Monday, February 7, 2011

HEAVENS....Being a FULL TIME 'Keeper Of The Past' is a BUSY occupation....!!

Hello Friends near & far....!

For the past week I've muttered to myself EVERY morning as I've stumbled from bed after but a few hours sleep, "I MUST post today to let everyone know how I'm going", only to have my day WHIZZ by in a frenzy of junk finding, cleaning, repairing & carting to storage activity....I thought I was busy before with 'the pesky day job' & junking on the side....Boy was I W-R-O-N-G about that....!  I'm literally FLAT OUT LIKE A LIZARD DRINKIN' from dawn to midnight & BEYOND....

I'm sorry to say I've not been able to keep up with my blog Friends since my return from Fryerstown & for that I MOST HEARTILY apologise....I have designated FRIDAYS as my ME DAY where I 'tune out' from the junk world & all things vintage to concentrate on the THREE F's....Friends, Family & my FREAKIN self....hahahahaha....I'll let you know how I go....  :o) !!!!!

Now before I fly like the wind, I'd LOVE to share a couple of Hard Rubbish finds with you....!

A small ply box sitting on the nature strip all by itself.... 
When I lifted the lid I was THRILLED to find an assortment of SWEET vintage hankies.... 
PERFECT for display or BUNTING perhaps....They are soaking for the day & will be hung on the line to dry afterwards....The box will receive a good old fashioned scrubbing & a coat of poly to preserve the pretty painting on the lid....! 
Now this over the top SEXY piece of junk is a Willow peddle bin & I'm sorry to say Friends it's STAYIN' right here at Casa de SVJ....!! 
I found it one evening by accident when I received a call from my HR Sisters J & K (aka Erkle & Perkle)....We often meet up for coffee & show & tell while out in the HR....Anyways, the girls called me one night & asked me where I was....As is quite common in the HR I was disoriented & drove to the nearest street sign....When I pulled over I gave them my location & gazed upon this beauty right outside my window....S-C-O-R-E....!! 
CHIPPY....RED....P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N....*** purrrrrrr *** 
*** sigh ***

Well Friends....I MUST away....Daylight's a BURNIN'....!!

I hope you are ALL WELL & look forward to catching up with you....SOON....!

Cheers for a mo,
Tamarah :o)


  1. Oh how cool O love hankies and have heaps (on blog posts) many of them I also love the bin used to have one similar but like many things long gone.Where? Have no clue.

  2. You are the HR queen! That bin is quite a find to be sure! And wow about all the hankies in the box. Amazing what people throw out. Truly amazing!

  3. ooh, la, la!! Love ALL of it! I dream of one day having full days to myself to scour the HR just like you!

  4. Glad to hear that you have left your day job and are pursuing your passion. As for that box of hankerchiefs - what a find. I can only imagine what prints you have soaking in your tub!

  5. Oh how i have a hankering for those hankies! Im youre newest bff!

  6. Well, now you are a lady of leisure, I expected to see you posting muffin recipes and pretty jugs of lemonade! Kidding. I imagine you have much to do now your income is based on junk and rubbish. I hope that doesn't sound mean, I don;t intend that. I am envious. Would love to be able to commit full time to my vintage devotion.

  7. Love the little hankies and the bin...good for you!!=)
    Happy Junking!

  8. I think we all need to rub your head for luck! That trash can is SO COOL! And the fact that the box actually contained hankies? The best of luck! I'd probably find one full of cigar butts!

  9. Sounds like you are finding the good stuff.
    don't forget those 3 f's. Love that bin!!!!!


  10. oh Tamarah, well done YOU!!
    It is HR in the Box Hill South area this week, I keep driving past taking hubby to Doc appointments etc, never get to go back. I MUST make a 'search party' trip this week.♥

  11. Sounds like you are very *inspired* with your new full-time occupation -- hope you're having a great time with it. :-)

  12. Your days sound familiar, the same ones I have around here, ZIP! and they are gone. Sounds as if it is going well, Keep up the good work!

  13. That bin belongs in my kitchen!!I cant believe smeone threw it out! And the hankies, wow!
    Sounds like you have settled into fulltime junking life quite well!Lol

  14. Holy macaroni! You scored big time.

    I too have been finding it hard to catch up with blog pals lately.

    Great to see you are enjoying your new found freedom. Yipee!!!

    Happy scrounging

  15. Love the hankie box and hankies...good to hear you have been busy and keeping out of trouble..hehe. I am so jealous of your HR, wish we had it here. Tam

  16. Yum, yum, yum....yum yum!!!
    Seeing your finds is like that first bite of a creamy block of chocolate!
    Mmmmm Mmmmmm!
    (Did you get your parcel By the way?)

  17. Cute idea hanky bunting :0) Love the enamel bin. I should jolly well think that you'd hang on to it! I've got one in my larder same only not quite so chippy (perhaps I should give it a kick on the way past sometimes!) & just all plain cream. I love it every day : ) Keep up the great HR work. Maybe you need an HR GPS haha! Much love Catherine xox

  18. Excellent finds as always! So glad you're enjoying the new "job". Nic

  19. Great stuff you found! Glad you get to enjoy casual Friday! Make sure you put yourself first on your list!!

    Have a great day!

  20. Hi Tamarah,
    Glad to hear you are enjoying your new "job". A junker's work is never done!

    Second Hand Chicks

  21. Hello girlie! What great finds as usual. That can is just perfect. Where will you be using it in your casa? I think I might have some of those hankies in my little stash. I still need to do something with them :)

  22. oooh weee am loving that bin, what a score! Cant wait for the catch up for a good old chat. will forward the photo too
    (your official photographer)

  23. I love treasure hunting...and then taking those treasures and making them mine! I could make it a full time business too!! Garage sales on the weekends...painting and creating during the week!!! (hmmmm, maybe I could make that my other part time job! )

  24. Love those hankies Tamarah - they remind me of my childhood. We used to get Lucie Attwell hankies in a box for Christmas. They used to have all those cute little people and animals on them! Your business is thriving by the sounds of it. Great news!