Thursday, October 14, 2010

Industrial Chic....BE there or BE square for this FAB GIVEAWAY....!!!

Hello Everyone....!

I hope this post finds you all well & happy....! I'm 'busy as a blue arsed fly' (Deb love that one's for you!!) at the moment but wouldn't miss an opportunity to link up with the  LOVELY Margo from robolady who's turning the spotlight on one of my FAVE decorating styles....Industrial Chic....!!

Why do some of us prefer these 'edgier' looks to the 'softer' side of vintage with the florals & the pastels you might well ask....For me, the simple answer is that I LOATHE housework & am CRUSHED when something 'sweet' gets all mussed up....The BEAUTY of an industrial look is that it takes the hard knocks of a busy lifestyle & the dirt actually looks like it belongs....hahahahaha....Aside from these VERY simple reasons, I also need to consider Mr SVJ's comfort....While the poor bugger doesn't have ANY say in how I decorate OUR home, bein' the 'manly man' that he is, sitting amongst the 'frou frou' is not really his cup of tea....So for me, Industrial Chic is very much a win WIN....!!

Today I thought I'd show you my FAVE industrial furniture pieces as well as a couple of smaller bits....I SO wish I had the BEFORE pics of our dining table....I found it out in the hard rubbish early this year....It was out the front of a scout hall & covered in thick laminex....I later found out from a HR Friend, that he'd picked up TEN others but left mine behind because of the laminate....The others he picked up were bare wood so I'm thinking this one had been used in the hall kitchen....Lucky LUCKY me....!!

When I bought it home Mr SVJ stripped the laminex from the top while I worked on the YUMMY steel post legs giving them a clean & introducing them to my mate 'poly'....The end result was a dark handsome look that I really ADORE....!!

The top was larger so Mr SVJ cut it down a bit because I felt it looked a little clumsy & awkward in our living area....He also rounded the edges before giving it a dark stain....!!

I have a real THANG for these black office chairs....Since these pics were taken I've actually scored two more which I've placed opposite these two moving the green French farm house chairs to the heads of the table.

I really LOVE the dark stain Mr SVJ used on the top....He is the MASTER of stainwork just quietly....I'm the PAINTER in the family but when it comes to staining I'm 'all over the shop'....Unless it's a SMALL piece of course....Pretty hard to stuff up little things....hahahahaha....

My next FAVE piece is this GORGEOUS sideboard....Another HR Friend found this piece outside an old Doctors surgery....Yep....It's an old examination table....I swapped a NEAT piece of junk for this 'cause when I saw it I just KNEW what it needed to be....!!

The top with the pleather covered mattress & head rest were removed & replaced with some wood Mr SVJ glued together that I'd found in the HR another time....!  After sanding the base we've left it raw in contrast with the dark stain used on the top....!

The green bottles on top were found at the Market & were originally used in the manufacture of wine....And NO....I didn't drink ALL of it myself...hahahahaha....!

Love love LOVE my vaulting horse....I found this on the way home from the hard rubbish one day in an area that wasn't even having hard rubbish....Gotta love that....!!  It's just sitting under the kitchen bench at the moment waiting to have the cover switched over for a COOL piece of cow skin....YEEHAW....We'll also cut a door into the middle of the front which will be suspended with chains for easy access & pop a base in it to house blankets & quilts....One day....!

Now this last piece is just MAGNIFICENT....And HEAVY....It's an old OLD mooring 'doodad' that you'd hitch your boat up to when you docked along side the pier....I simply cleaned it & introduced it to poly....I move it about from time to time when I feel the need to give the 'guns' a work out....hahahahaha....!!

So there you have it....A taste of Industrial Chic at Camp SVJ....Please be sure & pop into everyone's blog via the Linky thing over at Margo's to see some A-W-E-S-O-M-E examples of this FABULOUS family, housework & maintainance friendly style....Margo's ALSO having a WONDERFUL giveaway to coincide with this Linky Party....

So Be there or BE square....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

PS: This is post #90....I'm currently PACING myself for my upcoming giveaway to celebrate my 100th post which I'm hoping to share with the ADORABLE Gina from Vintage Junk In My Trunk who's also about to celebrate her 100th ....!

The remaining updates re my US adventures will appear shortly....!


  1. So glad you came to my party. I just love your dining table. That Dr's exam table is to die for and the Vault, well, I recently saw one of those at a sale and passed it up because I just couldn't see a modern purpose for it. Boy was I wrong. It looks great.

    Looks like I'm gonna have a good turn out, so glad I opened the doors early :)


  2. Well I've seen you home in person and totally LOVE everything about it. You have inspired me girl, and as result have introduced a few more touches of industrial into my own home. Lets have fun at margos party!

