Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stormy Weather....

Hi Everyone....!!

A short time after arriving home from the US early October I encountered some 'stormy weather'....An exceptionally appropro metaphor of course for the 'stuff' that comes at you out of nowhere leaving a trail of destruction in it's path....!

I had some tough choices to make....Though to be perfectly honest, it would have been much easier to immerse myself in the more pleasant side of life & simply disappear into the blogisphere & ignore the chaos....

Instead....I got busy....For 7 weeks I left this place to work on the issues at hand & concentrate on my business....I'm pleased to say the time away has been well worth it....The 'stormy weather' has abated & I've made it through a PLETHORA of Shabby Vintage Junk projects....One of which I've shared below....!!

THANK YOU for your emails of concern & well wishes....I hope to be able to start visiting with you all again soon....In the mean time, if you visit when I post I'll be commenting here on my blog....!!!!!


When I moved into The Vintage Shed at the beginning of July I was hoping to be able to pop a lock up cabinet into my space for smalls straight away....Alas....I was unable to find the right piece....Week in week out I searched until one day a few weeks ago I received a call from a Friend to say he may have what I was looking for....Even better though....He had a PAIR....!

I popped over to have a look & was THRILLED to find two of the sweetest little deco kitchen cabinets with sliding glass doors....P-E-R-F-E-C-T....!!!!!

One cabinet required very little work....LOVED the chippy cream paint....Just had to freshen up the interior with some white paint, line the shelves with yummy vintage wallpaper & change out the crinkly glass with plain glass....DONE....!!

The other one though was a real fixerupperer....The cream paint had blistered from exposure to heat & I just wasn't happy with it....
Ok so this isn't the BEST before shot....You can't see the blistered paint & I've ALREADY removed the crinkly glass....DOH....! 
At least you get an idea of how the shelves looked after the contact was removed....! 
I LOVED the chippy cream & green trim of these little cabinets so no matter what I did THAT particular sign of wear was STAYING....!! 
Initially I scraped the blistered cream paint off to expose the darker cream underneath.... 
But I decided I really wanted it to match the other cabinet so committed to repainting the entire piece....MINUS the top & bottom trim of course....! 
The inside after two prep coats & two top coats.... 
I kept the paint splattered metal rails....
And there's the chippy trim at the top & the first prep coat on the exterior.... 
And here she is in all her glory....**sigh**....! 
They are GORGEOUS if I don't say so myself....Since installing them in my space I've had several inquiries as to whether I'd sell them....Ummmmmm....NO....  :o) !!!!!
I've been obsessively holding onto this wallpaper for almost TEN years....I just KNEW it was waiting for the RIGHT piece....**wink**....!! 
Bunnings matched the paint BEAUTIFULLY if not perfectly & I'm really happy with the end result....!!! 
And Mr SVJ added an unobtrusive locking mechanism which can be removed & repaired easily as required.... 
I also left the chippy shelf trim....Love....Love....LOVE that....!! 
And there you have it....Total cost of the makeovers for BOTH cabinets was $35.00
$5.00 - Undercoat
$8.00 - Sample pot of matched cream paint
$20.00 - Two locks
$2.00 - Wallpaper
Replacement glass for the doors was found in the Hard Rubbish....!

I hope you're all having an EXCEPTIONALLY creative, productive week filled with LOVE & LAUGHTER....Perhaps most importantly though....I hope you're surrounded by WONDERFUL Friends....Because without those....We might all just disappear into ourselves & walk around in circles when faced with 'stormy weather'....!!!!!

Tamarah  :o)


  1. Welcome back sweet pea...we've missed you. After a storm the sun usually shines.....

  2. so glad to hear from you down under...it has been too long! hope all is going well now...and that your joyous presence will be a regular occurance in blogland...

  3. Chania you're a SWEETHEART though I'm SURE I've missed you all more....!!

    Amy Love it HAS been too long....I can't wait to pop in for a good visit & see what you've been up to....!!

    Tamarah xx

  4. Whew! I thought maybe my blog reader was broken and I even popped by yesterday to make sure I hasn't missed a post somehow. Glad to know you've been very productive and wishing you nothing but BLUE SKIES and SUNNY DAYS here on out!! Missed you. :-)

  5. Was wondering where you were! Glad all is well -- missed you! xo

  6. Welcome back Divine Ms T.......Missed you !!!! Xxx

  7. Love them , you did good kid!
    Nice to see youre back!

  8. Welcome back,love what you have done to the cupboards great find.

  9. I love your cabinets!! They are perfect and finished so fabulously!! Love love love them!!
    Nice seeing you Hun!!
    Hugging you

  10. Nice to see you back! They say...'if you want to see a rainbow, you gotta have some rain'...the cabinets are stunning!

  11. Gorgeous cabinets, at a fantastic price.

    I am so glad to hear that you have made it to the other side! Life always seems to get in the way. Have a great weekend, Tam x

  12. Girl, glad you are doing well, I have been away too, just so much to do, plus I do still have that pesky day job, lol. Love the cabinet!

  13. So glad to see you back, I was wondering where you were at but realised that sometimes you need to pull back and sort things out (whatever they may be!) Love the cabinets

  14. Hello Princess Petal,

    I thought you must have been a busy little beaver. It's good to take time out and just immerse yourself into projects.

    Beautiful transformation of the cabinets.

    Lovely to have you back on line.


    Sure have missed you my sweet friend!
    CRAZY awesome job on those cabinets!!
    HUGE ole hug to you!

  16. The cupboard looks great and good to see you back!
    Tamara, a question, I am looking for old vintage christmas decorations, do you have some suggestions for me to start looking. Your help would be appreciate..many thanks.

  17. Thanks for the reply Tamarah. Wow....25 cases with vintage decorations...now that is a collection. I don't think I will get to that many, only want to decorate a tree with them. Thanks for the suggestions and I will let you know how I go.

  18. Your cupboard is fabulous! Glad the stormy weather is dissipating. I'm a big fan of junking and repurposing too :).
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!
    ~ Julie

  19. Hi Tamarah,

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy holiday,

    Tamara x