Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday (Holiday) Weekend Wrap Up - Lots to talk about....!!!

We're just wrapping up a holiday weekend here In Victoria, Australia & the media is buzzing with reports & footage of the disastrous aftermath of the 'Storm Of The Century' which ripped though Melbourne on Saturday afternoon. With a damage bill in the tens of millions & emergency services flown in from other states to assist, we'll be mopping up for a while....!! Mr SVJ & I got off lightly....With a few dents from hail to both our vans, & a smashed bedroom window we're counting our blessings....!

But my weekend DIDN'T start with the storm so lets go back to the beginning....I scored this tooled leather bag at a garage sale Saturday morning on my way to my all time FAVE monthly Church Fete....I'd been after one for FOREVER & at a TINY $4.00 who was I to argue....!

I also snapped up a hospital employee medallion & a couple of religious pieces headed for future jewellery creations at the same garage sale....! The Stratton compact with marquesite crown & Paris pin however, were gleaned from the Church Fete.

LOVE this sweet little Cath Kidston gift box set also purchased at the Church Fete for a whole DOLLAR....hahahaha...This will make a GREAT present though, as I AM partial to CK....I may have to keep it for myself....!! Notice the scooter in the background...?? This is the one I found at the Market last week that some silly bugger had put big fat modern wheels on....Mr SVJ changed them out for me with these cute vintage ones I'd rescued from the Hard Rubbish some time ago...!!

I visited a few Op Shops after I left the Church Fete & picked up a LOVELY pair of casual designer pants & a top for just under $20-....Yep....It was a GREAT morning....I stopped home to unload & have some lunch before heading out into the HR....I also gave Mr SVJ his Church Fete 'treats' consisting of a YUMMY home made chocolate cake with THICK choccy icing & a small bag of h/m cruncy oat biscuits.....hahahaha....These two small offerings helped keep Mr SVJ 'motivated' about helping me fix stuff ALL weekend....TRUST ME it works....hahahahaha....!!!

I was out in the Hard Rubbish at the time the storm rolled in & snapped a pic of the foreboding black sky as the storm front reached me....Unfortunately, I had my Sony set on the ISO function & every SCRAP of available light was sucked up so the pic you see here in NO WAY captured the BLACK of the sky as it rumbled over the top of me...!!

The white flecks in this pic are hail stones....I wish I'd been able to get out of the car & take a decent shot as these little missiles were MUCH BIGGER in person...!!

This pic was taken in a court & the entire street was WAY under water....I felt bad for the poor devils in the house where the white car is....I just KNOW that the water you see made it's way into their home as they were on the LOW END of the street....!!

Alas....With visibility at about two feet along with being absolutely SATURATED I headed home only to stumble upon this LOVELY scene....A house just up the road is being renovated & the debri is resting in the front yard....!!

Do you see what I SEE....YES YES YES...POTENTIAL....I knocked on the door but no-one was home....Mr SVJ has a day off tomorrow so he'll pop in while I'm at work & ask if we can salvage some salvage....hahahahaha....Don't you just LOVE that small corrugated tin water tank....??!! It would make an AWESOME table....Four large castors & a table top made of wood with a glass insert (so you can see into the tank) & you'd have a FAB piece of Industrial decor....WOOHOO....!!!

Unfortunately, the Market yesterday was a BUST....Due to the storm the previous day & a wet forecast, a lot of Sellers stayed away...All I managed to find were four vintage rhinestone buckles (again for my jewellery making) & a boxed lot of vintage tin door handles & plates with white & creamy chippy paint....** sigh **....There's ALWAYS next Sunday right....???

Now today being a Public Holiday & having been pretty busy Saturday & Sunday, Mr SVJ & I ventured into the day slowly heading over the Westgate around 10.30am to visit a great salvage restoration place....I was after a few brass hooks to finish a particular project however, their supply turned out to be a little on the expensive side....I bought this FABULOUS wooden mold instead as well as these three steel drawers that I'll use in my workroom...Took me AGES to clean the grime off them & all they need now is some poly & they're good to go...!!!

They're sitting on a galvanised tray I picked up in the HR....Can't wait to fill them with my tools & hardware....!!!

Now in my books....No long weekend is complete without a trip to Borders....It just so happened I had $90+ in gift cards so I picked up these two LOVELIES....Can a girl ever have TOO MANY design books.....hmmmmmmmm....I don't think so....!!

Well I must away....I have a big day at work ahead of me tomorrow & this post has taken an AGE so it's time to sign off & get ready for the working week....!

Stay safe & Happy Junking....!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. Hi Tamarah,
    So glad to hear you survived the big storm. Looks like you found some wonderful junk to boot! Love that metal tray with the little boxes. I'm an organization freak so I can really appreciate junk of this sort.

    Have a great week!

    Kelly Second Hand Chicks

  2. Wow--that storm looked CRAZY! I'm glad it didn't do too much damage to you. Lovin' those metal drawer thingies--good scores!

  3. I just found your blog and love what you are doing. I especially like your new mantle with all the dogs on it. They are a lovely collection. Looking forward to keeping posted.