Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My new FAVE Treasure....At least for now....hahahahaha....**wink**....!!

Hello Junk Lovers EVERYWHERE....!

I hope wherever you are you are enjoying FABULOUS weather like we are here in Melbourne....!!  It seems Spring MAY have come early as we're enjoying our FOURTH consecutive day of GLORIOUSLY mild weather for which I am ABUNDANTLY grateful....Bring on Summer I say....!!!!!

I'm at home today working on some pieces to take to The Vintage Shed tomorrow morning so I can't stay for long....I just wanted to pop in & show you a piece I rescued from the HR last week....I LOVE it to bits....It has the PERFECT patina....I can use it in EVERY room & it was FREE....Well....Aside from the 6 hour stint behind the wheel & the $30.00 worth of fuel my van guzzled as we pottered through the streets that is....!!!!!

A utilitarian piece with an industrial vibe, this piece was originally a drawer from a workbench & at a guess, due to the pitting evident  inside the pigeon holes, it was used to store nails....

So PERTY.... 
It's now a coffee & tea station on my kitchen bench....! 
Mason jars filled with JOE & special tea blends sit on top.... 
While my collection of THRIFTED glazed coffee mugs from the 70's reside inside....! 
**sigh**....It REALLY doesn't take much to make me happy.....! 
....Not REALLY....!

Well I must get back to it & out into the sunshine....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. Gorgeous! Great find, lovely to meet you - your stall looks absolutely gorgeous! I may just bump into you one day down at the Shed! I have lots of work to do at the Squiggly Stall - part of the saga of it being part time to my studies! Enjoy this gorgeous day!
    Rach x

  2. You have inspired me ( again!)... I'm going to copy you here and make a coffee and tea station ... love Mason jars, so versatile xx Ava

  3. Hey gorgeous...it looks fabulous...
    I am sweating like the proverbial at my computer, so i have had to put the air conditioning on!! can you believe it??

    Off to nz tomorrow where it is only 12 degrees..YUKKY POO..

    anyway, i shall look forward to having a coffee from your work station soon!!

    xx andrea

  4. What a fab way to display those gorgeous coffee mugs!!! I think I better go put the jug on...........

  5. Hmmm , I'm sure I bought the tins from a friendly Ebay seller called Tamarah in Melbourne a few years ago, .... and some post office spikes .... could it have been you... you "talk" the same as the ebay seller I bought them off ???? Lol maybe not... but it's a small world xx Ava

  6. Love the colours of those cups and the use of Mason jars....hope your having a great week...:)

  7. Your lovely tea and coffee station would make me happy to Tamarah and so it seems I'm not the only one x

  8. Gorgeous - the chippy paint is divine!

  9. oh wow, now that is sweeeet. all the more reason to rescue that lovely rack from INSIDE your kitchen drawer and display it!! ok?♥

  10. Everything looks great grouped together!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. dear Tamarah you've got me longing for hard rubbish again...you find the best treasures! Can't wait to see you soon at Junk Bonanza. You WILL be there, won't you?

  12. A coffee and tea station....I love it!! That drawer is perfect for your glazed mugs. The little bits of color on the outside of the box are a perfect match with your gold glazed mugs. Old boxes and drawers are a favorite of mine and this ones a beauty!!

  13. Lovely find Tamarah. That would make my day too!

  14. Mmmm~chippy worn perfection! That's an awesome find!

  15. The only thing that could make it any more perfect...besides being gorgeous and free...would be me sitting there with you sharing a cuppa joe!

  16. Those wonderful mugs look great in your new find!!

  17. How have you been my friend? Those colors are gorgeous! I love the chippy crate. What a great shelf it makes.