Saturday, January 30, 2010

WOOHOO....I SURVIVED my first Fryers Town....!!

WOOHOO....I've been out in the Hard Rubbish today where I found of all things a RICKSHAW....I came home, cleaned & organised my junk, made dinner & was busy sitting in front of the telly feeling quite smug about the days activities when I thought....HOLLY CRAP I HAVEN'T BLOGGED FOR 12 DAYS....So here I am with my Fryers Town update AND pictures of my rickshaw....hahahahah...!!!

But first....a BIG SLOPPY THANKS to my mate Sue at VRS for mentioning me on her blog....I'm chuffed to have this brilliant Junker link me.... :o) !!

Okay.....Wednesday 20th January, Mr SVJ & I loaded up a 3 tonne truck & my van with a years worth of Shabby Vintage Junk & headed off to Fryers Town where I'd managed to secure a stall at the largest Antique Fair in the country....I must admit to feeling somewhat overwhelmed when I looked at all my 'stuff' when it came out of the truck....!!!

The three pics below were taken just after we'd unloaded....Once my knees stopped knocking that is.....hahahahaha....You see, over the year I'd stored stuff at Gran's in her garage, a storage unit & inside our home so I'd never actually seen all my junk in the ONE PLACE like that....I had a LOT of stuff....!!

Once we'd unpacked Mr SVJ put the two tents up & helped lay the carpet (YES we had lovely vintage floral carpet compliments of the Hard Rubbish to help keep the dust that Fryers Town is FAMOUS for at bay...!!!) & then he high tailed it out of there....!!

Just as I'd finished setting up my side of the stall, the lovely Callie arrived & we arranged her tables before heading off for the night to our cabin at the Castlemaine Gardens Caravan Park....!

The next two & half days were FULL ON for the both of us as we worked our stall....We met so many lovely people, both buyers & stall holders & had an absolute BALL....That being said it was bloody hard work.....Early starts, LOTS of physical activity & dust....Did I mention Fryers Town is FAMOUS for it's dust....hahahaha.....Many a vistitor to our stall remarked on how clean & tidy our 'place' was....We had a broom AND a feather duster on hand & they BOTH got a good work out...!

That's Callie below (in black) arranging her stunning Vintage Costume Jewellery & our neighbour Leah who specialised in YUMMY Vintage Clothing & accessories.

The pair of us were SO busy we hardly managed to escape long enought to get to the loo let alone take the time to check out the other vendors goodies....!! I did manage to score this GORGEOUS hand made OOAK knecklace from the lovely Rebecca though when she visited Callie to sort through her miscellaneous jewellery pieces. .I LOVE it so much I bought a vintage dress form in Castlemaine AFTER Fryers Town to display it on....!!

We were also lucky enough to have this lovely puss visit us....I was SMITTEN & so ENVIOUS of the owner who has obviously been doing a GREAT job of socialising her little one....I wish I could take Baxter & Harley out with me like this...!!!

I really enjoyed my time in Fryers Town, it was such a RELEASE from the pressures of work & the 'everyday'....I CAN'T wait for next year....There is SO MUCH to do between now & then though & now I'm back in blogland I'll be sure & update my blog frequently just in case someone out there is interested in what this Aussie Junker is up to....!!!


Tamarah :o)

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