Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Wrap Up - Castlemaine Swap Meet (Part 1)

This is just a short post to say HI & to let you know the REAL Sunday Wrap Up ie pics of my loot (haul, bounty, TREASURES) will appear tomorrow on my return from work.... :o) !!!

Team SVJ headed to the Castlemaine Swap Meet early yesterday to set up for today....I had my van pretty much filled to the brim while Mr SVJ's van had just a few pieces....As the Swap Meet wasn't open to the general public yesterday, the intention was to set up, find ALL the good stuff & fill Mr SVJ's van in case I didn't sell anything....hahahaha....!!

As it was my FIRST swap meet as a vendor, I didn't know how people would respond to the mix of Granny Vintage & Pretty Floral Vintage stuff that I took....!!

If you're in Victoria & you have NOT attended this Swap Meet you MUST next April....It ROCKS BIG TIME....!

Unfortunately, my plans to run amock were thwarted by crappy crappy weather....Just check out these clouds....Most of the vendors didn't arrive until AFTER I left for the hotel at 6pm last night....DOH....!!!

When I arrived this morning I had a mere 15 minutes in the dark AND the rain before they let the public in & then back to my stall I went....SOPPING WET....!!!

Oh did I mention I was INSIDE....?? One of ONLY FIVE stalls at the WHOLE Swap Meet that had an inside stall....And there were HUNDREDS of stalls....S-W-E-E-E-E-T....!!!

After the first downfall, I left my stall unattended (I know VERY BAD but my fellow vendors were wise to my needs & had my mobile number to give to potential buyers if they felt they MUST have something etc) & raced out to spend some money....!!

I saw some GREAT pieces which I would have loved to have bought home with me like this roll top bath....YUMMO....!!!

Or this SWEET little trike....** sigh **

It goes without saying that I seriously coveted these galvanised & enamel pieces....hahahahaha....It's not like I found enough galvanised stuff already to satisfy my hearts desires.....Be sure & pop back tomorrow for Part 2.

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend....!!!

Tamarah  :o)


  1. FANTASTIC! I was going to get there this year as a dear "country" friend was going to meet up with me there but was thwarted by kids and school holidays doh!! Next year I am going to organise a bit further ahead. Hope you did well with your sales and cant wait to see what marvellous goodies you brought home too. Rats about the weather but great you had an inside stall yay!

  2. How fun Tamarah!! I would just love to be in a sale like that! Too bad the weather didn't cooperate! I see blue sky here for the 2nd time in a month it exaggeration! How I love me some blue sky after rain rain rain!

    Thanks so much for coming by & leaving such a nice comment ~ my fingers are crossed for you & you will absolutely not pay for shipping if you win! :)