Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A FEW Treasures just for me....**wink**....!

Hey Vintage Lovers EVERYWHERE....!!

It's been a BUSY Treasure Hunting month for me & Casa du SVJ is BURSTING at the seams....I've just spent the day processing the last of a MASSIVE haul & thought I'd show you the Treasures I've set aside for myself....I mean....A Junkers gotta have some 'blang' right....hahahahaSNORT....!!

** Pertyyyyyyyyy **

The FIRST Tea Chest I've EVER found in condition I'd be happy to have in my home....!  

Dated 1976 it has GREAT typography....!

When I saw this BEAUTY I was smitten....I immediately started to calculate the price I would attach to it after cleaning & a possible visit with Poly....Then....The lady I got it off looked at me & said...."Are you going to do it up....?"

I replied...."No, it's PERFECT as it is....I'll clean it & maybe seal it so it stays that way forever...!"

And then she said...."It was mine when I was a little girl...."  She had that look as she spoke of someone who was parting with something that meant a great deal to her....

And that SEALED it for me....This GORGEOUS tricycle will live here at Casa du SVJ with us....  :o) !!!!!

PS:  As I was driving off I looked in my rear view mirror & her Husband was cuddling her....They were chest to chest in their driveway just standing there....His hand caressing her head....so YES....This tricycle aint goin' anywhere....!!!!!!!!!!

Gone....But NOT forgotten....!

Those who know me well KNOW I'm a suitcase HO....I have 27 x odd in my personal collection....The MAJORITY of which house my Vintage Christmas Collection....I've NEVER seen a small two tone suitcase before so this little SWEETIE's staying put....!!

It's been forEVER since I found this style of suitcase....Love....LOVE....L.O.V.E cream canvase leather trimmed pieces....**sigh**....

I was so HAPPY to found this HUGE glass jar....They make PERFECT display pieces when it comes to corralling smalls....!! 

The PATINA of this wooden SLADES box is TO DIE FOR....The wood is weathered & smooth & just so SEXY....**wink**....

West German pot plant doodad....happy HAPPY....JOY....JOY....!!!!!

LOVE this Willow tin....

And this casket inspired tin with it's enameled finish is DIVINE....This chippy blue pot plant doodad is just TOO CUTE....I have a green one at The Vintage Shed which hasn't sold so I'm gonna grab it on Thursday & put it with this one....!!!!!

YUMMY galvinised hardware piece....L.O.V.E IT....!!!!!

Vintage Christmas....Yep....I think I may have peed my pants a little....Well it's been a while....!!

How did Hartley get in there....NAUGHTY GIRL....We ADORE her....Even though she's the NAUGHTIEST Fur Friend I've / we've ever known....eVER....!!!!!

I am SO INTO these at the moment....I'd like to do a WHOLE wall with them....!!

OK so that's it for the time being....I hope you're all having a FABULOUS week....!!

OH....Before I go though I would LIKE to apologise for not responding to the last couple of posts comments....Please KNOW that I read each & every one & LOVE....LOVE....LOVE that you take the time to pop in....Mr SVJ & I are getting ready to go away in a couple of weeks & I am under the pump....I P.R.O.M.I.S.E I'll be making my way around shortly....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. Crikey! That's it, I'm jealous.
    Love the story of the lady with the trike. Glad you've decided to keep it, you'd have to have a heart of stone not too. x

  2. Love the trike....glad you are holding on to it...makes me nostalgic for my daughters little blue one.

  3. What great finds! I can see why you're keeping a bunch of it. The trike...I hope the original owner knows that you're keeping it and that it went to a 'good home'.

  4. Love the suitcases and the trike. My cat is a camera hog too. Keep up the hunt...Olive

  5. ooh,that glass birdie still has her tail feathers...veeeerrry nice.....I love a glass pine cone too....well worth a pee....

  6. amazing finds... payment is coming - I don't know how to use internet banking (I'd best learn I know)... getting hubby to do it today! xx

  7. Love the Ansett bag My brother did his apprenticeship in the 70's with them & was still there when they folded

  8. Tamarrah, so glad that you're keeping the tricycle. I wish I still had my emerald green one. Don't know what mom did with it! Hartley has such pretty markings ! Looks like a very intelligent kitty ! Very sorry to hear about the thief in the store. That's rotten! I work in a shop where we see this now and then. Makes you wish really evil things on those people. Dirt bags.

    Is there a way to follow your blog by receiving emails ? If so, would you let me know ? Thank you.


  9. I love that story about the tricycle.. how precious :) xo

  10. love it all, but that trike is priceless, glad you are keeping her memories for her.

  11. Love the trike, I would have kept it too, great story to go with it. I love pieces that have a story to them. The red and cream suitcase I have the same but in green which was my parents. Oh oh...vintage christmas decorations..love em! Oh wow, how good a condition is that Ansett bag.