Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza WRAP UP #5

Hello Vintage Friends....!

I'm back to show you two more FABULOUS Vendors who particpated in the SVJ-X but I must apologise before I begin, to the GORGEOUS Shelley who so selflessly gave of her time to help Mr SVJ & I make the tissue paper balls to decorate the hall....Unfortunately, the morning the Show started when I did a walk around with Mr SVJ who videoed the booths, we neglected to show Shelley's LOVEY booth....For the life of me I'm not sure how this came about other than to say I must have been distracted....When it came time to post the videos on YouTube here & here, Shelley's FABULOUS Treasures didn't get a 'look in'....!

Lucky for me, Shelley & I have known each other for a long time & she would be more than understanding of this oversight....I PROMISE next time Shelley I won't allow myself to be 'distracted' from the job at hand....!!

A GORGEOUS mix of shabby vintage furntiure pieces combined perfectly with smaller decorative homewares....

I LOVED this GORGEOUS blue ladder....!

And this small cupboard would have been PERFECT at Camp SVJ....!

I remember my Nanna had one of these kidney shaped dressing tables in the spare bedroom I stayed in during my visits....!!

I could have curled up on this BEAUTIFUL velvet lounge with a good book & 'disappeared'....

YUMMY creamy white chest of drawers with our FAVE glass knobs....!

THANKS Shelley for ALL your hard work & the LAUGHS around the table with the girls in the arvo....  :o)

Now this is Robyn's LOVELY booth sporting an eclectic mix of 'rustic country vintage retro' pieces....

LOVED how Robyn used these vintage fabric pieces to cover the bland wall space behind her booth creating an eye catching feature....!!

This stand was a PERFECT prop to display her YUMMY pieces....!

Vintage suit cases, wire baskets....PERFECT for storage....!

I'm KICKING myself I didn't buy any of these AWESOME wooden printers blocks....You can BET I'll be looking for these at Junk Bonanza....!

*** BIG sigh ***

That's it for me tonight....I hope you enjoyed these pics....I'll be back tomorrow night with the last two booths to bring me up to date....!!

Wherever you are I hope you're having an AWESOME week....!

Tamarah :o)


  1. all so lovely...and I'm glad you mentioned about the tissue balls - they were great - any possibility of sharing how you made them? - of course after you return from your upcoming junking tour - I'm sure you are both busy and excited about your trip!
    amy of four corners design

  2. I'm loving all the pictures! You know, I'm living vicariously through you! (I'd probably fight for that ladder! LOVE it!)

  3. You'll have to fight me for the Lg Printer's blocks:) especially if I find a "&".

    less than 1 week to go.

  4. Hi Tamarah,

    LOVE the video. Now I will be able to recognize you when we meet in Texas!!

    What is interesting about the video is to see all the contrasting styles of the various vendors side by side. Just gorgeous presentations!

    Second Hand Chicks

  5. Hi tamara,once again you make us drool at all the lovelies there wa something in every pic i would like.I bet you are getting excited not long now,can't wait to hear all the stories lol.Have a great day Carole xx

  6. Really a great sale! I enjoyed seeing you on the video, too!

  7. HI Tamarah.......gotta LURVE that SHELLY SHEILA!!!~~

    what a HOOT she is..

    all looks fabulous..

    I am getting TRULY & REALLY excited re your trip...!!

    Hey my neigbours on ONE side have gone to LA for 4 x weeks..
    other neighbours to LONDON/Europe for 4 x weeks..

    Where am I going?? round in circles!!

    xxxxx & sooty say hi & woof woof!!

  8. C'est moi, mon ami. BTW I have been lurking all along. Tamarah, those 2 days were the most "clean" fun I have had since I don't know when. I had no particular expectations and did not know anyone, but you. I found it superbly organised and laughed so much with Andrea, Sam and Alicia, that I can't wait to do it again. You have a superb trip, see you soon, Shelley.

  9. SOOOO many Gorgeous Stalls and Ladies!! Was great to be able to come and pick up some pretties!!

  10. yikes where have I been, long away from blog land. With kids sick etc etc I have gotten waaay too sidetracked this last week or so. LOVED shelleys stall, so much so that we did a swapsies on that divine green scrolly number over there in the background. Shelley is an absolute delight, had such a fabulous time with her and the "girls"