Thursday, January 27, 2011

Goodbye 'Pesky Day Job'....HELLO creative FREEDOM....!

Greetings Friends....!

PLEASE forgive my lack of posts....I've just returned from Fryerstown Antique Fair where I participated for the second year as a vendor....Alas, here in Oz we don't have internet access out in the middle of nowhere so I've been UNPLUGGED for over a week....And I SO MISSED you all....!!

Anyways....My BIG news FINALLY....I've resigned from 'the pesky day job'....YEP....There you have it....My last day has come & gone & I am F-R-E-E....

Goodbye BEAUTIFUL building I walked past every morning on my way to work....
Goodbye BEST VIEW in the office from my window seat....
Hello FREEDOM to be creative....(my space at Fryerstown)
Hello FREEDOM to express myself any way I SEE FIT....
Hello to making my OWN RULES....
Hello to TAKING CHANCES....On ME....
....I'm SURE you know where I'm goin' with this one....  :o)
Hello being able to visit Op-Shops during the week & finding TREASURES like these two Granny Rugs I found today whilst running errands.... :o)

....Along with these DELICIOUS silk scarves one of which is a HEAVENLY Liberty....

And these two CHARMING golden books which I plan to use for a SPECIAL project....!

It goes without saying I'm sure that this was NOT a decision lightly made....Mr SVJ & I spent a great deal of time over the Christmas break discussing the pros & cons & crunching numbers....But in the end, it came down to the fact that I NEED TO BE HAPPY with how I earn my living & WHO I'm surrounded by during my working hours....!

Once the decision was made, I sat down & wrote my business plan....Not an EASY task just quietly....My main focus for 2011 will be the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganzas scheduled for May & October....I'll also be establishing an on-line presence via Etsy & RE-establishing myself as a Seller on eBay & attending various Antique Fairs & Swap Meets around Victoria....!

Now I have a HEAP of blogs to catch up with so I must away but before I go though I would like to THANK YOU all for your concern re my recent misadventure with the 'not coolant'....When I went to the Doctor last Monday he had a look at my throat & advised quite STERNLY there was SIGNIFICANT inflamation....No wonder I sounded so HOARSE....He recommended no talking for the NEXT week which was a bit of a bummer with Fryerstown looming....To cut a long story & all that....I'm pretty much back to normal....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


    I can see with your passion for treasures, you will end up making more money than you did in your day job. Good on you for listening to your heart & doing what is RIGHT!
    S. x

  2. Congratulations Tamarah on taking the plunge and achieving the dream - I just wish I was as brave as you - One day I will be.....

    Hugs - Fee XXX

  3. Well done Tamarah lifes to short to be doing what you dont like.Looking forward to seeing more of your finds

  4. Well congrats! That is a momentous decision and one I am pretty sure you will not regret!! Love your photos! And your treasures are delish!!

  5. Sounds good Tamara, Im sure you will do very well, and maybe one day, I will come down and check it all out, but I will wait for you to get on ebay and etsy!

  6. I was just wondering today if you had finished up already, it must be a wonderful feeling and also scary at the same time. I wish you all the success for the year ahead and that you achieve what you set out to do this year.

    Oh, the Fryerstown Antique market looks interesting. I like your piece of Axminster carpet I can spy in your pics :)

    bye, Tamara (who is back at my pesky day job next Monday...arghh!)

  7. Oh Tamarah, Congratulations and best wishes for the future, hope our paths cross real soon when you start dealing around Melbourne!.

    I loved your 'Goodbye Beautiful Building...' comment, I WORKED in that building for several years in the 1990s -- and yes it is a beautiful building, a bit tatty around the edges (especially inside), but I liked it very much. Thanks for sharing such a lovely photo of it. You know back many, many years ago it was owned by the Tramways Board.

    Keep us all up to date with when you will be selling at which fairs, ok?

  8. Tamarah, I am so very happy for you to have chosen to do what you LOVE. How fabulous to start a new adventure.! You should also do your own website as once your name gets around, people are going to be checking your site regularly for treasures.

    All I can say is GOOD for YOU. Congratulations.

  9. Welcome to the world of self-employment and the freedoms that are attached to it. Bravo!! I have no doubt you will be spectacular at it, looking forward to seeing all the great finds on-line! It is a ton of work but just remember, what you do is for YOU, not someone else. Congrats on the new adventure!

