Sunday, June 20, 2010

The MOTHER LOAD....Part 1

Hello Shabby Vintage Junking Thrifters....!

Mr SVJ woke me not long ago from my junk induced stupor on the couch to tell me it was nearly 10pm & was I going to post about my weekends HR & Market finds....

So here I am, even more knackered than usual for a Sunday evening due to a SUPER early start of 3.30am because I wanted to get my run in before I hit the Market....hmmmmm....Even I'm inclined to think that wasn't such a good idea....Anyway....I have 18 pictures for you but they were taking FOREVER to download so I'll have to pop back with the others for a Part 2....!

The pic below is a combination of HR & Market finds half of which I've put back in the van as I just don't have ANYWHERE to put them at the moment & they AINT comin' inside to clutter up our living area....!!

These three BEAUTIES are from the market....If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know I have a real THING for these industrial pieces....Can't wait to clean them up....!!

The white garden bench is an OLD find so ignore that & feast your eyes on my new (to me) bike plucked out of the HR in the dark last night around 6.30pm....
  ** sigh ** Love love LOVE it & think it will have to be a keeper....

HR finds....Rusty bottle crate, yellow trolley, galvanised wash tub & blue suitcase.... :o)

GORGEOUS frame, camp stool (have a SOFT spot for these stools) & SMALL sampling of vintage Christmas decorations found including a Christmas tree stand from Switzerland....THANK YOU Hard Rubbish angels....!!

WHY would you throw this DROP DEAD GORGEOUS gate away....??

The tool boxes (YES another red one...!!) covered in snail POO (...yeccckkkkkk....!!!!) are from the HR however, the GOB SMACKINGLY YUMMY chippy white farm house table from the late 1800's was found at the Market this morning....!

Another Market find was this AWESOME aluminium tiffen....How COOL is this piece....PERFECT for office or craft room storage or hey, you could take it to work with your lunch & snacks in it....hahahahaha....!!

The folding chair the tiffen is sitting on was found in the HR with the other camp stool.

Found this red & white metal vintage ride on toy in the HR last night as I was winding my way home along with the chair which needs regluing....The four round wooden disks are lamp bases & they were also rescued from the nature strip....!

Well that's it for the moment....It's just gone 11pm & my eyes are falling out of my head....I have a heap of emails & reading to do which I will have to save for tomorrow morning before work....!

I hope you all had a RELAXING & SAFE 48....!  I can't wait to see what you've all been up to....!!!

Tamarah :o)


  1. What a great haul, good job. I'm so amazed that the junk you have in Oz is so similar to what we have here in the US. I would have figured it would be very very different.

    See you in Sept.

  2. Tamarah, Incredible bits once again. That galvanised metal bucket is jsut like the one we use at teh cottage for camp fires. They are great because they are portable and you can move them depending on the wind. Friends threw it out and I recued it. We use it all the time.

    By the way, I love your new dog!


  3. I would love to go treasure hunting with you - what a great eye you have! All the best, Lori

  4. Wait, your husband wakes you up to remind you to BLOG??? You are a powerhouse of junking. I'm amazed at what you find in the hard rubbish. In fact, someone here in the US should name their shop Hard Rubbish....

  5. WOW!! I'm so impressed with what you picked up on the weekend. Loved that little red metal rocking thingy. I dream of hard rubbish coming to Bonnie Doon, but it aint going to happen. I'll just have to be content looking at your blog every day.
    Can't wait to see part 2.
    Bonnie Doon Wendy

  6. Wow! I can't believe you found all of that - geez i think i am being jipped here in Canada!!! Way way far away and i would love to go treasure hunting with you. I WANT that chippy white farm table. Ok this is a silly question but what is HR? Is it a salvage yard or recycle place???

  7. Tamarah!!! I can't believe you find so many treasures! I am in love with that gate, it is just what I have been looking for! Your ability to find this stuff is amazing! I am leaving this post wishing our town had HR and any kind of market...*sigh*. Hope you have a fabulous week ~ Tina xx

  8. Hi Tamarah,
    I think it's cute that Mr. SVJ wakes you to remind you to post. Would he ever consider a "guest post" on your blog? I think it would be fun to get a manly point of view about junking. Poopsie's typical comment about my finds is usually, "This stuff is crap" but your hubby seems more into the junking than mine. Oh well.

    BTW, love that metal gate!!

    Second Hand Chicks

  9. Wow. love that gate. Are those old time card holders... I made something for my classroom with old time card holders, but I sold the other one in a booth, with cards, magnets, invitations, etc... I sold the same day. Good Haul! Lezlee
    time card post...

    Well done on your haul this weekend... I'll give you a spoiler alert... I picked up something from the tip THIS weekend as well... no hints... but I'm sure you will like it!!

  11. I am with the other gal wanting to know what HR is? The gate is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!what do you do with all that stuff?

    My husband would not be so appreicative if I brought all that stuff home!

    thanks for commenting on my blog. I am honored because, after I got my people snooper I am amazed at how many people come through but don't say anything!!!!

  12. ooh! the gate is scrumptious, and I have a soft spot for old farm tables! the motherload, yes! and the old bike looks like the one I had, many years back....same color and all! Of course that was when it was almost new! LOL....I'm really ageing myself!
    Waiting for part 2, but you'd better get some sleep!

  13. Was going to email you but can't find an address here. Thanks for the visit today and just wanted to tell you those swans in the flower garden are sadly not cement, but they look good don't they? Even better when the flowers start spreading and multiplying!

  14. Great finds....ahh the thrill of the chase it is just so addictive, cheers Katherine, fellow treasure hunter and lover of all things old and lovely