Saturday, July 9, 2011

The GORGEOUS 'Bells Belles' celebrates a MILESTONE....Happy HAPPY Birthday....Yayyyyyyy....!

Hello Friends....!

I hope this post finds you well & enjoying a FABULOUS weekend....!

My Saturday was spent in part in the company of Friends....Always a WONDERFUL thing to do....More so of course when they are Friends with which you share a common interest....Case in point, my Friend Leah from Bells Belles & the very CLEVER & talented Callie from Hunted & Collected....!!

I was fortunate to meet the GORGEOUS Leah a little over a year & half ago when Callie & I attended Fryerstown for the first time as vendors & shared a space....Leah happened to be next door to us which made for a WONDERFUL treat as her passion for Vintage Fashion made for a YUMMY place to visit during quite moments....!

Leah was working for a major retailer & like myself, had taken a few days annual leave to participate at the Antique Fair....Six months later though, Leah's business 'Bells Belles' became a bricks & mortar reality when she resigned from her job & moved into a DELICIOUS shop in Castlemaine at 28 Johnstone Street....!!!

One year on, 'Bells Belles' celebrated it's FIRST birthday & I was THRILLED to have visited with Leah today to mark the occasion....

And here she is....The ADORABLE Leah Bell....! 
Leah's business has diversified over the last year moving from being primarily fashion based to incorporate vintage furniture & homewares.... 
Gorgeous....GORGEOUS vintage furniture & homewares.... 
Stock literally disappears out the door as soon as it arrives due to the very VERY reasonable prices....This means EVERY time you visit, it's like you're walking in for the FIRST time....!! 
It NEVER ceases to amaze me the YUMMY pieces she finds....Don't you just ADORE these metal Sabco chairs & flags....!!! 
**sigh**....Chippy....White....What more could you want.... 
This pale blue dresser was a T-I-N-Y $140- but was sold BEFORE I arrived....BUGGER....!!
With a GENEROUS 20% discount offered today in honour of 'Bells Belles' FIRST birthday, Treasures like this AWESOME lino didn't last long.... 
One of the things I LOVE about Leah's vintage clothing is that EVERY piece is in DROP DEAD FABULOUS condition....And STUNNING.... 
Each & EVERY piece.... 
Something for EVERYONE.... 
Callie's LOVELY Friend Mandy came up for the day & was also busy taking pics.... 
I think I FONDLED EVERY dress on this rack....Yep....Along with a couple of cardis & boots what MORE could you need in your wardrobe....??!!!

Now I'm afraid to say, the pics I took of Callie's BEAUTIFUL jewellery turned out blurry....(SORRY Callie....!!!!!) So I suggest you pop in & visit with Callie at Hunted and Collected to view her EXQUISITE collections....!!

Leah Love I'm SO GLAD to have been able to celebrate your businesses FIRST birthday with you today....I look forward to sharing MANY more....!!!

Well I'm off to the Market tomorrow so I must away....!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

PS:  I've moved into my space at The Vintage Shed however, due to the TERRIBLE weather last Thursday, all the pics I took were VERY grainy....Weather permitting, I'll be back this Monday or Thursday WITH pics....!!!!!


  1. Now that's store I would HAVE to visit.

    It is heartening when a new shop owner can make a go of it. Good for her. She knows what people are looking for.

  2. It is on my list!!!!! One day I will come and visit you all!!!!!!! Mwah!!!!! xo

  3. That looks like my kind of shop! Congratulations to Leah on her first shop birthday! She obviously knows what people are interested in buying....good for her!!

  4. Your friend is living my dream..... What a lovely space such a pity she is just a tiny bit too far for a visit.
    Take care, have a great weekend
    Beverley xx

  5. Hey Tamarah thanks coming up and joining in the celebrations!!! I'm totally exhausted and am looking forward to a day of rest ahhhh.....

  6. I was at Castlemaine last weekend. Wish I'd known about Belles Bells then.Looks like I'll have to visit again. Best wishes Tamarah for your new space. Looking forward to visiting there too.

  7. Oh what great items!! Love them all!
    PS Happy Birthday!!

  8. I wish I could have gone to Leah's shop's birthday. Next time I'm in Melbourne I am definetely making a bee-line for it. I know it will be lovely, the only problem will be how to get all those treasures I'll just have to buy (!) from Castlemaine to Perth!

    Thank you for your lovely comment about my "quilt" today x

  9. I can't wait to see pics of your new space. Thanks for the tour of this fab store. Are those bus signs original or repro? I'm starting to see the charm in vintage clothing.
    Found some great pieces this week.


  10. What a great shop! Congratulations to Leah! I can't wait to see your space, Tamarah! I'm sure it's gorgeous.

  11. Looks so wonderful!!! i was drooling=)

  12. I need to move to Melbourne , I would be continually broke having spent all my money in both your booths. My children would wear rags and go hungry, but I would have lovely furniture ;) Best stay where I am xx Ava