    Miss Ya! Cammie

  10. CONGRATULATIONS! Wow, what a wonderful thing you are doing for yourself. I wish you much success in the new year!

    Now please allow me to go cry in a corner as I head to my "real job" with gobs of jealousy of you. LOL :-)

  11. OMG - Congrats!!!! good for you!!! I'm so happy for you!!!
    there is nothing more important than doing what you love in life (and having a partner that supports you in that decision as well!) I look forward to all of your projects/plans/events/celebrations!
    amy of four corners design

  12. Wooooo-hoooooo for Y-0-U! I'm so happy for you. Freedom to follow your passions is a wonderful thing...enjoy!


  13. Hello and Congrats!!! I too am starting a new venture I am opening my own antique & Flea Market but unlike you I have to keep working for a bit at my reg job which I love very much! I hope to be doing my own thing full time soon best of luck to you I love all your fab finds!

  14. Oh Tamarah, I am SO SO HAPPY for you! You will rock the vintage market like no other. Way to go after your dreams!

  15. Congrat! This is such exciting news. Good luck with your new adventure.

  16. Awesome for YOU!!! Nothing better than being your own boss...Enjoy!
    Glad your throat is okay..lesson learned?!

  17. Wonderful news! So happy for you! Nic

  18. Congratulations!! You must be feeling soooo excited to start this new adventure. Wishing you LOADS OF SUCCESS! :-) -amy

  19. Everybody else has covered all the things I want to say. Congratulations from me too Tamarah xxxxx

  20. Good for you! Can't wait to see what you have online :)

  21. Congratulations and welcome back! I hear you on the "who you're surrounded by"! Here's to being wildly successful and happy being your fabulously creative self!! Can't wait to see all the new happenings! YAY!
    Hugs all around!

  22. Congratulations Tamarah!! And it's great to have you back. Thanks for the email and your gift!!! OMG!!! You are just amazing!! I have something for you...I'm excited to see what you are really up to. Everything sounds so amazing and I'm happy that you are happy with all the changes!!

    Hugs from Finland

  23. I can feel your energy all the way here! You go girl...good luck and have fun!!!

  24. I'm so very excited for you Tamarah! Sorry I haven't popped in to meet you yet. Had to move house unexpectedly. Will pop in soon though!
    I'm really looking forward to following you through your adventures and hopefully to learn more about the business at the same time.

    I have a dream too...just haven't done anything about it yet.

    Ky xx

  25. It was SO great to see you and have a chat at the fair even though you shouldnt have been talking!! Glad you like the photo I took, I think its a very nice one of you so do feel free to use it as you wish :)
    ps. I can send you a copy without the text on it if you want, let me know

  26. Congratulations! And give your husband a big hug from all of us for being so supportive!

  27. Congratulations! You get to follow your dream full time!

    If those pictures of your space at the antiques fair is any indication, you are going to be WILDLY successful!

  28. Oh Tamarah, how exciting for you. Wishing you all the best, but I'm positive you will be very successful at doing what you love. can't wait to hear more xxx

  29. AWESOME!!! What a great decision! I know it was a hard one to make but you will LOVE IT!
    I'm also glad to hear you are back to "normal!" ? Seriously??? LOL! HA!

  30. Good for you! Congratulations!! Enjoy the ride=)! Love

  31. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.. how brave of you! Can't wait to see what you do ;)..Congrats and good luck ~ Kym X

  32. yay you - i know you'll do a great job, your heart and soul are in it.

    Wanna be there for an EXtravaganza!

  33. Congratulations! You are going to be wonderful (and happy, too!) I left my desk job 12 years ago and haven't missed it one bit! Life has taken many twists and turns and all for the will love your new adventure and if you need any help with your etsy shop or have any questions, please ask.

  34. I loved reading every word of your post today. I love when people take the leap to follow their passions because it makes them happy. And it rather helps that we share the same passionate work :-) Wishing you the very best as you embark on your new path.

  35. I am so veeerrrrryyyy happy for you and have NO DOUBTs you have a wonderful, adventure filled super bright future in front of you.
    I am most pleased to hear you have recovered from your misadventure.
    And hugs to Mr. SVJ for being supportive.

  36. Hi Tamarah,

    Congrats for taking The Big Leap! The best of luck to you in your new creative adventures!

    Second Hand Chicks

  37. Exciting! Wishing you all the best on your new endeavors. I look forward to getting all the updates along the way! :)

  38. Oh Tam congrats on ditching the "pesky day job" I know how long you have been wanting to do that!

    May all your days be filled with treasures~!



  39. Good for you - that is very inspirational!

  40. OH! OH! OH! That is huge, fantastic news! Sorry it's taken me so long to stop by and hear the news and congratulate you on your brave decision. All the best on your full time creative dream!

  41. So... I come over here to check on you - and you've become self-employed as well as finding GREATNESS in your 'hood!!!

    Girl - CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so excited for you I just shot my duct tape in the air and did a happy dance for you! (I know - I'm late - but still...)

    YAY! ;-D robelyn