  3. I love the DRs table and the HUGE glass vases on top too!

  4. I love all your wonderful industrial pieces, Tamarah~ especially those awesome black chairs!

  5. Hiya Tamarah,

    I hope you have had a good is so wet and windy here today..I was nearly Mary Poppins walking to pick up the kids from school, he he

    I love all of your industrial chic pieces, we use an old travelling trunk for our coffee table, bought 10 years ago.

    I hear what you are saying about the softer side of vintage..Carl is drowning in pretty things in our bedroom, but he doesn't complain. His friends have even done a double take when entering the room, they think its India's..ha ha

    Have a good one, looking forward to the big giveaway, Tam

  6. Love your industrial stuff,I also did up a drs table, you can see it on my website.
    Im gradually sneaking in some to the home, but unfortunately, my family think it is throwaway junk, not good junk!How rude!Lol!

  7. Very cool collection! I especially like those springy things with the lettuce things. :) Gosh... anything that puzzles me always reals me in!


  8. Hey Tamarah. This is my FIRST post on a blog, EVER, and how suitable to be YOUR blog and about industrial chic which I LOVE.Also using my first laptop ever!!! I'm feeling the love. LOVE you, your blog, your style. Always a fan. Just jumping for joy.


  9. Love love everything here. More pics of your fabulous home please.

  10. Hey Tamarah, click on the link on my blog sidebar,The Junkshed, it will take you to the table!

  11. Tamarah, I don't know another person who has a vaulting horse in their house. Give it another year and Restoration Hardware will be putting a repro into their catalogue.

    I love your home. I could spend hours snooping around there.

  12. It all looks so great Tamarah - you've really got it goin' on! I love the chairs you've paired with the table AND your exam table, AND your vaulting horse and, and, and...

    The only thing I ever see in the "hard rubbish" around here is truly rubbish!


  13. LOVE IT ALL....and oh those bottles in springs with cabbage leaves!! LOVE IT!

  14. I'm with ya on the cleaning.. Gotta love the things that'll never notice an extra dent, stain, or scratch!!

  15. Oh I just love your blog!!! So happy you visited me (thanks for leaving such a nice comment) so I could find you!! Can't wait to catch up this weekend!!

  16. Coffee in hand, reading about all of your wonderful things. I may have spewed a bit of it as you always crack me up!

    Love that doctors table and the big mooring thing. What a doorstop that would be! Those green bottles are fabulous.

    I'll be hitting 100 soon myself. So congrats!

  17. The chairs at that wonderful dining room table are my favorite! Wow!

  18. Fabulous every last one of them!! The Drs. exam table is so cool. You have done such a great job repurposing all of these pieces and making them look so perfect in your home.

  19. Love the mooring thingie and what are those springy thingies holding the cabbage leaves? Way cool. I'm so glad I discovered your a follower! Come by my way...

  20. wonderful things... the green farm chairs are perfect. everything looks just great, the scale and typewriter are perfect little touches!

  21. Of course we can go to Disneyland together when you come to Cali my Aussie friend!!
    I love your industrial design in your have a great style in your home.
    Are you planning ongoing to the spring EVENT OF THE WORLD in Round Top???
    I want to goooo sooo bad, I'm hoping hubby will be able to go this time too...he can help drive! LOL {I'm just using him for his drivin abilities..}
    Soak up some Aussie sun for me...
    Smiles Friend,

  22. I just happened upon your blog. And I love your look! I also love the fact that you're not taking wood pieces and automatically painting them white or black. Which seems to be what bloggers do these days. I like to see the wood look.

  23. Popping over to say hi! You left such a great comment on my blog!!

    Your blog header picture is FAB... I am in AWE..

    I'm off to a Friday football game but plan to study your eye candy when I come home...

    Following you!!! Thanks for the follow too!! :)

  24. I just love your house! When the hell are you getting your book deal?!

  25. fun! Love your industrial stuff! Lezlee

  26. Oh for fun...I feel like I was just over for a visit at your house! Loving every darn thing...just think of the stories that exam table could tell....eek! And hey, I thought Poly was MY best friend...that two-timin' no good.....ahhh guess we'll have to share!

    Thanks bunches for stopping by my place for the party too!

    Missy (SweetMelissa)

  27. I love your sense of "hard rubbish" I want some too! Love the black chairs mixed with the farmhouse chairs....and everything else...where to start! Thanks for visiting! Oreo likes to help paint and once in awhile sports new fur colors!

  28. That examination table is fabulous! Would love to hear more about your friend 'poly'!

  29. Tamarah, your industrial chic style, I LOVE IT!!
    Thanks for stopping by. You know my maribowls are back in the line now. One of them fell down with no reason and touching it. So it is in three pieces now. Oh well. I will try to fix it.

