Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Wrap Up - Where did my weekend go....??

CRIKEY....It's 9.30pm Sunday night & I'm wondering where my weekend went....I swear....5.02pm Friday afternoon was MOMENTS ago & I'd JUST walked out of the building I work in with a big smile on my face as I slipped into the passenger seat beside Mr SVJ, wound down the window & yelled out over the heads of all the worker ants rushing by, "YIPPYKIYAYYYYYYYYYY....It's the WEEKEND....!!" Now, its the END of my weekend & I'm trying to reconcile having to go back into work ALREADY....Forgive me but I feel not so vaguley RIPPED OFF.... **sigh**....!!

Well enough of the dramatics....Time to talk Treasures....!! Mr SVJ & I went to Castlemaine yesterday to have a look at a house & a block of land....We do this from time to time....MR SVJ talks often about "when I build our dream house".....hmmmmmm.....And I dream about buying our dream house built 80 - 100 years ago & turning into a weekender funded by people renting it out for midweek get aways....!!! BOTH the house & land we looked at were NOT right but it was a NICE drive & was good for our spirits.... :o) !!!

Today I was up at 3am as I was sharing a stall with my mate Lyn at the Market....I took our repro 70's Louis 14th 3 seater lounge & a couple of other LARGE pieces so the WAY early start was due to having to get Mr SVJ up as he was coming to help me unload....Mr SVJ does NOT DO very early starts VERY well so I generally allow at least 45 minutes worth of 'coaxing time' ** insert image of tired mum trying to get sullen teenager out of bed & replace with sullen 42 year old male & you have THE picture **....!!!

It was a SLOW day & I only sold a handful of items....NO STRESS though as I sold the sofa to a LOVELY girl making my initial hefty outlay from 12 months ago back....YAYYYYYYY....!

Prior to settling in for the days selling I found the two Treasures pictured below...LOVING the industrial look & feel of this large wooden reel/bobbin & wooden mould....I made the $30.00 outlayed for these two gems back later in the morning....!

LOVING the patina & look of these two pieces....!

When the Market ended at 1pm I flew home, picked up Mr SVJ & we went off to deliver the sofa....After seeing the piece safe & sound in it's new home we headed over to one of my FAVE Junk Places to pay off a layby before heading home again where I promptly & perhaps understandably, fell asleep curled around Baxter my tabby furr baby....The sound of his deep purr no doubt transporting me quickly & inevitably to the land of nod....!

Wherever you are, I hope you had a HAPPY & safe weekend....!

Tamarah :o)

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  1. Hi Tamarah! Just looking at blogs and found yours. Love your finds! ...way down under! I'll be back to read more!