Monday, July 18, 2011

A very SWEET reminder as to WHY I do some of the things I do....!!

Hello Seekers of the Past....!

I trust this post finds your week off to a FANTASTIC start....As always, I'm running around like a headless chook but have stopped for a sec to share a little something with you that made me smile out loud on the weekend....!!

On Sundays when I do the Market, my day starts shortly after 3am to the sound of 'angry crickets'....(Iphone alarm sound)....More often than not, as Saturdays are pretty much the BUSIEST day of the week for me I don't get into bed until around 12-1am so after two hours sleep I'm not really at my best....Anyways....At the sound of the aggro crickets, I awake disoriented....Hardly knowing who I am let alone what day it is....Bones & muscles aching from hauling furniture about the day before & at the back of my very FOGGY mind swirls the question....WHY....??.

After I've unloaded my van at the Market & moved it over into the vendor car park I run around for a couple of hours searching for a Treasure....Just one....One little thing to reward myself for the effort....Sometimes I find something though, there are some Sundays where I don't find a single thing & as I stand at my stall working very hard at selling my junk, the question of WHY returns....

If I'm very LUCKY, one of my GORGEOUSLY creative Customers will come by & remind me EXACTLY why I do what I do....Case in point....The LOVELY Lara Cameron from Kirin Notebook Blog stopped by & purchased a little 1950's stool from me & showed me a pic of the last piece she'd bought from my stall a few weeks back....It was a sweet set of 1960's plastic drink cups in a tarnished wire stand which she had CLEVERLY transformed into a MAGIC succulent garden....!!!!!

I can't tell you how this ONE interaction on Sunday warmed my heart....It literally validated the WHOLE day for me....The pic below was taken by Lara herself who often blogs about the transformation of her Treasures....Please be sure & pop in for a visit as this is one very CLEVER & INSPIRATIONAL 'Keeper Of The Past'....!

** sigh **

Well Friends I must fly....I need to unload the van & get back out on the road....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. I totally get what you're saying Tamarah. Gosh you must be dedicated to get up at 3am after only 2 hours sleep! Dedicated or demented? I'm not sure...only joking.
    I love what Laura did with those plastic cups...what a sweet idea, I'll definetely check out her blog...anyone who is a keeper of the past is ok with me x

  2. That's a great story! How wonderful that she shared it with you. If my desk wasn't piled up so high and my office didn't look quite so messy, I would add to your photo collection and send you a photo of my Extravaganza finds and where they ended up! Some people live to be powerful, others thrive on ambition but some of us are propelled forward simply by the strength of our dreams and our passions. We love what you do. I never drive past a kerbside collection without wondering if you are nearby. Ps you need a new alarm- something soothing and kind to you at 3am. x

  3. It really is the little moments that keep us going, isn't it? The succulent garden is a great use for the drink set - clever!

    P.S. I abhor crickets...on just a couple hours sleep they'd send me spiraling into a nightmare. Methinks you should try a happier alarm!


  4. Yep, the people make it worth it all.
    Love the project.


  5. what a super photo and cool little garden.

  6. Hey gorgeous...

    You are awesome...!! i could not do it...

    tell me which "vitamin" you are on..??

    xx andrea/eric & sooty~~

  7. What a gorgeous garden! Love it!
    Hey! I get up at 3AM every day! Love the quiet of the morning. I get a lot accomplished before 7AM!! Great time of the day!!

  8. You do what you do because these things are treasures and can't be replaced. They don;t make them like they used to. Keeping the past is a calling. I think it most important.

  9. As I'm tripping over the piles of stuff around here, 'why' pops up from time to time. Luckily another great score or a sale will refresh my memory. How lovely that you were reminded 'why' by such a lovely & inspiring customer! :-)

  10. Hello Luv! are preachin to the choir!!! :0) I know EXACTLY how you feel...those little two hour "naps" make you question just about anything! It's funny how all it takes is the wonderful face of a true blue customer to make you remember the reasons why!
    Great post my friend!

  11. I love your angry crickets comment=)...You are dedicated! And I love those moments that confirm our calling to junking!!
    Lots of love

  12. Oh I love little things like that!! Always nice to turn a crappy Sunday into something nice! Off to check out her blog now :)

  13. That's so cool! Not only did she do something great with the glasses, she took the time to show you, too! That's so cool!

    I don't wake up to angry crickets. I wake up to a real life rooster who only sounds angry. He's my neighbor's. I'd like to kill him. Really. Just wring his noisy, noisy little neck.

  14. tamara...I can completely identify with you...I feel I am to old to do two markets on the trot these days (though sometimes I will)
    and if you were closer I WOULD swap your display ladder fir a quilt

  15. Oh my that is soooo cool! I love her style. I will definitely go and check her out. What a great idea. Kit

  16. What a cool use for a cocktail caddy (you should be proud)!