Friday, July 29, 2011

The BEST $25.00 I EVER spent at The Vintage Shed WITH Vintage Girl....!

Hey Keepers Of The Past near & Far....!

As always....I hope you're all well....!!  My week has sped by in a BLUR once again with two deadlines taking priority over most everything else so it's appropro that this post (due yesterday) is BEHIND....Oh well....As they say in the classics, "Better late than NEVER"....!!

One of my FAVE US Bloggers, the ever GORGEOUS Jane over at Mamie Jane's is FOREVER posting 'before & afters' of what I reckon are some of the most INSPIRING uses of junk around....If you LOVE a blog that gives you are GREAT read along with SWOON worthy pics....Do yourself a favour & pop over....Trust me....You won't regret it....!!!!

Anyways....I thought, I'd follow Jane's BRILLIANT example & post my own little B&A Project & as Thursday is the day I go out to The Vintage Shed to restock & foof & I'm running BEHIND with everything & DON'T have any pics from my time there yesterday, I'm provided with the PERFECT opportunity to share this with you....!!

I spied this tray when I visited with Simone & Bec at Vintage Girl....I suspect it may have come from a Post Office or some other government building originally....I LOVE it's utilitarian nature, colour, patina & the fact that it was a TEENY TINY $25.00 had me running to the counter to pay for it....!

I had a plan for it the MOMENT I spied it....I was going to stand it on it's end & rest it up against the wall in my office & use it to stack all the little boxes I have in there that I keep all my jewelery bits & what have you in....

Isn't it YUMMY....!!
SO YUMMY I thought I'd show you TWICE....hahahahaha....
But as soon as I arrived home & had cause to open THIS horrid drawer, I promptly CHANGED my mind & used this WONDERFUL piece to bring order to the chaos that has reined supreme in this drawer since we moved in 4 1/2 years ago....!!!!!
Too FREAKIN' easy....!

Well Friends I must fly, as the weekend is on our doorsteps....I wish you HAPPY HUNTING....!!!

Oh....Before I nick off though I'd just like to make note that I haven't been able to come back to you all as yet re your comments on my last couple of posts however, I do hope to rectify this tomorrow night & come pay you a visit & see what you've been up to....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. that is FAR TOO GOOD to put in your kitchen drawer, sorry, gotta get it back out and on SHOW!!♥

  2. this looks like my idea of heaven!

  3. I agree with Lyndel. You can NOT hide that in a drawer.

  4. Hi Tamarah,
    Thank you SO much for your shout out today! I am very flattered! I consider you the queen of junk (and that is meant in the nicest of ways) so it means a lot to me.
    I love the tray. Anything old and wood has me running to the counter too. You found a great use for it but I agree with the other is too yummy to be hidden in your drawer. I can so see it sitting upright on your counter or hanging on the wall. That piece needs to be on display!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Hi Tamarah- I love an organised cutlery draw!! Great to see you on Thursday,have a great weekend and we will catch up soon no doubt!! Simone xx

  6. Well that is a perfect use for it, Ms. Organization! Lezlee

  7. Ohhh perfect!! I love little things like that that just make your life so much easier!
    I wish I had one of those for my whole house hahaha. Maybe then it'd stay organised.

  8. Yes. I was thinking..that's way too cool to hife in a drawer! Great find.

  9. Do you mean to say that your yummy organizer slipped right into your drawer???? That's the hand of a higher power at work, I tell ya. Congratulations on taming your drawer.