Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shabby Chic....Rachel Ashwell & Me....!!!!!

I remember back in 1995 when I was living in Dallas, Texas I watched a show on telly where an actress from Y&R was being interviewed in her home....She picked up a pretty floral cup & saucer & said, "Oh & I love this....It's very shabby chic"....I wondered at the time what this 'shabby chic' was but wasn't able to find any info....

Fast forward to December 1999 when Mr SVJ & I were away on holidays....I popped into a bookstore & spied Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Treasure Hunting & Decorating Guide....The cover alone set my heart racing....You know when you discover something so WONDERFUL your body tingles with anticipation of what's to come....?  Well THAT'S how I felt....!!!!!

I raced back to the hotel with my TREASURE....Ran a bath & emerged SEVERAL hours later with the BIGGEST smile on my face & a NEW appreciation for all things Shabby Chic....!

In 2003 Mr SVJ & I were in the US in St Louis & I took the opportunity to fly to Chicago for the day for no other reason than to visit the Shabby Chic store there....**magic**....!!

Then....In 2009 when Rachel's business faced some serious challenges I flew to LA for five days to visit the Santa Monica & Malibu stores before they closed....I drove back & forth....Back & forth between both stores for five days....**heaven**....!  You can't imagine how HAPPY I was to learn Rachel would be re-opening her Santa Monica store....

On travelling to Texas to source Treasures for my business Shabby Vintage Junk in 2010, I KNEW it was one of Rachel's FAVE places to shop....I heard from vendor after vendor, "Rachel's just been by"....DRAT....I missed her by a hair each time....I was dying to spy her in action but three Shows in I kept missing her....

Well....I'm so VERY PLEASED to say I FINALLY had the opportunity to meet the FABULOUS Rachel Ashwell last night out at The Prairie at the opening of her NEW store....And I have to say....The smile on my face is still just as BROAD as the smile you see below....

I have some FAB pics I took of the grounds while I was there....Be sure to pop back in a couple of days....!!


  1. ...and the proof is in the photo! How very fun!!!!!!!!!


  2. How cool!! Your patience paid off!!

  3. Oh my! I'm so happy for you and just a little bit jealous...

  4. Woo to the hoo! What a lovely pic of you both. Two very talented ladies :)

  5. How fun for you!!! The smile on her face is just as big so she must have enjoyed meeting you too.

  6. Way To Go Tamarah!! You lucky thing :)

  7. Yea you!!! I met her at Brimfield and was so star struck I just asked for a photo of her and hardly talked to her. She was so sweet and friendly. I just received her new book yesterday and it is so beautiful!!!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  8. what a fun story! with a happy ending, yeah! I still love the words *shabby chic*

  9. Lucky you! I had the same reaction to her book! So jealous! But so happy for you!

  10. I found her book on the shelves of an interior designer I babysat for in high school (15 yrs ago...? Whoa) in Fort Worth. It started my passion for all things shabby! That's so cool!


  11. Wow. Lucky, Lucky You.
    I wish I were there too.
    Hurry Home.

    Julie x

  12. Hey there gorgeous,

    Yep I remember the first time I saw one of her books way back in the 90's and it was love as first sight. I devoured it hungrily.

    How fantastic for you, lucky girl.

    You both look so happy.

  13. Aaaahhhhh! You found a celebrity! How awesome. :)

  14. You must have been beyond thrilled! And it's interesting you remember the first time you heard the phrase 'shabby chic' -- I think maybe you two were destined to meet. :-)

  15. How cool is that!!! You are positively beaming in the pic. Can't wait to hear more.
    Sounds like you had the best time.

  16. WOOOO HOOOO!!!! cannot wait to hear all about it when you return home..

    xx andrea

  17. Lucky you! I own her book and it's so wonderful!


  18. That is fantastic Tamarah. So happy for you to meet her. I hear she is very sweet and down to earth. Would love to stay at the Dude ranch sometime.