Wednesday, October 24, 2012

200+ Pieces of Vintage Clothing & Accessories up for grabs....*** SOLD *** ....!

Hello Keepers Of The Past....!

While Lisa & I are working overtime to get ready for the Vintage Showcase, I'm clearing the decks here at home to make way for the latest shipment of Vintage Furniture & Homewares from the US....Over on Facebook I've just uploaded 45 x photos of my Vintage Clothing Collection (200+ pieces) which I'm selling in order to clear my office & make some room....!!

If you LOVE Vintage Clothing & would like to take advantage of a collection of items (clothing sized between 10 - 14....vintage sizing that is) & accessories....Head on over for a look....!!!!!

And don't forget if you're in Melbourne, Australia & would like to come to the Vintage Showcase don't forget to register....!!!!!

Cheers for now, Tamarah :o)

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