Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I found my monthly Church Fete but ** gasp ** WHERE did the Hard Rubbish go....????

Hello there fellow Vintage enthusiasts....!

I hope this post finds everyone enjoying a pleasant week....We're coming up to a long weekend here in OZ so complain I will not....hahahahaha....Sorry but I've been channelling Yoda all week....!

Now I had planned to show Part 2 of the Sunday Wrap up but after making reference to "getting my Junking mojo back" in my previous post I thought it appropriate to actually show you where I lost it....!!

Anyways....My Saturday started with a visit to my FAVE Church Fete....I've mentioned this one before...Sometimes it's a Treasure Trove & sometimes NOT....This month it was WONDERFUL & I managed to score a HEAP of vintage loveliness for a TINY $8.50....WOOHOO....!!!

Remember you can click on my pics to make them bigger....  :o)

GORGEOUS satin housecoat...Alas, too small for me but I couldn't resist....!

YUMMY large grey leather clutch with a pristine interior & NIFTY clasp....Photographic measuring beaker & wooden trim from a cuckoo clock....!

A close up of my cuckoo trim & leather clutch detail.

Twelve DIVINE ecru doileys....I have an AWESOME lighting project in mind for these....!

Interesting Italian necklace I plan on pulling apart for the individual pieces....

This is a LOVELY Crayon Board made in Japan....The other side is a SWEET jigsaw of the 'Old Woman who lived in a Shoe'....!

NIFTY cap & bowling bag style handbag....I have a few of these bags....Just LOVE the shape....!

Pretty pink floral fabric & YUMMY large pillow case with a pretty grey & taupe rose print.

Isn't this beaker LOVELY....I can see it as a vase or pencil holder in my office.

I came home & unloaded before heading out to the Hard Rubbish....WHere I drove around for almost 2 hours seeing SCRAPS here & there alas, I MISSED the main 'vein'.....I was devastated to say the least & cut my losses heading for home vowing Sunday would be a different story....And it was....Stay tuned for the GOOD JUNK....!!!

Tamarah :o)


  1. Hi Tamarah,
    My fave would have to be the cap. Wear it, I would. (At a jaunty angle, of course.)

    Second Hand Chic

  2. Love the bag, beaker and all the rest! Lezlee

  3. Love the beaker Tamarah. By hard rubbish, do you mean stuff left for garbage pickup?

    I just got my daughter a lawn chair. It was on the side of the road when I was walking Gracie.

  4. Fabulous finds Tamarah! I can't wait to see what you do with your doilies!! ~ Tina xx

  5. Great finds! Love that little beaker too, and of course the doilies! That necklace looks very interesting..love the colors.
    You will have to explain the Hard Rubbish, I can't figure out just what it is and I see Razmataz is also wondering.
    Have a great rest of week, will be watching for your next post, can't wait!