Thursday, July 5, 2012

Whats NEW down at The Vintage Shed....?

Morning Vintage Enthusiasts....!

I hope this post finds you all enjoying a productive week....!  Yesterday I drove down to Tyabb to spend some time in my space at The Vintage Shed....Unfortunately, over the last 6 weeks I've neglected this space while I've been concentrating on the fit out etc of the SVJ Shop at Glen Waverley....While I'm HAPPY to say sales in the Shop have been TERRIFIC, sales at TVS have plummeted due to my lack of attention....**sigh**....To be able to be in TWO PLACES at once of late would have come in handy....!!

I'm hoping the introduction of new stock along with the changes I made to the space will see a turnaround during the next month & now that things are ticking along at GW, I'll be able to focus my attention evenly between the two spaces....FINGERS CROSSED....!
One of my FAVE things I've found recently is this AWESOME 1940's Lysaght tin bath....I know when this piece goes it'll hurt....You just don't find them about every day & I WISH I had a country home I could send it off to....
It's waterproof & ready to use as a bath though I can see it filled with flowers in a garden....**sigh**....
This little black wire Victorian birdcage is ADORABLE....I've never had one this small before....!
I took this chippy white chest of drawers down to The Vintage Shed last month & if it doesn't sell soon I think I may bring it back home....I know it would be PERFECT as a bedside table on Mr SVJ's side....!
A selection of small tables & kids chairs from the 20's through to the 1950's....
This small leather suitcase has the MOST AWESOME baggage labels & is in the BEST condition....!!!!!
Next door to me is the GORGEOUS Viv....I'm FOREVER yarping on about how I need a bigger space at TVS because I feel I can't do my THANG as well as I could if I had more room....Yet Viv has the same size space as me & ROCKS it EVERY week....Unfortunately my iPhone hasn't captured the DELICOUSNESS of Viv's work but you can always pop down yourself & have a squizz....!!!!!
Viv's forever finding AWESOME furniture & glassware....
I was VERY TEMPTED to buy these large jars to use as display for Glen Waverley....I can just see one filled with those little red plastic pig money boxes....!!
These CLEAR GLASS demijohns are a RARITY here in Oz....You see the green ones from time to time (I have TWO at Glen Waverley) but you NEVER see the clear ones....Someone should snap that up QUICK SMART....!!!!!
I stopped & visited briefly with Bec & Simone aka Vintage Girl as I was leaving....They were busily injecting stock from their recent trip to the US into their space....There's Bec in the background working away....
If I was a regular shopper instead of a vendor I would go NUTS....If you're thinking of going down to Tyabb to TVS you should probably do it sooner rather than later because this stock won't last long....!
Just look at these teeny tiny wooden shoe forms....ADORABLE....!
Pigeon holes filled with all manner of US Treasures....
What a CUTIE....
Loved....LOVED....L.O.V.E.D these drawers....
Chippy theater letters....

Alas, I was in hurry to get back to Glen Waverley to open the SVJ Shop & wasn't able to take pics of any of the other spaces....With any luck I'll have a bit more time next week when I go down....In the mean time there's NOTHING stopping you from going down & checking it all out for yourselves....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. Do you follow Anita at Far Above Rubies? She did a post on an old bathtub she found on her property and it looks like your bathtub's twin. Check it out if you have a second - . I like your space. You have some fantastic items in it. If only you weren't so far away from me!

  2. Oh I wish I was close enough to shop at always have such great stuff.

  3. Looks like some great treasures at the vintage shed

  4. It all looks gorgeous Tamarah...
    I have been busy helping a friend open her new shop here in willi..a gorgeous Providore shop..
    (working all weekend with her)..then off to Brissie on friday to see son numero shall definately have to catch up when I am back the following week..

    xxx andrea...sooty...& gang!!~~

  5. I would love that zinc tub!! Oh the hours I could spend in it! Everything looks amazing!
    Kris of Cricket Acres Studio

  6. Ms T could I get the chippy white chair if it's still available.....Ms Vintage Influence Xxx

  7. I want to come and shop!! WAAAA!! Amazing amazing pieces. Seriously good junk.

  8. What seriously fantastic stuff! I LOVE that tub! I'm with Hollie~I want to come and shop!