11. Love, Love & Love!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hello Tamarah!! I have been going round for days with an intermittent smug look on my face thinking "yay she did it! she quit the bloody day job!.now she can get on with her real one!!" & here I was popping in to say good on you girl!!.... when I saw... little Rufus... is that really you little buddy? And he gave me a happy as a sand boy snuggled up to that trophy there. Thanks for the mention my friend...very sweet of you. Much love Catherine xoxo