Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday Wrap Up - Castlemaine Swap Meet (Part 2)

As promised here's my haul from the Swap Meet....The pic below shows everything together....** sigh ** does my heart good to look at all my Treasures in one place like this....hahahahaha....!!

I spent $278.50 & LUCKY for me, I came out in front with my sales so in a way....These were FREE....hahahahaha....!!!

I LOVE white enamel bread bins....This makes number FIVE....PERFECT for storage with KILLER graphics....So much BETTER than hoarding shoes don't you think....??!!!

The patina on the sweet little drawer on top is TO DIE FOR....With chippy grey paint the little handle has a heart motif....I couldn't get my $2- out fast enough..... :o)

The little metal hook device on top comes from a car I think....I may mount it on a board & use it to display jewellery or hang a hand towel from it in the loo....!

OK....Next we have an AWESOME funnel, a SENSATIONAL chippy green galvanised flour bin with YUMMY handles....Needs a major clean inside as it's spattered with plaster....The DROP DEAD GORGEOUS heavy black box at the front also needs a good clean & a date with 'poly' to bring out it's handsome side.....While the green scales need some serious degreasing....yeccckkkkkk....Aren't those round platforms on the scales BRILLIANT....I can see chunky beeswax candles on them now.....Indeedy....!!

I bought four small earthen ware bottles (two pictured only)....Each with a yummy perfectly pitted & crazed patina....They'll make sweet vases for a floral display on our vanity basin.....!!

I haven't presented my four earthen ware bowls very well unfortunately....They are pitted & crazed to PERFECTION & are GREAT for everything from fruit to salads & wooden balls.....LOVE these bowls....  :o) !!

I collect these jars with their ribbed sides....I have around 30 of them though ONLY about 12 of them with these YUMMY green tin lids....!!!

Large chippy white steel trunk....SERIOUSLY grubby but a little elbow grease will sort that out quick smart....I'm HEAD OVER HEELS for the two sweet water colours at the front....At a DOLLAR each I couldn't pass them by.... :o)

I ADORE galvanised anything but when it's a tub like this BEAUTY below....Well....Words really do fail me.... ** sigh **

The green Willow bread bin is the perfect perfect PERFECT green....I call it 1940's green & I often take a piece to Bunnings & get them to colour match paint for me....Just LOVE it....!!

Grubby & crusty I just KNOW it's going to take AGES to clean these magnificent bread trays.  It'll be worth it to see the handsome black colouring after a coat of poly has been applied....GREAT storage items FOR SURE & I can see them filled with cutlery, floral displays, condiments etc....!!!

I bought this early 1920's STUNNING oil on canvas horse painting as everyone was packing up....I can't believe no-one bought it during the Swap Meet....It was $2- & goes beautifully with another horse painting I have from the same era....!!!

Love love LOVE the crinkly wire welcome matt in the background....I see this as a message board with bits & pieces clipped to it....!

This tall chippy grey gavanised flour bin made my heart SING when I saw it....Could NOT get my money out QUICK ENOUGH....!!!

And last but by no means least are the 'smalls'....Three DIVINE clocks....The black & the cream ones are KEEPERS....I wish I could find DOZENS of these....!!

The watering can rose was TOO CUTE to pass up & I was THRILLED to find a few more coat hooks & a rake head for ongoing projects....!!

SO there you have it....I'm THRILLED with my haul & my ONLY regret is that I can't gather this amount of stuff EACH & EVERY weekend....!!

Speaking of gathering....Something BIG is happening....Over the last few months I've been in full on organisational mode & will be announcing my plans at the end of the week....Stay tuned....!

Have a GREAT week....!!

Tamarah  :o)


  1. Ok Tamarah, you always have so many things, I am going to starting picking 3.

    1. The horse painting (my favourite)
    2. The clocks--they don't make them like this anymore
    3. The bread bins

    I also have started looking for those large jars but I only have 2 so far. I found soemthign you would like this weekend. Take a look on my dining room table!


  2. LOVE that green bread bin total droool worthy. Great finds!! Love all of it, but a few stand outs for me, the rake head (great for hanging stuff off) and that fantastic large gal flour bin. Now they are hard to find!
    ps. I think i know what the plans might be yes?!

  3. Hi Tamarah,
    Great haul, as usual. That bread tin....such a yummy shade of green. The clocks, the rake, the bowls, all wonderful but the horse painting takes the cake! I just adore those old horse (and dog paintings).

    Can't wait to see what the big surprise is...

    Have a great week at your "real' job.

    Second Hand Chicks

  4. Oh my gosh, Tamarah--you got some AMAZING stuff! And that market looks like a whole lotta fun! So happy you had an inside booth during that crappy weather. Looking forward to the big "surprise"! Wishing you lots of luck and sunshine! [and me a ticket to Australia ;)]

  5. Oh i just can't believe my eyes!So much great old thing you lucky girl!!!

    Take care,Anu

  6. Hi Tamarah,
    I just found your blog & have just spent the last 15 odd minutes reading & checking out your fabuous collections...I need to come back down to Melbourne to go garage saling & swap meeting with you! I love so many of the things you have bought!
    Come visit me back when you get the chance, it's always nice to meet other Aussie 'shabby/vintage chic' girls!

  7. Holy Smokes was there anything left? Love the bowls, the pink clock, and the horse is is actually smiling!

  8. Hi Tamarah,
    I just became a follower! I just love your vintage terrier collection :) I have two terriers of my own...the real ones :). If you get a chance come check out my blog, maybe you can follow me too!
    Have a great day!