    Today it snowed the first time for this winter. I'm excited. I love winter. So I'll send you fresh breeze from north. Hope you have a great weekend!

    Take care


  30. LOVE.IT.ALL. Every single thing I see!

    Thanks for coming by! Nice to meet you....from miles away!!



  31. Hi Miss Tamarah:) I LOVE all of your gorgeous industrial pieces but ADORE your boat mooring 'doodad' 'thingy'....Also, love that vaulting horse and your idea for it!! Please show us when you do it:) Your home is amazing!! I actually thought of you today when I was out at our tip shop...there were heaps of great treasures, but I just didn't have anywhere to put them. So if you are ever on a road trip up this way, let me know and I will give you directions...or better still come with you;) Wishing you a lovely week ~ Txx

  32. Your place always looks FAB! Love it all. I always say a chip (or twelve) and a few dents adds TONS of character.

    And now the pressure is ON! :)

  33. Those green wine bottles or bottles used in wine making are terrific. Thank you for making an excellent point about men enjoying their homes (even though they don't get a whole lot of say about decor). Your home is delightful and dare I say that it still looks cozy? It does!

  34. Love all of your
    finds, T! How lucky
    you are that Mr. SVJ
    is so handy and doesn't
    mind working on your
    "discoveries!" Those
    chairs are just my style.
    The bottles are divine.
    What fun!
    xx Suzanne

  35. Tamarah those pieces are just divine. MrSJV does wonders with some tools and he is not too bad at fluffy balls too I have heard hehe. As usually your junk is to die for. That Drs Table has to be one of my favourites though its just fantastic and with the bottle on it in front of that window its just amazing.

  36. Hey Tamarah,

    I'm so glad you liked the bobbin lamps.I don't think they're terribly hard to make with a lamp kit that you can buy on ebay probably. Have a go! I dare you!!

    I love your style. I love what you've done with the amazingly cool things you've found.

    Hang on.....

    Found???? I can't believe all this loveliness. I'm trying hard not to seethe with jealousy!!

    I love the glass bottle vases. They remind me of one I've got in my kitchen. Have a peek if you'd like.

    Anyway, gorgeous post and, even better, gorgeous blog! I'm a Follower!


  37. So glad you popped over from Margo's blog! I LOVE your blog!!!

  38. Very clever Tamara! Do you think if I pursued enough HR I one day might find my own Mr SVJ sitting there. I used to have one but he went to Heaven! Those co-operative skills at work are wonderful things. I would have passed up the dining room table (probably would have picked the dr's table; uncertain about the vaulting horse, but that lovely wood!).

    And you know - when you decorate this way it can be an ever changing vision. The girls who get it all from Harvey Norman can't have that!

    Blessings and bliss
    Brigid (Shelley's Mum)

  39. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the chair match-ups. The sleek black chairs and the super shabby barn chairs make a great pair up. I tried to do that with my home decor and my BF was like "Blargh!", but I did show him your Vintage Mooring piece, he LOVES it! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I appreciate the comments from awesome bloggers like you!

  40. My sister is trying to collect 4 of those office type chairs as well but she wants taller ones to go by her kitchen island, so she's got 1 1/2 so far, ha! Her husband brought home some free bar stools, cherry finish with queen anne legs, great if you have no imagination. Ugh, they are hideous, so send some good junk findin' mojo her way.

  41. oh i just love the industrial look, Tamarah!!!! they mix so well with the other vintage pieces that you have! beautiful!

  42. Loving the old wine bottles the way the light travels through them!

  43. Reminder "Go Purple" Wednesday, October 20th....Read More on my blog,

    Kitsch n Stuff

  44. Hi Tamarah! I absolutely LOVE your style, girl. I NEED that bright green cabinet you've got with the suitcases on top! And I love your examining table. Thanks for stopping by! I'll have to check back on you and see what you're up to next! Have a good one!

  45. Hello Tamarah, I am loving those industrial chairs. If I hadn't told you so already, you were one of the highlights of my show, meeting you, and your fun personality. What fun we did have in my booth at the shows. Thanks for entering my giveaway. Have a great day, T

  46. Thanks for all your snort-y notes. ;) Hope all is welll on your homefront! Take care...

  47. Love it all, Tamarah! The vaulting want one! :)


  48. Tamarah!

    Your room looks absolutely fabulous, it literally pops of the page!! You've inspired me to make some changes to my own blog;) I am totally into the industrial style and we more and more are leaning into this look so it has been great to see everyone's positive comments!

    Always great popping in, take care lady!!


  49. Love all your fab it allowed in blogging to say...please don't change the top on that vaulting looks so warm and worn and lovely ...xx Katherine