Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kicking Vintage Goals....!

Part 1:

In hindsight.....Instead of getting up at 4.30am this morning I would have been better off sleeping in as there was next to NOTHING to get excited over at the market....!!

I did find a large box of Christmas decorations for which I parted company with $35.00 of my hard earned spondoolies when I was unable to convince the seller I only needed a third of the items....OUCH....!

The first pic was taken AFTER I'd turfed the non vintage stuff & the second pic is what I was left with after a further edit....! *** Click on each pic for a better view ***

Never mind....There's always next Sunday.... :o) !!

Part 2

I've just spent 4 hours decluttering my office & I'm back with my 'after pics'....I still have a mountain of work to do tonight though as I conveniently moved my book & desk shelves from the office into the hall to stack 'smalls' on that I need to price & box for Friars Town....Oh & Mr SVJ just returned from our bedroom asking if he's sleeping on the couch tonight after discovering my 'not sure where to put this' pile on our bed....!!!

In my defense....All of the vintage suitcases from yesterdays pics have been priced (along with the items residing therin) & stacked neatly in the living area against the wall....Yayyyyyy....!!!

Just look at all that floor space...HEAVEN I tell you....The last two pics are of the hall way aka 'temporary smalls area'...!

Well it's almost 8.30pm & I only have an hour to go before I 'hit the hay' so I best get busy pricing some of those smalls....!

If anyone is reading this I hope YOU had a productive day too....!!!

Cheers, Tamarah

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  1. Tell Mr. SVJ that I have a temporary smalls section in my house: the dining-room table!