Monday, October 15, 2012

Do you LOVE Etsy like I LOVE Etsy....

Morning Treasure Hunters....!

I hope everyone's week's off to a FABULOUS start....!

I've been as busy as a bee & I was just sitting here preparing the Agenda for tomorrows Monthly Business Support Meeting when I thought I'd take a quick break & share my LOVE of Etsy with you....

Firstly though....Have you all heard about Etsy....?  If not you're in for a treat....

Etsy, was originally developed by it's founder Rob Kalin as an on-line market place for hand crafted wares & has evolved into a Vintage Lovers paradise....There's a GREAT interview here in the Wall Street Journal....!!

Anyways....On ANY given day for me, Etsy is THE GO TO place for vintage, inspiration & smiles....Yep....BEFORE eBay....BEFORE Pinterest....I log into Etsy, visit with my FAVE Sellers & wonder at the TALENT of Esty's Artisans....

As an Etsian myself, I LOVE being able to share my Treasures with a worldwide audience & ENJOY being able to express myself through my listings....!!!

A few other 'standouts' of the Etsy site I'd like to share with you....Etsians (Esty Shop Owners) spend a lot of time & put a lot of effort into their Shops....From their photography through to their Customer Service they run rings around MANY of your every day retail outlets....For both Customers & Etsians alike Etsy is EXTREMELY user friendly & there's an AMAZING SUPPORT SYSTEM in place for those who BUY & SELL....Webinars, newsletters, tools & so much more....!

Etsy is not an Auction site (YAYYYYYYY)....Our wares are offered at a set price & sit in our Shops waiting for the right Customer to come along & fall in love....Then it's simply a matter of the Customer proceeding through Checkout & paying for their item(s)....!!

I could go on & on but I'm probably a tad biased so I'll leave you to go & explore on your own....If you have any questions though PLEASE come back & ask in the comments section....I'm HAPPY to help & if I don't have the answer I'll find it for you....!!!!!

I would like to mention one more thing though before I go back to tomorrows Agenda Notes....While Etsy is a US based site, it's Etsians are from all over the world & although Australia has a considerably smaller number of Vintage Etsy Stores compared to other participating countries, our numbers are increasing regularly....I've included pics at the bottom of two of my FAVE Vintage Friends (Merchants) here in Melbourne who have recently opened Etsy Shops....The LOVELY Bec (former Vintage Girl) now of Little Flea Vintage & GORGEOUS Nicole (Glen Waverley Bazaar's Milkbar Vintage) at Washington Elephant....I know they'd be TICKLED PINK if you popped in & visited with them & saved them to your FAVOURITE list....!!

The TALENTED Bec from Little Flea Vintage

CLEVER Nicole from Washington Elephant (aka Milkbar Vintage)

Ok....Now I MUST get back to those notes....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

PS: I'll be back tomorrow with some EXCITING news so STAY TUNED....!!!!!

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