Monday, January 11, 2010

How I LOVE me some Hard Rubbish.....!

A migraine last week saw me out of action Thursday, Friday & part of Saturday....Needless to say, there wasn't a whole lotta productivity goin on at my place....!

With the clanging in my head having subsided to a dull roar, Saturday afternoon saw me heading off to the HR (aka Hard Rubbish/curbside collection).

While there was nothing in this pile that appealed to me, I had to take a pic as it NEVER ceases to amaze me the perfectly USABLE stuff people throw away out of sheer laziness......The area that I took these pics has not one but FOUR op shops (thrift stores) within a 3km drive....I mean come on people.....Anyway.....I HOPE someone else made use of this pile....!!

Pots & pans In PERFECT nick.....!

The seat for the bike was lying next to it & the tyres were 'HARD as' so no issues there....!

Terracotta pots....!

Some lovely fabric, an ottoman, wicker basket, kettle, lovely wooden table.....etc....!!!

These Britannica Encyclopedias would have cost a fortune & I'm sure the information contained within would still be quite a valuable resource for school children who are not fortunate enough to have a computer at home....!!

This was one of my FAVE piles....Just LOVE the rusty cast iron stand with it's chippy white paint....If you look to the left of the stand you'll see a box of spanners....Inside that box was the SWEETEST little shoe last...BOTH of these finds came home with me....!!
Cheers, Tamarah

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