Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An INVITATION from FAR AWAY saves the day....!!!

Hey Fellow Gleaners....!

As ALWAYS....I hope this post finds you well & HAPPY....!

I have something a little 'different' for you today....Yep....NO JUNK this time around....Just my HORRID feet....hahahahaha....

Sunday week ago I was at the Market talking to my Friend Kylie about a trip we were planning to the US....I was concerned a problem I had with my left foot was going to pose a bit of an 'issue' with all the walking we were going to be doing....!!

I was diagnosed as having Hallux Limitus almost two years ago & was advised I needed to stop using the treadmill & try some orthotics in an endeavour to possibly correct the problem....Alas....I FOOLISHLY continued on my merry way thinking all would be well....!! I need surgery which of course is TREMENDOUSLY inconvenient & will no doubt put me out of action for a good long WHACK....BUGGER....!!!!!

Anyways....Out of the blue....Several days after discussing the problem with Kylie I received an invitation to help out a Friend from Oregon....I was ELATED to say the least at the prospect as it will mean I'll spend a lot less time on my feet....Needless to say this called for some frantic juggling as our flights required changing....(THANK HEAVENS for travel insurance)....And I'm pleased to say we're all systems go again....Yayyyyyyy....!!

STOOPID toes seem to be heading SOUTH for the summer....hahahahaha....
I've always said feet are the UGLIEST part of the body....Well....They certainly are on MY body anyway....!

Well I must away....I'm off to The Vintage Shed to REFOOF....!

I hope you're all having a FABULOUS week....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. AAHH!! yukky feet...poo poo!!~~

    JUST joking....forget the is the blood pressure..LOL...

    Sooty has had a BIG clipping & he looks like a little baby kangaroo..

    so does this mean you are off overseas??

    not much else this side of the bridge...

    xxx andrea

  2. You're coming to Oregon?! I live in Oregon!! Where? When? :-)

  3. One word OUCH.But the trip sounds good.

  4. That has to be and looks painful!! Ouch!! Hope all your plans aren't dashed!!

  5. Bless ya heart seester and those little feet as well! Heck I could hardly walk on mine last night, but it definitely was not from using my treadmill too much, is covered in a thick coat of DUST!!! Hope life is treatin you well, hope those feet are on their way to a quick recovery soon! Hugs, Janna

  6. I know someone who had that surgery and it worked wonderfully. Her feet look great. She was off them for a few days, then wore open shoes with them bandaged for a while.

    What are you doing in oregon?

  7. Ouch! Can't think of Junk Bonanza without thinking of you...will miss you. :(

    Have a great time on your trip!


  8. I had bunion surgery, which I think is what you would have. It isn't all that bad, of course my mom was helping me the first week after surgery and kept me loaded with the pain pills. ;) If you do have the surgery, do start walking on the foot as soon as the doctor tells you it is safe. I did not do that and ended up having to do physical therapy to the joint functioning again. So listen to the doctor. I was back to my aerobic class 2 months after the surgery, probably could have gone back a week or so sooner but I was afraid to hurt myself and by then I was out of pain medicine. ;0

  9. Oregon?! That's where I am. What are you going to do here, and where? If you haven't been here before, you'll love it!

  10. Hi Tamarah! Does this mean you are coming to Oregon????? Do you remember you have another friend here.....ME! Give me the details girlie! Would love to see ya here!

  11. Oh sorry your poor feet (and you) have to go through this. Wishing you all the best (and have fun in Oregon!)

  12. Ack! I have that too. I've never been officially diagnosed with it but I have the pain that comes and goes. It still tolerable. Hope you get some relief with the surgery.
    Where will you be beside Oregon?

  13. Oregon is for from Tx, poo! Lezlee

  14. Oh, your poor feet! I hope the surgery fixes the problem.

    Have fun in Oregon!

  15. wow that is a weird coincidence for I too am having huge problems with my feet and have had to stop tennis for the while. have an appointment with the podiatrist next week but yes SUCH an inconvenience. Want to be young and nimble again (stamps foot ~ ouch!)