Saturday, April 17, 2010

I adore my THRIFTED Sweedish Pony Skin Clogs....!!

This is just a short post as it's 11.00pm & I'm up at 3.30am to head off to a Swap Meet....!  I just wanted to pop in, say "How do....!!" & show you these BEAUTIES I found at the Op-Shop today for a CRAZY $9.99....!!  I'm STILL SMILING....  :o)

I have a THING for cowhide/pony skin.....At last count I have 6 x Vintage handbags & two vintage purses & I ALWAYS smile when I open my wardrobe & see them all lined up waiting for me....
** contented sigh ** 

Funny thing is, I was reading a post at Dottie Angel a while back about Sweedish Clogs & I was thinking they look so comfy & low & behold, I walk into the Salvos today at Bentleigh & there they were waiting for me....They've NEVER even been worn....LOL....Mr SVJ is away this weekend & I rang him up & prattled on about them for almost 10 minutes....He agreed that finding two pairs of hand knitted socks (a dark pair & a cream pair) to wear with my new clogs was indeed a priority....hahahahahaha.....!!!

Well I must fly to the land of nod for a short time....Don't forget I'll be sharing SOMETHING BIG tomorrow so don't forget to pop back....!!!

I think my feet look VERY happy don't you....hahahahaha....!!

Tamarah  :o)


  1. Yeee hah cowgirl, how cool are those clogs?! Too funny on the sock comment :0) Will pop back for another visit tomorrow!

  2. wow - good purchase... can't believe the quality!! - we want to hear the big news.... come on any hints???

  3. Girl... I love them, great find! Hugs, Janna

  4. They don't look like they have ever been worn. Great find. I would so wear those too!