Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Shabby Vintage Junk House - Living Area Part 2

WOOFREAKINHOO....We're knocking on the door of the weekend & in celebration, I thought I'd pop up some more pics of our space....!!

These old theatre letters are amongst my FAVE vintage pieces & so appropro doncha think....?!  I've had the mirror for almost 10 years...Another HR find it's actually the door of a wardrobe....!

And it's sitting on the hutch I bought at the market AGES ago....Mr SVJ cut the base down from a HUGE wardrobe & we found some old ply to back it marrying the three....

When I come home from work I chuck my $5.00 vintage leather op shop satchel at the base of my dress form, hang my jacket across her shoulders & any bling I may have worn to work that day around her neck & make a bee line for the fridge for a chardy....!!

LOVE thes vintage suitcases & they are chokkas with my vintage Christmas Treasures....!!

One of two French doors I found in the HR....Another of my FAVE pieces....The sign was a LUCKY swap meet find.

The ironstone bowl below is filled with bun feet from old club lounges & we use them in projects as the need arises....!

The table is also from the HR along with the pine top also salvaged from the street.

The chair with the pink (blecccckkkkk) cover is a green velvet piece that my little Harley can't keep her claws off of....Hence the cover....Bloody little vandal....!!

My FAVE green ladder & various Treasures in the cabinet Mr SVJ made for me....

And again.... :o)

1950's metal tulip garden spikes on my ALL TIME FAVE chippy red & cream stool....ADORE this stool just quietly....!!!

My tip shop trunk....ALSO filled with Vintage Christmas....  :o) !

Now this dining table is my ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTE favourite table....It was found in the Hard Rubbish in front of a Scout Hall....YUCKY laminate covered the LOVELY pine top which MR SVJ removed before sanding, trimming & staining....I cleaned off the legs introducing them to 'poly' & WALLAH....  :o)

The office chairs at the front are from the HR....LOVE these....And then there's a black Bentwood & two chippy green French farm house chairs around the other side.

LOVE the dark top against the pale wood floor....

.....hahahahaha....A friend came by tonight & asked "Why do you have that there...?"  Ummmmmm....because I like it there....  :o)

I know it may seem a bit odd to have a vintage piece of gym equipment, a vaulting horse no less in my living area under my kitchen bench but it makes me smile....I was coming home from the HR one day & it was just there on the side of the road....HOW could I resist...??  Mr SVJ is going to put a base in it as it's hollow & then he'll cut into the front face & make a door which will hang off chains when open....I'll use it to store blankets etc in....I may change the pleather top out though for some cow hide....YEEHAW!!!

Well that's 240 degrees of our living space....I'll take some pics of the kitchen over the weekend to show you the rest of the room....!

Wherever you are, I hope your week has been happy, safe & filled with as much SVJ as you could possibly handle....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. Tamarah,
    What an awesome space you live in!! You really have a great sense of style:) Loving all your little chatchkahs!! I love when your friend asked"why do you have that there" Great answer.... "Because I like it there!"
    There's no better reason. If it makes you happy, that's the best reason :)
    Thanks for your sweet comments when you came to visit:) I always LOVE comments from you, thanks!
    I hope you are having a good day. Is it time for your Chardy???

  2. Hi Tamarah,
    I love it all but my fave is the green hutch...such an unexpected jolt of color! So many wonderful treasures in your home and you are so adept at putting it all together. Great job!

    Second Hand Chicks

  3. Tamarah-your style rocks. I am in love with it all. Can I feature you on my blog?????

  4. Your home has real personality plus! love it!

  5. Tamarah!

    So nice to "meet" you. Thank you for your nice comments on the Junk Bonanza blog. I can't believe you are traveling all the way from Australia to attend the Bonanza - fabulous! I would love to connect with you while you are here, please feel free to email me for any information you may find helpful. I would be happy to direct you to hotels, restaurants and other great places to visit near here. You can also visit my personal blog I am heading to the Farm Chicks Antiques show this weekend and will be posting info and pictures when I return.

    BTW - I love the pics of your home....


  6. Hi, I just found you from Razmataz and knew by your blog title i was going to love your blog. I love your decor. I was so excited to see you had a ladder because i just found one at a garage sale last weekend for only $3 woohoo is what i said when i saw it! I just had to become a follower you have me hooked already. Gotta go and read some more of your blog.

  7. I found your wonderful blog through the lovely Chania, and I have to say that your home is amazing! What a great sense of style you possess and your home is a wonderful reflection of your individuality and creativity! It really should be in a magazine!

    Kat :)

  8. So many great things! I'm having a hard time picking a favorite, but I think I like the whole vignette of the dress form, JUNK letters and cupboard the best!
    Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

  9. Oh my, I have a horse vault buried under all my junk on the verandah, and intend to do the same thing!! I have had it for years,though I paid $50, waiting for that moment, but it somehow got forgotten!
    Love the pics of your living space!