Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flat out like a freakin' lizard drinking....Some pics of my US Treasures to tide you over....!

Hello Junking Friends everywhere....!

I woke this morning to find the GORGEOUS Margo had commented on my previous post, "We need a junkin post, I know you've got a lot to sort through but... Do i need to come down there and take you in hand to get you started-Again????"

Now for those of you who know Margo KNOW that you'd better pull your finger out & get movin' when she 'says' somethin' like this or your likely to find yourself in the middle of a 'junkivention'....hahahahaha....!!

Unfortunately, since my return to 'the pesky day job' on Monday I've literally been flat out like a lizard drinking & have had little time to sit still long enough to give my US posts the attention they DESERVE....I PROMISE to recitify this shortly & as my 100th post is JUST AROUND THE CORNER, there'll be a FAB giveaway to make up for my recent lack of posts....!!

In the mean time....Here are a few more pics of the Treasures that followed me home....!!

I found 10 YUMMY black & cream clocks during my travels....!

Around 21 graphically STUNNING pharmacy perscription boxes & 21 metal letters....** purr **

10 x HUGE DROP DEAD GORGEOUS enamel light shades in SCHMICK NICK...!!!

Cash register flags & wooden molds.

Metal letters & numbers, 100 x black & white cardboard numbers from a Church, typewriter keys & creamy dominoes.... ** sigh **

Sweet TINY Treaasures for my jewellery making....I had SO MUCH fun finding these trinkets....!

A girl can NEVER have too many 'bits & bobs'....!!

Printers blocks....WOOHOO....!

Childrens blocks....LOVE these....!!

Wooden shoe lasts, glass knobs, mason jar lids....

Another SWEET Terrier to add to my collection....I ADORE this little fellow....!!

Well there you are....I hope you've enjoyed seeing a few more of my Treasures....I WILL be back REAL SOON with my updates & DON'T FORGET my giveaway to celebrate my 100th post....!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. WoW!!! Tamarah...I love all of your goodies!! How did you ever keep Margo away from that stuff long enough to get it home!! You are so fun.. I would love to meet you someday!! Rhonda

  2. OMG, how did you get that great haul home?

  3. My dear, you have the most exquiste taste!!

  4. Just love all your stuff Tamarah! Esp the little bits and bobs! GREAT scores!

  5. I am totally lusting after that little terrier! Everything is lovely, love those little purses.

  6. OH Tamarah...I do LOVE all your have the best junk taste!!

  7. Oh Tamarah, the little terrier is so cute, I miss seeing your collection on your header. Hope the 'pesky day job' isn't snowing you under too badly.

    Nearly the weekend! Woohoo!! Time more for hard rubbish :) While driving home the other day I saw an old chunky tv and a crap chair on the side of the road..I chuckled to myself and wanted so badly to take a photo to show you (I didn't have my camera). This is the extent of the hard rubbish around here.

    Have a good one, Tamara

  8. Loving all of your treasures how did you get them home. I'm convinced that I live in the wrong country???? Need to move to the USA if they have junking treasure like that..Have a great day Kym X

  9. Love the shades and the boxes!!
    I have a family trip in the works for next June, Im hoping there will be some sort of junk thing to go to, and would love to hear more of your trip!

  10. your are right I was about to stage a junk-intervention if we didn't hear from you soon. :) The close ups of your loot are great, thanks for updating your blog, we were missing you out here. I love all your bits and bobs, and when did you get that lg ampersand printers block, that is wonderful.
    Oh and BTW, how flat out is a lizzard drinking?


  11. Hi Tamarah,
    Only the Terrier nut from Bonnie Doon.
    WOW! WOW! WOW!WOW!!!
    What a collection of sensational stuff.
    Loved everything. You are by far the best junk shopper on earth.
    Will have to visit you shortly for show and tell.
    I can't wait.

  12. Hi Tamarah,

    So great to see all your treasure polished up and laid out. It's like reliving all the fun we had in the fields of Warrenton...good times, indeed!

    Second Hand Chicks

  13. Hey there Tamarah,

    Great to finally see some of the loot. What a haul you collected. It's all so scrumdiddlyumtious.

    Aaawww, and another cute wee puppy.



  14. Wow! How on earth did you get all his back? It's fabulous! I am always scared they will take it off me at the airport as way over baggage limit.Lol!!

    Pam x

  15. a woman after my own heart - I also love clocks, letters and numbers - you are one lucky girl - I love all your finds!
    amy of four corners design

  16. I'll start now saving all my bits and bobs for when you come back in the spring!
    P.S. Please define Schmick Nick for the OzTex dictionary entry!!!

  17. Loving the pharmacy jars! You are so lucky to find this stuff, why is it that all I ever find out junkin' is, well, mostly crap! ;) Love your blog, definitely your newest follower!

  18. It's time to ditch the day job Tamarah...your blogging public needs you more than they do.


  19. Wow Miss Tamarah, I just love everyone of your treasures! I think that I might just have discovered a new fondness for Printers Blocks!How exciting!

    xoxox from texas!


  20. What a haul, my Oz friend! Did you get any funny looks and custom inspections at the airport? :)

  21. Love it all! I can tell you had a fabu trip!

  22. Yip blow the day job girl! Quite handy that most of your treasure was actually pretty much non heartbreaks at the other end! We went to a Church fair last weekend & amongst the bits & pieces I found was.. a stack of vintage biscuit cutters (oops cookie cutters ; )..anyway bought them for a song for my nephew for his playdough..but one he did not get, why? because it is a terrier!! haha so I figure I better send him on to you so that you can make your blokes some friends for Christmas!! Can't stick a pic on here but email me if you have a sec (that's if you want him!!) Love Catherine

  23. That is the most amazing haul I have ever seen!
    Can I shop your house??? ;-)

  24. So Aussie Gal..How the heck did you get all your amazing finds back to your isle??? That was a good amount of junkin goodies to lug home, but ever so WORTH IT!!!
    I remember when you told Debbie your lizard pharse at Theresa's booth & she liked it soooo much she wrote it down. You must tell all your friends how much we all loved your Aussie sayings!!
    Big Hugs Aussie Friend,

  25. Well done! You have done us proud! Can't decide what may fav is... Maybe the printers letters , cheers Katherine xx

  26. Oh my goodness, lovey! How did you get that stash home!!! LOVE it all, but my favourite is the ampersand printer's block - gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing your fabulous treasures:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  27. You have a great eye for the unusual. Congratulations on a fabulous haul!

  28. G'day, Tamarah!
    Love it all! Your a great picker! Glad you had a great adventure...Thanks for the sweet comments on my big ole' hutches! Lezlee

  29. oh tamarah i want to travel with you!!!

    those printers blocks...

    all that lovely type set...

    metal letters...

    i am soo wishing that i lived just down the road then i'd pop over with a bottle of wine and make you sell me the lot!

    all i can say from this very looong ENJOY!!!

    melissa xx

  30. Tamarah!

    It's been a long time since I have had time to leave a comment. I've been quite busy. I spent this morning catching up on your travels to the US and your SVJ event and enjoyed it very much. I am so happy for you. I love what you are doing and hope very much that your visions for your event continue to grow beyond your expectations.

    Have a great day!!


  31. I'm drooling. This is all such great junk! I love it!

  32. To bad you missed Marburger! You would have loved it! Maybe next time! You got some great stuff there!

  33. I am so jealous!!! You got some amazing things!!! Congrats on all your finds.

  34. Yes that terrier is lovely! I really love those dogs, And the metal labels I would like to have to use with my bear outfits! Love them!!