Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Dear Vintage Friends,

I don't have any pretty pics for you today as I'm addressing an issue which is of concern to me....!

There are two types of Anonymous Comments....Those left by Readers who do not have blogs & those left by those who have blogs or websites however, choose to keep their identity to themselves.

Recently I've received two comments I suspect are from the latter group....I've removed these comments & am addressing their removal publicly as I'm unable to contact the individuals directly....!

Regardless of whether you have a blog or not you're WELCOME to leave comments....You're also ENTITLED to your opinion & to disagree with anything I've done concerning my business, Shabby Vintage Junk or posted here on my blog....

I ask though, if you find yourself sufficiently motivated to leave a comment containing 'advice' you afford me the courtesy of a right of reply & back your words by signing your name to your comment AND, if you are not known to me personally, a means of contacting you directly.

Otherwise, I'm sure I could be forgiven for surmising your 'advice' combined with your 'left of center' compliments are less than honorably motivated.



  1. Well said Tamarah !!!!. All of us who write blogs and share our passions through them or the businesses we pursue do so off the back of alot of thought, time and effort and hard work. Constructive feed back and a two way dialogue are ACTIVELY encouraged and I would not write my blog or do what I do if it was not for the interaction I get with others.Allow us therefore the ability to address those issues DIRECTLY....Its what makes it all worthwhile !!!!.

    1. THANKS for your understanding Lisa....That's all I'm asking for....A little TWO WAY interaction....!!!

      See you at GW soon....!

      Tamarah :o)

  2. Well done, people amaze me. I have random comments left on my blog, one yesterday that I removed from someone in Pakistan expressing a random response that could agree with any blog topic. I have no idea why these random responses happen... however a personal attack is just not called for. Hope all is great! xx

  3. Well done, and well said Tamarah....we do not force people to make a comment, constructive advice is always welcome it helps us all to grow, insults make me think it is just a cowards way of bullying.....

  4. Hey gorgeous....
    sorry neglecting emailing/blogging comments..

    1...dealing with lots of stuff for my mum/dad..(they are as great as ever!!).. says howdy~~~

    2...laptop stuffed re my cleaning fluid...
    Hubby away ALOt...

    BUT advice from the "OLD GIRL"...
    do NOT let some people irritate you re silly comments.
    In fact, i would think they would be taking some joy in the fact that you responded to them..
    IGNORE it..probably jealous comments from LOSERS anyway Tamarah..
    What you do is awesome..
    I love YOU ....& what you do...
    anyone fake/stupid comments from anonymous GONZOS shows how FAKE they are!!~
    xx me/eric/sooty!!~ xx

  5. So over people using blogs and facebook etc for airing their anonymous views........if you are going to pipe up about something have the balls to put a name to it, or just pipe down.......from, Suzanne, Enchanted Moments...x

  6. Good for you for addressing this issue. But please try not to take it too hard...99.9% of us out here LOVE you and your blog! Those other .1%?? are just miserable people!

    Enjoy your day!!

  7. These people are cowardly indeed. And frankly I am sure you don't want any advice from strangers.

    The nature of blogging however is all sweet and encouraging. So if you do disagree, you are in the minority and maybe feel you need to be anonymous. I actually enjoy being controversial (where warranted) using my own name. I recently came across a post that was making dun of an overweight woman showing too much boobage on a plane. There were 2 dozen people who went along with it making fun, then I left a comment telling them they should be ashamed. I could see from my stats that I got a lot of traffic from that! I can;t stand this cyber bullying.

  8. Love your blog, Tamarrah, and wish I could visit your store (to much of a jaunt from FL, USA). I agree with the other gals... just petty jealousy for someone who does a grand job blogging, thrifting and reselling! Keep it up, Lady! :)

  9. Our NEWSPAPER allows anonymous comments on the online paper~and I think it's disgraceful. If you've got an opinion, at least have the guts to attach your name to it.
    I love your blog, and I think you are one of the friendliest and most fun bloggers out there!

  10. Love you! Lezlee Beth Toney Cheek

  11. Oh Tamarah...they are likely a. jealous competitors, in which case no regard should be given to them, or b. people who delight in meanness and misery, in which case they are to be pitied.
    I find the 'delete' button very easy to use!

  12. I've turned on comment moderation because of soliciting comments. Those that are either simple jibber jabber or generic and linking to their web site. It's working pretty good. The comments go to my in box and I hit publish or I ignore. Don't let haters get you down, they are just throwing bombs and waiting to see the fall out.
    Love ya,