Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sometimes it's ALL about the QUALITY....!!! (Part 1)

Morning to all the Shabby Vintage Junking Thrifters out there....!!

WOW....What a weekend....As my lovely Friend, Chania from the BEAUTIFUL Razmataz had featured me on her blog, I was able to take a little break from my regular weekend posts & organise myself a little....I'm pleased to say when I hit the hay last night, I had not one but FOUR posts saved as drafts....!!!

This means you will be seeing a bit of me this week as I play catch up to show you this weekends finds....!!

Before I start with this lot though I would like to say a BIG AUSSIE THANKS to everyone who stopped by to say hello from Chania's blog....I'm really looking forward to being able to share my Treasures with you & look forward to reading about yours as well....!!!  Now while I understand some people prefer to lurk, I would LOVE for you to introduce yourself so I can ensure I don't miss out on adding your blog to my lists.... :o) !!

Without further ado, please behold my Treasures from the Market yesterday....Unfortunately, it was cold & wet & quite afew vendors understandably kept their stuff packed away....I did manage to find these three things though....!!

LOVE these enamel metal numbers....They're old railway numbers....Graphically they are VERY junk worthy....!!

One of my Market Friends had these set aside for me so I didn't really find them as such....GOTTA love it when the junk comes to you hey....hahahahaha...??!

** purrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....**  I ADORE this style of vintage suitcase....I have 6 of them now & this one, along with one I bought in the US last year are my faves as they are in next to PERFECT condtion....If I didn't HAVE to go to work today I would stay home & ensure it was within eyeshot all day just so I could admire it....hahahahaha....Just joking....NOT....!!

No stains to marr the yumminess of the lining...Oopse....Forgot to dust it before I took my pic....!

** sigh **

So only a FEW pieces from the Market yesterday however, sometimes it REALLY is all about the quality & not the quantity....!

Stay tuned for part 2 of yesterdays haul & when I say haul I mean I nearly needed a fishing boat to get it back home.....hahahahaha....Yes indeedy....I got my HR mojo back for sure....!!

Wherever you are, I hope your weekend was happy & safe & filled to the brim with Treasures....!

Tamarah :o)


  1. Love them all!! What a quality haul Tamarah! So many uses for those gorgeous numbers, love them!! You have inspired me to get thrifting again this week:) Enjoy your new treasures. Hope you have a fabulous week. ~ Tina x

  2. Fab finds - Love the suitcase (one can never have too many of them!! Although I've only ever found one) The xmas decos are adorable.

  3. Tamarah, as usaul you had the best finds.....I bought xmas ornaments last weekend at a Legion garage sale. I bought the box and they kept trying to get me to take 3 more for just a dollar. The other 3 boxes were all those icky red ones wrapped in thread (or something). They kept saying, "you dont want those old things, why dont you look at these new boxes"

  4. Hi Tamarah,
    Love those old numbers and that suitcase...pristine!

    Have a great week!
    Second Hand Chicks

  5. ooh what happy little finds! especially the suitcase - they just don't make 'um like that anymore!

    happy junking!

  6. Dear Tamarah....Adore that suitcase..& what GREAT condition...(i used to have a collection of over 50 hatboxes & suitcases...but went through a stage of being sick of them...& sent them ALL off to auction!!) boo hoo!

    awesome vintage xmas decs as well...

    see you saturday...x andrea

  7. You did well my friend! Love the suitcase too and wow! those numbers!! cool!