Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vintage Tins really are such PRETTY things

Morning Treasure Hunters near & far....!

Yesterday while TRAPPED in my bedroom I allowed myself to become distracted by my BEAUTIFUL collection of vintage tins....

Twas a PLEASANT distraction whiling away the minutes touching, marvelling & remembering from whence they came....Most of them were sourced via eBay in the US, while a few have been lucky finds here in Oz....

There are 15 pictured here though I do have a GORGEOUS pink Huntley & Palmer duck tin in storage....Each & every one makes me SMILE out loud & are filled with all manner of tiny Treasures....!

Playing with Instagram here....Needs a little tweaking....!!!

This last pic here is from one of my FAVE Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic books, Sumptuous Settings & Other Lovely Things (pg 116)....I see we share a fondness for some of the same tins....!

Do you have a collection of tins....? I'd LOVE to see them if you do.... You might have some that I haven't seen before....!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

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  1. makes me want to start yet another collection

  2. Hi Tamarah! Reading this gives me tin envy :) They're beautiful! I hope you have a lovely day xxx

  3. Yes, I collect tins...I have 1,500 of them! All pre 1940. The house is over run!

  4. I just bought one from a friend for one dollar-it's a Daher(?) and has a lovely turquoise and birds on it. You have a stellar collection and it makes me wish for more but I am truly at critical mass. xoxo, olive

  5. I have a modest collection of tins, but yours are so divine miss Tamarah. I am so glad that you are back. Bec x

  6. I find it very hard to resist those tins when I come across them. Very hard - as in impossible!! Enjoy.

  7. LOVE your tin collection! You sure have some pretty ones! I should gather mine up and take some pictures for a future post! Thanks for sharing yours.

  8. yes! mine are the cross stitch designs with sayings on the sides...Carlisle of England made them...I love them....yours are very pretty.

  9. Very pretty. Glad to see you back on blogger....have missed reading about your yummy finds

  10. Tamarah, here are my tins.....


  11. No...I don't have any tins. Yours are gorgeous!!
    I love them

  12. I have never seen any tins quite that lovely! You have a great collection.

    I got an ipad for Christmas too but I have not tried blogging with it yet. Do you like blogpress? Do you get options to post larger pictures? Just another thing I need to learn how to do!