Monday, June 14, 2010

My NOT SO dirty little secret.... Part 2

WOW....My FIRST double posting....!!!

OK....So not ALL challenges go to plan & there's NOTHING wrong with that....Sometimes the most important element of any task is actually getting up off your FATASS & making a start....After all, it's EASY to escape your responsibilities by nicking off to the HR which is WAY MORE FUN than the reality of fixing stuff....So the REAL challenge is ACTUALLY doing SOMETHING....hahahahaha....!

THANKS to everyone who commented on my previous post....Theresa I'm afraid to say we ARE supposed to finish projects before heading off in search of others....If we DON'T we run the risk of becoming OVERWHELMED by the sheer number & size of projects waiting for us OR WORSE we risk overwhelming OTHERS....!!  Lucy I couldn't AGREE more....Such FUN it makes my heart sing....!!   Elizabeth & my little Thrifting mate in Brisbane, you would BOTH be more than WELCOME to take some off my hands....If you were but CLOSER....!!  LOL Andrea that DOES sound funny & you ARE right....The Tready has been conquered & I'm sipping on a chardy as a reward for my efforts....hahahahaha....!!  Heavens Alicia I was having an aneurism worrying someone would ask to check out the 'man cave' while you were all here for fear  my projects would SPRING OUT missile like when the door was opened....!!

SO when all's said & done....Just WHAT did I achieve....??  Well here's the after shot of the yard....For the time being, ONLY the larger pieces of wood have been moved back into the shed while the smaller pieces have been tucked away beside the mantle piece....The cream cast iron vanity will remain out of the shed for the moment also....!

And here they are....The completed or in SOME cases ALMOST completed pieces....!

Remember this bathroom cabinet from last weeks HR....??  Covered in dust it was more of an eye saw than the drool worthy Treasure it is now but after a good wash with sugar soap inside & out, it's much easier to see the potential....All I need to do now is give it a coat of poly to seal the chippy finish....!!

I scored these two cubbys WEEKS ago at the Lancefield Swap Meet....The backs were masonite & they were both FILLED with spider webs.....yeckkkkkkk....I removed the backs & thoroughly cleaned them....All I need to do now is cut some ply to replace the masonite & rub down with bees wax.

The red metal piece at the front is an old grass catcher from a lawn mower....I scrubbed it down, chipped out the rust & sprayed with poly inside & out....I LOVE how poly gives a dull piece a lustrous finish....!!

These wire pieces are old rubbish bins from an office....They WERE filthy so each received a scrubbing & a coat of poly after they'd dried as did the pink tin babies bath.  The enamel wee willy winkie & galvanised thingo at the front simply needed a good wash.

The small desk was a recent find which I'm YET to blog about & is TO DIE FOR just quietly....Just needed some glue in the joints to firm it up & the top which was F-I-L-T-H-Y received a sanding....All it needs now is a light cleaning & some wax....!!  The drawer is in the shed as Mr SVJ is fixing the wooden screw in nob.

Another RED toolbox....This has been in the shed for 8 months waiting to be cleaned & sprayed with poly....Jobs DONE....!!  The green Malley's esky has rust on the base....I cleaned it up & sprayed the base....TOO easy....!!

And I've had this table for almost a year....It received a good sanding & ALL I need to do now is lightly stain the top to match the legs & rub down with wax....!!!!

And THAT my Shabby Vintage Junking Thrifting friends is THAT....Alas, Mr SVJ & I did NOT make it out for dinner OR a movie as the challenge took longer than I'd estimated however, all things being equal....The peace of mind achieved was worth the sacrifice & there's always next weekend....!!

I hope everyone everywhere had a HAPPY & safe weekend....!!

Tamarah :o)

PS:  I did get out to the HR for an hour & a half as well....PICS later....!!


  1. Wow, what a stash.......hopefully will turn to cash...Is this for your Extravaganza. That mantle looks interesting!

    Are your little dogs Steiff animals? Do you collect just the cream ones?

  2. You did good...really good! Everything looks super yummy!
    Love those cubbies and of course that bathroom cabinet!
    So...what is sugar soap?? never heard of it!
    The poly spray or waxing sure does make a difference doesn't it?
    ...and you still got a trip to the HR?..can't wait to see!

  3. Hi Tamarah,
    Excellent work! It's a constant challenge to stay on top of all the projects. I have a one year deadline for my projects. If I haven't fixed it and put it in my shop in twelve months, it goes to charity.

    You should be mighty proud of yourself for all you accomplished! Hope you enjoyed your chardy reward even more than usual.

    Second Hand Chicks

  4. Good job! I just finished washing and sorting the treasures I collected over the last few weeks on a road trip visiting family. My reward is to catch up on the blogs!

  5. WOW!!!! You are a champion. I'm so glad that you did eventually get out into the Hard Rubbish. You certainly deserved to, after that big clean up. Can't wait to see the pictures and hear about the market.
    Bonnie Doon Wendy

  6. You certainly did clean up didn't you! Well done. Everything looks so sparkly and clean :)

  7. How did I miss all these posts? This Google reader/Follow thingie is not working for me. I have no clue that you've posted and I just happen to go to your blog and you've DOUBLE-posted!

    I can totally feel your pain with all those projects you need to work on. If you're anything like me you hide it away and then forget all about it for months and months. Until someone reminds you of it. I nearly spit out my pasta salad when I read your description of the verbal lashing the Mr. gave you! Tamarah!

    Love that cabinet you cleaned up! Nice work!