Saturday, February 11, 2012

Just another Sunday at the Market....!

Morning Everyone....!

I hope this post finds you all safe & sound.... I'm down here at the Camberwell Market this morning with a load of the good stuff so if you're in the neighbourhood make sure you pop in & say hello....!!!!

The weather is BRILLIANT with blue skies as far as the eye can see making for PERFECT conditions to amble to your hearts content amongst the Vintage....!

Tamarah :o)

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  1. what a good marketing idea to post directly from your stall.....must try it myself (if I had an ipad)

  2. Lovely! Must venture down there one day!

  3. If only Tamarah...I'd be there in a flash. Blue skies here today too...a good day to catch up on the washing...I know where I would rather be.

    I love your collection of beautiful tins in your earlier post, I seemed to have missed it! I love tins too, but I think you have already seen my collection of Thornes tins.

    Have a wonderful day, Tam x

  4. I'm diggin' that green dresser!!
    Thanks for stopping by. : D

  5. Aah that green - I am about to update some of my furniture up here and that green is a new contender... THANK YOU TAMARAH!!! BTW I am having serious SERIOUS withdrawals from scavenging. The other night I dreamt that I was in an op-shop and I unearthed a stash of wallpaper rolls, all hidden and covered in piles of other junk, and the lady behind the counter said 'those old things, you can have them for three dollars a roll...' when I woke up I was SO sad to realise I was dreaming... I had to jump on the internet and do a bit of online vintage shopping. It's just not the same as the thrill of the chase. The highs and lows of trekking and digging and putting in the hard yards to be rewarded with something you didn't even know you needed until you saw it there, smiling at you... Haha. Have fun. Speak to you soon. Bec x

  6. Love your cleverly improvised ladder display shelves.

  7. Ohhhh...I can't wait for flea market season to start here in New England...thanks for the 'fix' until then!

  8. Well if I had been in the neighborhood instead of across the ocean, that typewriter and metal rack would havwe been mine! Hope all is going well for you, and Happy Valentine's Day!=)