Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quality & QUANTITY....hahahahahaha....Got my HR mojo back....Part 2!!

Hello again....!!

As promised I'm back with Part 2 of my Sunday Wrap Up & as you can see, my HR mojo is back tenfold with this GREAT pile of Treasures....!

I did have a bit of a scare when I was taking these pics....It was VERY dark due to a sky filled with ominous rain clouds so shortly after 4pm, I pulled up & unloaded my Treasures to take these pics....Lo & behold a woman pulled up behind my van, leapt out & ran towards my pile....When she noticed me crouched down taking pics she asked "Oh....Are you on a 'shoot'"....I replied that indeed I was taking pics & she said, "Oh I thought it was Hard Rubbish".....I replied chuckling that it could very well be mistaken for Hard Rubbish & the woman turned around & left....!!

Crikey....I didn't want to say it WAS Hard Rubbish in case she mugged me for it.....hahahaha....Hey....STRANGER things have happened....!!

The first thing I found was this YUMMY bathroom cabinet....It's a beautiful cream white though I accept it's hard to see under all the layers of dust....!  Another red tool box....I ADORE these I tell ya now....I smile so BROADLY when I see one on the side of the road it's ridiculous....  :o)  :o) !!

LOVE these old clothes horses & am totally befuddled as to why you would throw one out....SERIOUSLY people....Where are you hanging your clothes when they're wet if not on the clothes horse....??

I have a MAJOR crush on this red metal Malley's esky....Can see it on the deck this Christmas filled with beer....AND chardy....hahahahaha....!!

Always always ALWAYS pick up the enamel fridge drawers....I've seen a GREAT way to use them & if I manage to get the time, a very unique storage piece incorporating these very drawers will be available at the SVJ-Extravaganza....!

TO DIE FOR wooden handled shovel & wooden trestle table legs....WOOHOO....!!

Wooden handled clippers & red metal handle clippers & an AWESOME sledgehammer....  :o) !!

Vintage suitcase, red enamel pourer & Willow bin & SIX pairs of boots (two pair boots were still in the van) & a couple of pairs of shoes....!!

I almost choked when I pulled the boots out of the bags they were in....All in SCHMICK NICK with NO scuffing to the leather....  ** sigh **  Ralph Lauren & several Italian brands I'm unable to pronounce....All too small for me I'm afraid....!!

These just need a wipe over with a cloth to remove some dust & they'll make someone VERY happy....!

So GLAD to have struck HR gold again....If it weren't for the years of HR experience under my belt....The temporary loss of my HR mojo would have been a tad more unsettling....!!

I hope everyone's having a GREAT week....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. Glad you are feeling IT again! I love the blue fidge box, along with everything else! Lezlee

  2. Eeek! Love all of your treasures!! See this is where I really feel like lobbying our local council for a hard rubbish pick up...I miss them so much:) Love that bathroom cabinet and those boots!!!! Score! Glad you got your HR mojo back:) Happy Thursday Tamarah ~ Tina x

  3. I have NOTHING to say...speechless AWESOME goodies..

    what a find..

    xx andrea

  4. Tamarah. You found it!!! YEAH!

    I love those back shoes and they look like the would fit me. That cabinet is almost exactly like one I have. I love those old vintage medicine cabinets. I use one for spices at the cottage in the kitchen. Nice haul girl!

  5. Wow Tamarah!!!! How many wonderful treasures!!!! But my fave is the bathroom cabinet, isn't it fantastic????


  6. Hi Tamarah,
    I can't believe that someone would throw all that fab Italian footwear into the HR!! What size are they?

    Second Hand Chicks

  7. O...M...G!!! Wonderful finds Tamarah. It's amazing what people throw away. I love the bathroom cabinet, and those shoes - I don't know what to say!!!

  8. oh my! jackpot! I adore the medicine cabinet! How lucky you are to have HR to scrounge through! Thanks for letting me know how that works!

  9. Once again you have found the best junk. The boots are gorgeous. What were they thinking, throwing them out.I wonder what they are wearing now!! Hope that you have a great day at the market.
    Bonnie Doon Wendy