Thursday, November 8, 2012

I should ALWAYS listen to those....

Hello Vintage Friends....I hope this post finds you well & looking forward to a FABULOUS weekend....!
Yesterday was a CALAMOTOUS day here at Casa de SVJ....One of those days where you look back & say to yourself...."Yep....Should ALWAYS listen to those....
Busy getting ready for the Vintage Showcase on the 28th Novemeber I've been putting the finishing touches on several projects....And yesterday was blackboard day.... 
I bought this DIVINE 1930's blackboard that came from an old Catholic girls college earlier this year....It was in a sad state of affairs & needed to be pulled apart & re-glued....A job I left for Mr SVJ as it required the use of large heavy clamps which I find a tad unwieldy & my last big 'gluing project' ended up out of level.... 
Anyways....Mr SVJ did a BRIILIANT job of putting her back together however, when I went to clean the blackboard itself the old surface was so badly decayed it fell off in strips....Add to that the fact the board was quite warped meant we had to replace the whole thing.... 
So a new piece of ply was inserted & I repainted using TURPS based blackboard paint....Yeah yeah....I KNOW I could use the acrylic stuff but I just don't like it....It doesn't wear as well or as long & I prefer the 'look'....Trust me....Do enough blackboards & you'll notice the diff....!!
And this is where the little voices come in...."Put the drop cloth down"...."Don't balance the can on the edge of the table (with no top)"...."Put Hartley inside (Furbaby)"....

Alas....I listened NOT....Just after I finished the very last STROKE, on turning around I upended the bloody can of TURPS based blackboard paint ALL OVER THE DECK....**sigh**....Now if Mr SVJ was on top of his chores this wouldn't have been such an issue however, he's not so instead of the paint falling on a stained deck it fell on a deck badly in need of a staining (just NOT with TURPS based balckboard paint) & the moment it hit it started to soak in.... 
I flew inside for rags, turps & sugarsoap & after mopping up as much as I could I got the sugarsoap into it & started to lather it up....Only for Yarra Valley Water to cut the water off to EVERY house in my neighbourhood....This was at 6.15pm in the evening....CRIKEY....

It was at THAT moment I looked inside our floor to ceiling windows to see little Hartley licking blackboard paint off her left flank....She had paint all over her mouth....I forget all about the stupid deck, grabbed my phone & rang our Vet & told them Hartley had injested TURPS based paint & I was bringing her up.... 
I snapped her up & put her in the cage & was making my way to the car when Mr SVJ arrived home from work....I opened my mouth to speak but all that came out was, "I've done a BAD THING" before I broke into tears.... 
He made all the right noises & told me things like this happen to the best of parents & we shouldn't worry until after we see the Vet....

I'm SO HAPPY to say ALL's WELL THAT ENDS well....**smile**....Aside from an AWFUL haircut & some missing whiskers, Hartley is AOK & I think you'll agree the blackboard looks FANFREAKINFABULOUS....Alas....The deck looks like CRAP but hey....

Two out three aint bad....**wink**....!!!!!

HAPPY WEEKEND everyone....!!

Tamarah  :o)


  1. Oh dear! I'd so end up with a situation like that. Happens to the best of us. Have a great weekend.

  2. great story.... those little voices, I have them too!

  3. The chalkboard looks awesome! Glad the kitty is fine!

  4. my word...quite the story...but so glad it all ended up just fine...and that blackboard is mighty fine!

  5. Poor Hartley and swift thinking Tam. Thank goodness everything turned out ok. Just look at her tail, you may have started a new trend! Love the blackboard, its gorgeous. Enjoy your weekend, Tam x

  6. Blimey I thought that sort of caper only happened to me! Glad everything turned out ok in the end and the blackboard looks fab.

  7. Yikes! What a stress filled day!!
    Glad it all turned out okay....wowzers!!
    And the blackboard is amazing! Well done.

  8. Glad your little fur ball is ok, and the chalboard is fabulous! Hey, maybe you can paint the deck?
    Enjoy a hectic free weekend!

  9. Sounds like a little deck sanding project is up next for Mr SVG ... but all's well that ends well, especially with Miss Hartley. I have those voices in my head too and they are almost always right, when I listen to them, that is. ;-)