Friday, June 1, 2012

The Shabby Vintage Junk Shop will be open Thursday 14th June....!!!!!

Morning Vintage Friends....!

Once again I find myself at home on a Saturday morning KNOWING there's a whole lot of Treasure Hunting going on all around Melbourne without me but that's OK....I'm at the POINTY END of getting my US shipment of vintage goodies ready for sale & need to remain focused on the task at hand....!!

Mr SVJ put the dividing wall up in the Shabby Vintage Junk Shop at the Glen Waverley Bazaar late yesterday arvo & this morning we'll be back to put up the ply sheets & finish painting....And then....It's DONE....!!!!!

I'll spend the next week fitting the space out with the larger pieces I'll be using to display my Treasures to get ready for the GRAND OPENING of the SVJ Shop come 10am Thursday 14th June....I'll be posting all of the details here over the next few days so be sure & pop back....!!!!!

In the mean time....I wanted to let you in on a little secret....Though I'm SURE it will come as no surprise to those of you who know me well....

When I'm Treasure Hunting....I'm afraid I'm quite SELFISH....I'm not shopping with my LOVELY Customers in mind....NO....I shop....For me....EVERY SINGLE TREASURE that comes home with me has moved me....Spoken to me in some way....And in that moment....I find a HOME for it here at Casa de SVJ....

This piece for example....The shape....The condition....The way it feels in my hands....It has a price tag on it now....But I've moved it from the 'items for sale' section of my living area to the 'Treasures to keep' section of my living area SEVERAL times over the last week....I just don't know if I'll EVER find another....Such a hard decision....I know he would be PERFECT sitting on my coffee table holding the remotes....Just PERFECT....**sigh**....
And this piece....Magical, Functional WHIMSY at it's BEST....PERFECT in my office....
Sitting on the mantle in our bedroom FILLED with my vintage terriers....Love....LOVE....L.O.V.E....
Vintage graphics make me HAPPY....
Oh & this speaks to my retro granny vintage loving soul...."Keep me....KEEP ME....K-E-E-P ME"....Can you hear it....??
Metal AND wood....Two of my FAVE junk combos....

See....I could keep ALL of these pieces....Though in reality I CAN'T & I WON'T....Though....As each item's purchased I know I'll find it hard to muster a REAL smile....Don't get me wrong....I'll be HAPPY for the WONDERFUL Customer who ADORES these Treasures as much as I do....But a part of me....The SELFISH part that makes me buy only what I would want to have in my own home....Will no doubt feel a little sad....**sigh**....

Well Mr SVJ has just given me the 'hurry on' so I gotta go....PAINT....!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend & BE HAPPY....!!!!!

Tamarah  :o)


  1. Hi Tamarah, love all you little treasures, I sure someone will fall in love with them too. I enjoyed seeing your US shipment, the cabinet is drop dead gorgeous..I bet that will be hard to part with.

    Enjoy your painting:), its raining here today, so heater on, a good book and a cuppa sounds perfect to me. Take care, Tam x

  2. Enjoy- great day for painting.bec

  3. My selfish scrounging advice is....'keep them for a year..or a few months inside, enjoy them....if you love them , and found them, then have them for a bit...' then sell em......but dont just find them and sell them straight away... :)
    Did that help? Actually, now Ive looked at your blog I want to head off to the old wares shop down the road for a scrummage.....

  4. Girl I hear you loud and clear. Everything I get I love and sometimes It's hard to put that price tag on it. Sometimes I keep it knowing It'll move on some day later and sometimes, I know I'm keeping it for years and years.

    Can't wait to see your new space.

  5. Love all your treasures Tamarah. I wouldn't be able to cope - I'd have to keep them all!!

  6. Wonderful treasures!!
    PS I can see why you want to keep them.

  7. Tamarah,
    I agree with Margo...keep things for awhile, if you truely love it after that, then keep it, if not, then sell it. I'm in the same boat as you with this delemma.

  8. So much good stuff! I'd want to keep it all, too. :)

  9. Yeah, you really should keep that truck. And the cage. Oh, and the... ;)