Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A little 'Afternoon Delight' in the Man Cave with Mr SVJ

.....hahahahaha....Indeed....A little 'afternoon delight' WAS had by Mr SVJ & I this afternoon after work in Mr SVJ's domain (the garage / workshop....AKA 'Man Cave') And for a change I was actually able to 'handle' some of his tools....!!

Now this is NO small thing as Mr SVJ (a Cabinet Maker by trade) is not prone to letting anyone use his stuff....Even ME....! This arvo however, I was able to use the bench saw (under supervision) to make these little stands you see below....!!

This WHOLE project was inspired by a recent post by my LOVELY Friend Beth at Gathering Dust who blogged about the Bottoms Up Antique Market. The very LAST picture at the bottom of this post that Beth took made me ask if she might be able to buy a couple for me....Unfortunately, Beth said they were $25- each however, she had the vintage price tickets & happily & GENEROUSLY parted with a few....!!

I had these really cool vintage wire pegs kicking about that I'd picked up out of the Hard Rubbish across the street & Mr SVJ had a piece of scrap wood in his off cut box.

I drew a picture, he measured & made the angle cuts for me & then I cut the individual pieces.

Together we sat on the deck & hand sanded the blocks while we each talked about our day & finished off the project with a light coat of antique walnut stain....TOO EASY...I'm sitting here in bed now with a can of vintage floor polish adding a nice sheen to complete the job....!

Such a nice way to spend the dying hours of the day....Out on the deck with my fella creating a little something out of stuff no-one wanted....!

Now I'm off to catch up on what my 'blog peeps' have been up to...!

HUMP DAY tomorrow & then only TWO days to go until the weekend....WOOHOO...!

Tamarah :o)


  1. Tamarah, I love the mall displayed together like the on that cabinet.

    Glad you had fun with the man this afternoon!

  2. My hubby doesn't like either that anyone else uses he's tools!;D

    My hubby is a carpentender by trade is that close to your hubby's trade or do i understand right?

    Have a great day!

  3. Awesome!! Love how you used the wire pegs and so nice that the man was willing to help with the project- good job!

  4. So true, the joy in creating something out of discards. Glad you had some "afternoon delight", though I was loathe to initially read the post. XOX

  5. Good morning! Great project, and those price tags are awesome!
    Tamarah, your lovely comment did post, you didn't find it as it wasn't under the baby gowns but the out to tea post/estate sale beneath it.
    Have to mention that I love your terrier collection......!!

  6. I like to get into hubby's tools when he's gone :) Great blog!