Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spend time where you're gonna make the most money....

....Advice given to me by some of the BEST in the business & for the most part....Advice I keep first & foremost in mind when engaging in most activities relating to my business....With the exception of my hand made price tags that is....!!

I've been making these beauties for a while now....First having appeared at the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza & then at my space at The Vintage Shed down at Tyabb & soon to be a regular feature at the Glen Waverley Antiques & Collectibles Bazaar....!

They take HOURS to make....And yesterday I made 500 of the buggers....Today my thighs are ACHING like they've never seen action before....All that squatting....Up a bit....Waddle to the side as I moved through the process out on the back deck....Dip....Dip....Flick....Flick....and....Tweak....

Although time consuming, it's a process I enjoy as it allows me to 'switch off' a little & gather my thoughts....
With every ticket there's a smooth side....
And a rough side....And as long as I've been making them I haven't been able to work out what it is that I do that makes it this way....!!
Once the tickets are made I hand stamp them 4 times each....Mr SVJ says I should have a stamp made but that just wouldn't be cricket....
Although the stamp pad I use is only a couple of years old, I source my ink from the hard rubbish....I have another 6 vintage bottles of ink waiting their turn....And of course, my stamps are at least 70 years old....!!
SVJ goes on the rough side while the price & description go on the smooth side....I should be able to finish stamping them when we get home from dinner tonight but if I don't that's OK....I have a LARGE supply of stamped tickets ready to go....!!

What activities do you choose to undertake as a small business owner that could be reduced via electronic means or other 'modern shortcuts'....I'd be interested in hearing about them....!!

I hope everyone's having a FABULOUS week...!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. Ah, girl after my own heart! I hand stamp my own business cards, using oilboard. You know that stuff they used to (and still do I think) make letter stencils out of. It has a beautiful antique brown color with great shade variations. And I too use antique letter stamps for all my wording, on both sides. I end up stamping 4 times on each side. Thankfully, I haven't EVER made 500 of them though......You Go Girl!

    I've almost ordered Moo cards so many times, but after handing the handmade ones out, I'm always complimented on them. So, if it works, don't fix it, eh?

  2. The tags are lovely. It's the small touches that make all the difference.
    By the way where do you sauce the bare tags from, please?

  3. I too love those tags!! They are beautiful!
    I think I will borrow this idea of staining tags. I hope that is okay?
    Now to find a dollar sign stamp.

  4. Your tags are wonderful and I am sure everyone who sees them appreciates all the work that goes into making them. (The one side rough, one side smooth of the tag is likely due to how they are manufactured. Paper has a grain to it, just like wood, which of course is where paper comes from :)...

  5. I make them the same way, although I leave mine to dry outside, which is not a good idea on a windy day, I have been known to come outside to find them ALL GONE...so that means a hunt throughout the garden..............I love the look of the luggage tags, stained, and stamped, I put a label of my business logo on one side and use them to tie up my parcels.....sweet.

  6. Hi these tags look fantastic! I would love to make some to add to wrapped presents. Would you share how you do them, as i have no idea!

    Many thanks Lis.

  7. Well those tags are worth all of the effort, they are little pieces of art all by themselves!

    Kat :)

  8. Sometimes It's OK to spend time doing what you like instead of what makes the most money. Your tag lend a feel of "carefully picked and cared for" to your junk. Go for it if it makes you happy. I love them.


  9. Love your tickets... they just wouldn't be the same if done electronically. It is your creative talent expressed and they are lovely! :)

  10. I think you just have to pick & choose about how time is spent. Your handmade tags make take time but they give your pieces that hand-selected vibe and making 500 at a time seems pretty efficient.

    It is possible to have a personalized stamp made from your individual stamps so you only have to stamp once ... but I hear you about 'switching off.' :-)

    1. Oh Amy that's a BRILLIANT idea....Just one of MANY reasons why I like you so much....I will look into doing just that....!!!!!

      THANKS Love.... :o)

  11. I make similar hand stamped price tags for my consigned items for one particular store I consign with. Nothing near 500 however. It is fun to do so I see why you do it and also the tags stand out.

  12. I like them!
    It's in the little details I think!

  13. I think that the handmade tags just add a little "class" to any items. Yours are lovely.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  14. I too, stain my price tags (I use coffee) and stamp them. I use them for price tags and on packages going out via Etsy with a little note of thanks handwritten on them. They add a nice personal touch.
    Kris of Cricket Acres Studio

  15. The best business advice I ever got was 'never buy what you can't double your money on' and that's what I stick to! I don't do anything the 'old-fashioned way', though when I do eventually get to have a bricks'n'mortar I will be hand-making all my tags! I'll be doin' the whole brown-paper-and-string deal, it might not be as cheap and quick as modern shops, but it looks a lot nicer!

  16. Hi Tamarah I was at The Vintage Shed on Friday admiring your gorgeous space.

  17. My sweet Tamarah!!

    You have been on my mind so many times. Sorry for not been so active with comments lately. I hope you have been fine and everything has worked out for you great. I sure have missed you <3 I love the tags by the way =)

    Lots of hugs from Finland

  18. What fantastic advice.... thanks "Spend time where you're gonna make the most money" is going into the business plan... what no are you at the Waverley Bazaar I'm in the Cool room

    1. Hello Karen....!

      I just sent you an email alas, it went to Blogger....!

      My stall number is C1....I have a large space just down from the counter in Row 1 & a smaller space in the coolroom against the far wall just down from the corner....!!

      Hopefully we'll catch up next time you're in....!!!!!

      Tamarah :o)

  19. tried to leave comments but with no luck. Blogger doesnt like Apple MacBooks me thinks!! anyhow I'm still on the radar and loving your updates.

  20. Your beautifully simple designed tags make a great statement and go so well with the good junk that you do! I used to make tags but all the cutting, stamping, punching, and tying, it wasn't enjoyable for me. Especially when I'd wait til the last minute before a show, dumb, I know, but that's procrastination for you!

    Hey, what you need on that deck is some tables so you don't need to squat. Laziness is the mother of invention! Ha!